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Harry and Julia Ryan

date Mar 6, 2018
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Harry and Julia Ryan

Harry, 38, has lived his whole life in San-Diego, California. And although there were many attractive women around, it wasn’t his passion - he wanted someone who can be his better half. And that’s how he had found Julia,28, who used to live in Tomsk, Russia.Now they can tell a story of their love.

What brought you together?

Harry: I was determined to find a wife abroad. It has been a while since I have understood that local women are not in my interest. I wanted something different for me, and a foreign bride was a perfect solution. I saw that women from other countries attract me more, and that’s why I registered my profile on a mail-order bride dating site.

Julia: For me, it was vital to find a soulmate - a man who would fully understand and support me. My romantic experience proved that it is impossible to do so in my home country, and so I decided to try my destiny. I registered here, and with the time I got a message from Harry. I can’t say if I felt something right away - that would be too romantic and probably wrong. But we definitely got a lot in common, and the communication was perfect.

Harry: Sure, we had many common interests and great topics to talk on. I knew that Julia is a woman I could spend my whole life with quite fast.

To your mind, what is the best part of international relationship?

Julia: Despite all the difficulties, I don’t regret getting into an international relationship. First, because it ended up with a happy marriage for me. Second, because it was full of mystery and romance. The little surprises Harry made to make me happy were precious. I wonder if it would be the same if we started with real-life dates.

Harry: Surely, the thing I like most about our relationship is that we are so much alike, yet so different. We are like teachers to each other. We tell and know new things about this world and its perception - it’s very curious. Besides, it was so interesting to find my destiny at the other side of the world! It was a great adventure, one of the greatest in my life.

Is there any advice you would give to the couples who consider online dating?

Julia: Don’t be too skeptical or give up after the very first bad experience. There surely is a person who is just perfect for you. The dating sites provide a chance to match with someone who shares your views and ideas, and I got my lovely husband despite all ‘wrong’ guys I have dated before.

Harry: Be persistent. Once you understand that the woman is yours, don’t let her go. Be open to express your feelings - it is extremely important for a long-distance relationship. And, surely, be sincere. True love fights any obstacles.

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