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Mail Order Brides: Finding a Foreign Bride Overseas

Discover foreign women and make your perfect match
Cross country relations or marriages has the highest popularity ever, couples don't worry about distance anymore. Singles easily find soulmates and build romantic relations. Discover mail order brides and other dating websites to make your life better
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What is a Mail Order Bride?

Generally, it is a woman who creates a profile on mail order bride sites in order to find a husband from another country (USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc.). Women like that are ready for relationships and marriage and don’t hide their intentions. A lot of mail order relationships end up with creating a new family. In turn, on ordinary dating sites, women register to find casual relationships.

3 Best mail order bride & dating sites in 2023

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You can find a bride in any country with use of Internet

International dating becomes more and more popular today. People do not afraid of the distance or borders. They build couples and even families with partners from other parts of the world and live happily for long years.

If you are keen on the ladies from Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe, you might find it interesting to take part in mail order bride dating. The mail order services are working worldwide to make dreams come true!


Why women become mail order wives?

This is one of the most common questions men usually ask. Like, why would a beautiful and intelligent woman want to leave her country and find a foreign man? Maybe, something is wrong with her?

Well, no. It’s all about social and economic situation in their home countries. At first, men are not very attentive and kind there. Western men look like real princes in comparison!

Another reason is poor economics and bad living conditions — so it makes sense that the majority of women want to relocate. The level of life is significantly higher in western countries, so it makes sense that ladies want a better life for their future children. But of course, love comes first.


Why should you go for a foreign bride?

Even with all the modern technology available to us, meeting foreign women for marriage is still more hassle than dating women from your own country. However, there are thousands of men who are not afraid of this challenge and opt for foreign mail order brides to date and marry. Here are 5 main reasons why it’s happening.

  • Foreign women are diverse and pretty. There are dozens of different ethnicities you can choose when looking for a mail order bride, and two women from different ethnicities will never look the same. You can easily find the features you were always looking for.
  • They won’t question your leadership. Most foreign women are brought up in traditional households where the man is responsible for the financial aspects of living and the woman attends to the house and the children. Foreign brides want to do the same in their own families.
  • Foreign brides are great with children. In most cases, women abroad grow up with several younger siblings, which teaches them everything they need to know about raising children and taking care of their needs.
  • Their priorities are in the right place. You will never meet a foreign mail order bride who values her career, hobbies, or friendships more than she values her immediate family — those are the people who are always on her mind.
  • Foreign women don’t mind the chores. Women from foreign countries are hard-working and get used to doing chores from the early years. They know exactly how to make your family home a better place to live for everyone.

Mail order brides from all over the world

The greatest thing about the internet brides is that you can choose a woman from any part of the world. There are thousands of awesome Ukrainian, Russian, Asian, and Latin women who are waiting for you — they all are different, but they all are perfect!

Eastern Europe


Eastern European brides are extremely popular among western men. They are very beautiful and intelligent, and, what’s even more important, they are perfect wives and mothers. Here are the most popular countries to look them for:

Latin America


South American women are very hot and loyal at the same time, which makes them ideal lifetime partners. The best places to find them are:



Mysterious, smart and stunning ladies from Asia are looking for foreign husbands, too! You will not be disappointed with these fantastic women. Start searching them here:

How do mail order bride and international dating works?

Usually mail order bride dating happens with people from other parts of the world, that’s why the acquaintance happens online. What users basically do:

  • set up a profile
  • find a women they like
  • start the communication
  • travel to make a real-life date

It is similar to regular dating, it just happens with the woman you like, no matter where she resides.

Today, in most countries of the world, the activities of mail order bride agencies are fully regulated by law and are legal. In particular, the United States was one of the first countries to provide special legal acts and regulations to control and regulate the entire process of entry of a foreign bride into the country for marriage to obtain a visa.


The main legal acts are VAWA and IMBRA, which are crucial to obtaining a fiancée visa. In general, you will be able to easily and quickly find and meet brides international and be able to get married and bring them to your country legally.

Foreign brides legality is undoubtful. It is a relationship with a woman from another country which starts online. If you choose paid services on some site, you do pay money for communication with the ladies (unlimited access to profiles, translation services etc.), but this money goes to the site’s services, and not for the woman you date.

Hence, the interaction with overseas brides is fair and is based on building relations and desire to be together. Talking about buying a bride is traditional in this field and on this site we write about buying a wife in context of expenses on mail order dating.

Choosing the best international dating and mail order bride site

Choosing the right website is the very first thing you’ll have to do… And the most important one, actually. The requirements are quite simple — the website must be safe, protected, the women must be real, and there must be no scammers on it. Sounds quite simple, right?

The bad news is: if you want to choose a good website, you’ll have to spend several hours, so it’s quite a job. The good news is: you don’t have to do it by yourself. We have already done the job for you, so all you should do now is choose any site from our list.

Who needs international dating websites or mail order brides?

Basically everyone! There is a stereotype that only men who can’t find wives in their home countries use foreign bride websites. That’s not true at all. The fact that you use international dating websites means only that you want to find a foreign wife, nothing more.

It may be a surprise for you, but both billionaires and average men use such sites. The only thing you have to know is that there are no special requirements here. Everyone can find a bride online, that’s quite simple.

