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Russel and Liang Davis

date Aug 9, 2019
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Her name is Liang, she is from Hefei, China. He is Russell, 37, and he resides in Decatur, Illinois. Is there a chance these people could meet each other somewhere and fall in love? International marriages are now possible, that’s why the Davis family tell their success story as one family now.

How long have you known each other before you got married?

Liang: Frankly speaking, it took Russell a while to win me. I come from a very traditional family and my background kept me a lot. I couldn’t surrender to a man right away, so I think it has been around year and a half before I finally said ‘yes’ to his proposal.

Russell: Yes, it got me some time to show Liang that she could trust me. I wanted to be the best for her, but we were quite different at the very beginning. We needed some time and space, and we were trying to know each other gradually. There was no rush for us, and we took the time to do everything properly.

Were there any difficult things in your international relationship?

Liang: For me, it was like a fairy-tale. Of course, we had no opportunity to see each other very often at first, but after a year or so, when we understood that we want to go further, it became easier for us to find ways to spend days together. Then I felt even better as I could see all the care that Russell was giving me. He contributed so much to this relationship that my heart melted!

Russell: The hardest thing for me was to wait. I knew that our pace is fine. Moreover, the cultural differences and the distance would just not let us move faster. But I wanted Liang to be mine so much that the waiting was driving me crazy. Now I can say I am the happiest man on earth.

What is the best thing about an international marriage, to your mind?

Russell: We learn so much from each other. I don’t think I could have heard about some things if I didn't have Liang around. She makes me aware both of fun and important stuff. I like it that we make each other better.

Liang: Russell helps me adapt to his culture. And I really enjoy knowing the little details of behavior I didn’t pay attention to. It is so unlike China here that sometimes I may feel confused. Anyway, as he said, we do make each other better, sharing the knowledge of a different kind. It is interesting and inspiring. I believe this is what love does - it educated you and improves you in various ways.

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