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James and Lawana Yates

date Jul 31, 2019
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James, 52, is one of those lucky men who managed to find their true love online. Lawana, 26, is a Thai mail-order bride who didn’t mind sharing her further life with an American husband, and so now they have already lived together for almost 6 years

How did you got acquainted?

James: I have always wanted my wife to be Asian, so I set up my profile on Asian Lady Online and started looking for a woman. I have already been on the site for a few months when Lawana texted me!

Lawana: Yes, in fact, I was the first to write a message. I liked James at the first sight, but I couldn’t our relationship to develop so fast.

How did the relationship go?

Lawana: We had been messaging for one month only when he suggested coming to Thailand. I lived in Hua Hin, and he came there just to see me. In only 7 months he proposed and we decided to create a family.

What was the most different about your cultures?

Lawana: Americans are so loud and open, I couldn’t believe it when I came to live there! They all are very outgoing and have a lot of friends, which was quite unusual for me as a reserved person.

James: I am still getting to know the Thai culture. What I like most is their weird food Lawana cooks for me sometimes.

What do you find the most interesting in your international marriage?

James: I like it that we are so different, and not just culturally. My wife can tell and teach me a lot as she has a different worldview, it is very interesting and educating to look at some things from her point of view.

Lawana: I learn from James every day. He has such a beautiful relationship model that is far from what we have in Asia. It combines all the good things there can be about family. It looks like we are opening the world to each other.

What would you advise to the young international couples?

James: Don’t give up, even if it seems that you can’t take this distance anymore. It is not fatal, and if the feelings are strong, you will manage to fight all obstacles to be with the woman you truly want for a life partner.

Lawana: Have a goal and know what you are doing the communication for. If you are serious in your intentions and truly have the feelings to a foreign man, it won’t be a trouble for two of you to be together for a lifetime. Look at us: I’ve moved to another continent! And I did it because I knew what I wanted - to be one family with James. Nothing’s impossible when you are aimed and real love and happiness.

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