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Martin and Karina Lorry

date Apr 3, 2019
views 2010

Martin and Karina

couple meet on site

Lorry Karina is a 21-year-old young woman from Nikolaev. What were the chances she would meet Martin, 43, who resides in Kansas City? Despite the distance, they found each other and can now share their love story with the whole world.

When did you realize that she was the one?

Martin: To be honest, it didn’t happen right away. Our relationship with Karina started as a regular chat on a dating site. Sure, my intentions there were clear, but who knew that it would go on so seriously? After a couple of months I caught myself on a thought that I can’t go on without her. She was on my mind constantly, I tested her every free minute. That’s how I understood that Karina was special for me and I got feelings for her.

How did your first real-life date go?

Karina: Sure, it was a little peculiar from the start. We met in person after 4 months of texting, and I wasn’t quite ready for it. Martin was very persistent, and it, plus my curiosity, played its role - he came to my city for a date. I was both happy and embarrassed, but it went on greatly. From the very first minute it felt like we have been best friends for ages. I knew it was my man for 100%.

Martin: It was my idea to move our dates offline. Right after I saw how much Karina means to me, I started asking her out. As a real lady, she couldn’t agree right away, but as it was no problem for me to come to Ukraine anytime, she had to say ‘yes’. We went for a long walk and couldn’t stop talking. It was like I have found my soulmate! Now I’m starting to think that it was my destiny to find Karina on a dating site. We lived so far away, but still found a way to each other.

What is important to do for an international relationship to work?

Karina: You have to believe in it a lot. If you are too skeptical, or critical, or doubt that you need it, just stop it. In an international relationship, especially in the one that happens on a distance, it’s both of the partners who have to contribute. Whenever one in the couple stops trying, it all fails.

Martin: I think love is the main thing that holds the alliance together. If you have the feelings, don’t be too reserved. Show your affection in any possible way, surprise your woman, give her your attention. Whether it will be a small question in the morning or a lovely flower bouquet that you send her one day - it all works. Love will always find a way to live, if it is true and sincere.

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