Mail order brides dating allows you to discover exotic ladies. The women you would probably not meet back in your home country. Thanks to the specialized websites you can get in touch with Latina women, Eastern European, Asian and date the best girl you could dream of. This practice is fun, easy, and gives you the relationship you desired.


Fake websites. How not to lose money

However, you still have to know the red flags when it comes to mail order bride websites. How not to lose money? How to understand that a site is not worth your time? Here, you will find all the answers.

How does a trustworthy site look like?

There are two main factors here: protection and anti-scam policy. At first, a good mail order bride site must be safe. To make sure that your personal and financial information is protected, check the security certificate of the website. If everything is ok with SSL, you can use it without any problems. There must be the latest anti-scam techniques, and the brides must be real.

How to recognize a scammer?

Another important thing for you to do is to distinguish real women from fake profiles. There are three rules you should follow to not lose your money. Here they are.

  1. Google her photo. If you find lots of dating profiles that use this photo, it’s most likely a fake profile.
  2. Video chat with her. That’s the best thing you can do to make sure she is a real person. Poor English is a common problem when it comes to foreign brides, but don’t worry about it. The majority of international dating websites offer interpreter service for not too high price.
  3. Don’t send her money. No, no, no. You can buy a small gift, like flowers or candies, but nothing else. Maybe later, after several offline dates, but not before.

First steps on mail order bride websites


All the platforms work similarly. To start with, you have to create a profile, add photos and biographical facts to it and complete the verification. To make sure you are a real person, interested in online-dating, the venues require you to mention the following information:

  • Full name
  • Who you are seeking
  • Date of birth
  • Email and password

Once you are through these steps, you can explore the venue to the fullest. Within some time you will get access to all the brides' profiles, use searching to match with the perfect partner, communicate with them through chatting features and get to know each other.

How to attract best women on the dating websites

An appealing profile page is the key to establishing successful relationships online. Bear in mind that the information you provide about yourself is the only thing brides can see. This is what their image of you is built on.

The first and foremost advice you should follow is to provide as much details as possible. Fulfill all the empty fields and write a short description in the end where you can state what kind of women you are seeking and what you can offer in turn. Also, pay attention to the photos you are attaching. There is no need to use the help of professional photographers, but the avatar picture you add should be clear and pleasant to attract mail order brides. Don’t limit yourself to one picture only; add a couple to let the brides see you as you are.


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How much does it cost to buy a wife online?

If you want to buy an overseas wife, the central part of expenses is a 14-day trip to her home country. Prices for such a tour depend on your chosen region and the services during your trip. This price includes the cost of hotel accommodation, daily meals, local transfer, organization of romantic dates with mail order girls, gifts for online wife, tours for both of you, and a round trip flight. Today, the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, and Bulgaria are some of the best countries to meet a wife for a foreigner.

Buying a bride requires spending some money. However, that is not one-time payment, so these expenses will happen gradually and can include the following:

  • dating services
  • gifts delivery
  • translation expenses
  • trip and local expenses
  • marriage ceremony
  • visa and other documents

Expenditures may seem not too high from the beginning, but if you do some calculations, total numbers may vary from $5000 to $30000 for the whole process, from registering on specialized websites to your common life as a newly created family.

Can you actually buy a mail order bride online?

Well, technically you can’t. It’s not like there is a Brides Amazon where you can choose a woman and get her shipped right to your door.

You can buy access to all those ladies, you can buy a premium account to get more features, and you can pay for a trip to the country your bride lives in. If she likes you and you like her, you will have a chance to know each other better. But there are no guarantee here.

How to find a foreign bride?

It’s simple as that: you’ll have to find a good website, to find your perfect woman and to be nice enough to attract her. In very short words, that’s all.

Mail-order bride FAQ

What is a mail order bride?

She is a strong girl with belief in love, no matter how far her destiny lives! If you want to marry such a lady and you can start building your relationship on a distance, you will be happy in a marriage with a foreign woman. The number of international marriages is growing owing to online dating and Internet brides, and we hope that your marriage will be next!

What is the average cost of a mail order bride?
How to order a mail order bride?
Where to get a mail order bride?
What are the best mail order bride sites?
How to buy a mail order bride?

Dating with internet brides shows an impressive statistics. For example, there are 10 000 mail order bride marriages happening in the world every year. Every 1 in 6 couples in the US is international. More than 80% of the families created thanks to online bride dating services exist happily for years. The general tendency is promising, that’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to take your chance on dating with foreign brides.

Average mail order bride divorce rate

Foreign bride relationships is beneficial for the couples as, according to the statistics, it has quite a low divorce rate. For example, the percentage of divorce for regular couples is 40%, while only 20% of the mail order couples decide to stop their marriage.

Moreover, the age difference in average 10-14 years between mail order brides and Western men is quite usual, because these women serch for a responsible grown-up partner, who can provide them a confident future. It is a positive tendency that guarantees you good chances for a happy married life with your foreign bride.

We’ll help you to find the right website. How?

As we’ve already said, you don’t have to spend your time on doing research. Our experts have filtered out all the untrusted mail order sites. They have reviewed the best websites, and we can safely say that all of these sites are 100% safe and trustworthy.

Your chances are highest here, so if you want to find a Russian, Ukrainian, Asian or Latina wife, well, you know what to do. Read the reviews, pick any of these sites and find a love of your life!

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