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How Your Upbringing Affects Your Romantic Relationships

date Oct 2, 2018
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We can’t deny that our experience can fix or ruin a lot. And also it does affect our lives. The early period of your childhood, the way your parents brought you up, the way they treated you and each other can mean a lot for your personal romantic relations in the future. So what are the main ways your upbringing influences your family life? What should you note and remember? We present 5 main things to be aware of.

Way 1. The more attentive and loving your parents are, the more attentive and loving you will be

You tend to inherit the positive role models from your parents. Hence, if they were loving and attentive to you, you won’t have any troubles giving your love to your partner. A person who was brought up in a healthy surrounding will treasure the good attitude and certainly try to act the same with other people. A child who got enough attention will grow up a harmonious human being with the correct image of the parents’ role.

Way 2. If your parents got divorced, you can develop a critical view of love and romance

It doesn’t concern everybody, but it’s not a rare case: if a child’s parents got divorced for some reason, he or she may start to view family and love as something fake. We all have trust issues sometimes, and those who had such situations in their childhood will need extra care to see that true feelings exist and happy marriage is not a myth.

Way 3. You are likely to follow in your parents’ footsteps if they have a happy marriage

As you already know, positive tendencies spread easier. Therefore, if your parents have lived long happy years together, you are very likely to follow them in this family model. It isn’t hard to inherit the good attitude and some values that will be the base of your relationship. Subconsciously, you will choose the ‘right’ person to be your spouse and it won’t be hard to share a lifetime with them.

Way 4. Your relationship with your mother defines your relationship with women globally

For the majority of men, their relationship with mother is a pattern they get used to. That’s why the psychologists say so many men seek for women who remind them of their mothers. If you had warm relations with your mom, try to act the same with your bride. If not, pay attention to what can be fixed.

Way 5. None of your previous traumas fully defines your behavior

You don’t necessarily have to follow the certain patterns from your past. If one has enough power, they can overcome the harmful experience from their past and go on having a truly harmonious relationship. No matter what was bad back in those days; every day you get another chance to build your life the way you want it. You have the ability to make some conclusions and move on.

To sum up

The past does have some weird ways of affecting your future. It can come from your parents’ relations in the family or their attitude toward you. But, despite all that, despite all the harmful experience you might have had, you can go on to be a happy person and be harmonious in your new relationship.

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