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Top-20 Pretty Russian Women. Photo Gallery — JollyRomance

date Feb 14, 2019
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If you dream of dating a Russian girl (or maybe even marrying), we suggest you check out these mesmerizing Russian women from JollyRomance. Who knows, maybe one of them is your second half?

1. Anna, 26


Anna is from the Russian city of Krasnodar. This lady knows what sexuality is, so you can often see her in tight red and black dresses in her photos. Anna has full lips, hazel eyes, brown hair and passion for finding the man of her dreams!

2. Yulia, 24


This lady is from the Siberian city Novosibirsk. Despite this, she has a very warm heart and hot temper. Yulia is a true natural beauty, and you won’t be able to deny this after looking at her photos.

3. Svetlana, 38


If you are into blonde women with blue eyes, you have to check out Svetlana’s photos! She represents the genuine beauty of a Russian woman.

4. Marina, 30


This brunette with grey-green eyes will make your evening great. Can you take eyes off Marina? We can’t.

5. Victoria, 23


Coming from Moscow, Victoria knows how challenging life can be. But you will never see it in her face — this lady always looks happy!

6. Varvara, 23


This is another Russian beauty queen — right from the royal city of Saint-Petersburg. Although Varvara’s eyes may seem cold to you, that’s not what one can say about her heart.

7. Ekaterina, 29


Angelic face, deep eyes and attractive smile — that’s what makes Russian lady Ekaterina amazing!

8. Kristina, 34


This stunning Russian woman is looking for a kind and sincere man who could focus on the relationship with her. Well, good luck, Kristina!

9. Polina, 19


Young and beautiful, Polina already knows what her aspiration in life is. This fantastic blonde is looking for pure love.

10. Regina, 24


Regina comes from a not well-known Russian city of Sterlitamak, however, she must be famous for her beautiful endowments.

11. Sofia, 35


Undoubtedly, Sofia’s body is fantastic. Nevertheless, if you want to date her, you better learn more about her soul.

12. Valeriya, 27


Valeriya is another girl from Russia who’s looking for a serious relationship. If you like girls with brown manes like hers, you should contact her as soon as you can.

13. Daria, 22


Daria looks like a top-model — just look at those curves, postures and glances! This Russian girl can drive anyone crazy!

14. Anastasiya, 30


There are many brunettes among Russian girls, but none of them is as hot as Anastasiya!

15. Valeriya, 28


Valeriya is a Barbie-doll from the Russian city of Perm. She is also a local Merilin Monro, but a better version.

16. Yana, 31


Yana is an amazing Russian woman from Chelyabinsk. Note, she is looking for a man who would spend romantic days and nights with her.

17. Polina, 29


Polina is very serious when it comes to relationships — she’s looking for a person with who she’d spend whole life. Is that you?

18. Julia, 30


It will be hard for you to find a Russian blonde who is hotter than Julia. It will also be challenging to find someone who is more tender than her. She’s just amazing!

19. Irina, 30


Irina is a bombshell from Saint-Petersburg who has romantic aspirations. She can turn your life into a fairy tale, just look at her photos!

20. Daria, 25


Young, Daria is very ambitious in terms of relationships. This magnetizing blonde is searching for a man with serious intentions. Would you give her a try?

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