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Rob and Patricia Taylor

date Oct 2, 2018
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Rob is a 38-year-old businessman from the New Orleans, and Patricia, 29, is an Argentinian mail-order bride. What could keep this two together? Probably their search for love, which didn’t limit itself with one country only. They have looked everywhere to find each other on the different continents, and now they share their story.

How long have you been together?

Patricia: It is almost four years now, and we have been married for 3 years already.

When did you realize that she is the one?

Rob: I wouldn’t say it was love from the first sight, although Patricia is beyond pretty. Her pictures got me first, but I didn’t consider that love. However, after a couple of great long conversations, I realized that I couldn’t stay away from this woman, I want more of her in my life. That’s when I thought it was all serious.

What do you find the most interesting about your partner’s culture?

Rob: Argentinians are unbelievable in general, and they are so much more active, fun and outgoing than we are! Patricia is very cheerful, that’s what I adore about her. She enjoys dancing, that’s also the part of her culture and makes her so beautiful.

Patricia: Now that we live in America it totally feels like home. I can’t say that it is very different here for me, I just feel very comfortable with these people and their mentality. I don’t even know how that happens!

What is the most difficult in an international relationship?

Patricia: It went quite slow. I mean, you can’t do the things you do when you are dating a man from your neighborhood. There can be months between your real-life meetings, and it is very tiring. But if you are like us and know that you want this person in your life, it is overcomeable.

Rob: At first it was hard for me to get used to the thought that I will have to be away from Pat for so long. I was looking for a wife online but was not quite ready for the kind of challenge the site prepared. Not to blame Latin Woman Meet, it gave me the chance to meet my love and provided perfect service. It’s just the time I needed to wait before I met my woman.

Any warnings or advice for the younger international couples?

Rob: Never stop the communication if you want your relationship to last. Keep on texting and calling, send some flowers and make surprises. Your woman has to feel the attention you are giving, and as long as the virtual signs are your only chance to make her smile do it.

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