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7 Principles of a Happy Marriage

date Oct 2, 2018
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A happy and long-lasting marriage is a thing everybody desires, but sometimes it is not too easy to keep the relationship on the decent level. What can you do to avoid the divorce? In fact, the main principles of a happy married life are very obvious. All you need to do is to remember and follow them daily - and your spouse will be happier than ever that you are together for a lifetime.

Principle 1. Love is in the details

Details matter in any relationship, especially in the romantic one. Don’t hesitate to make the small surprises and remember the little things about your partner. This attention will make your life much sweeter and guarantee you a better understanding of harmonic relationship.

Principle 2. Respect your partner and give them space

You can’t do everything together, and the art of leaving your beloved person alone can save your relationship in many cases. Be respectful of your wife’s interests and give her some time for herself. You will only be more glad to be together again and will enjoy yourselves twice as much.

Principle 3. Be perceptive, be a team

Try to read her mind, if we can say so. It may sound funny, but really, being perceptive is no big deal. Asking questions like ‘how are you?’ takes seconds, but is worth a lot. Comfort your wife when she is upset and celebrate her victories with her. Work as a team, and she will do the same for you. This can be life-saving tactics for the marriage.

Principle 4. Choose a discussion over an argument

Never escalate the conflict. Although sometimes the emotions overtake, try to calm down and have a talk instead of arguing. Be sincere in what you feel, describe your emotions fairly and try to soften it all a little. You will see how that will change your interaction in the family. A better understanding and common search for the solutions builds up a brilliant marriage.

Principle 5. Be thankful

Don’t forget the good things about your significant other. Be thankful for what she does for you every day! We start taking all special for granted too fast, and that is a mistake that can influence the relationship in a bad way. Marriage requires favors for one another, and you should remember to thank and pay back.

Principle 6. Value and emphasize the good things

If you focus on the bad side of your marriage, you have no chances to keep it. Emphasize the good things, talk about them more. For example, instead of ‘I don’t like the way you talk to me’ you can say ‘I like it when you are sweet’. No doubt, it motivates your wife to behave differently.

happy couple

Principle 7. Remember why you are there

You married your woman for a reason. Never forget what brought you to this decision. If you had the intention to live a life with her, sharing all good and bad, go for it. Don’t run away from the problems; together with your spouse, you have more chances to find the way out of the crisis, if there is one.

To sum up

Keeping the marriage may be really challenging sometimes, but there are no problems that you can’t solve together. Respect your wife, remember about your feelings, try to focus on the bright side of your relationship. You are one team, and as long as you have decided to travel this life together, stick to this decision. You can discuss anything with the closest person of yours. Use the chance to turn it better.

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