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Sam and Olga Malone

date Sep 30, 2018
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lovely couple

Sam was a regular 36-year-old man from Roseville, California, before he came across Olga’s profile on the dating site A 29-year old Ukrainian woman was looking for a husband online. So how did it work out for them?

How did you find each other?

Olga: I was new to Match Truly, only had my profile there for about a month. Sam texted me, and he was persistent, that’s why we actually started chatting.

Sam: I always knew that Slavic women are incredibly beautiful and make wonderful wives, but I wasn’t aimed to have a bride from Russia or Ukraine at all. I have been on the site for quite some time when suddenly I discovered Olga’s profile. I thought I won’t miss the chance to know her. Luckily, I was determined!

Do you think you could ever meet without a dating site?

Olga: Probably not. I am not into social media, really, and I wouldn’t find Sam. The dating site was aimed at helping us establish international communication, so it did.

Sam: Absolutely not. I liked it about Match Truly that everyone who comes here knows what they expect to find there. I wanted a woman, so I got her.

What do you like most about an international relationship?

Sam: It is pretty exotic, I can say. Not everyone would dare to try it, and I like that Olga was brave enough to challenge herself and try to date a foreign man.

Olga: It is very new and amusing. We have alike life goals, but our mentalities are different, that’s why we are always a surprise to each other. I like it a lot.

Would you do the same if you had the chance? Would you like to meet online?

Sam: Yes, I would. It was an interesting experience, and now it has been 9 years that we are together. A marriage that started online is great to last this long.

Olga: Sure, I am beyond satisfied with my married life. I think we match really well with Sam, and I would not know we could if I hadn’t registered on that site!

What is important to do for an international relationship to work?

Olga: Look in one direction. If you and your partner share the same life goals and values, you will have a very harmonious alliance. You will not be only lovers, but also friends to each other. And that, in my opinion, is a secret to a happy marriage. Love and support are always the key.

Sam: Apart from being together as much as you can and giving attention, try to learn the language of your wife (or husband). It increases your understanding a lot, and you feel better with your partner. Also, it is quite a romantic gesture. I am still learning some pieces of Russian for Olga, and she admires it a lot.

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