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The Beautiful and Ambitious Nepalese Ladies are waiting for you!

Nepalese Brides – Perfect Girls for Marriage

Nepal is one of the most populated nations in South East Asia, with an estimated demographic of over 29 million citizens. The people of Nepal are well known to be respectful, hardworking, and intelligent. Nepalese women make up almost half of the population. It should come as good news to anyone looking for a Nepalese bride.

They may as well be the biggest attraction in Nepal, especially for the guys. With their long, shiny, dark hair to their beautiful streamlined faces and slim, curvaceous bodies, it’s no wonder why they are much-sought-after.

Getting a Nepalese woman is not as hard as one may think, read through this article, and you are guaranteed to learn more tips that will help you find your future bride.

beautiful nepalese brunette

Stand out Characteristics of Nepalese Mail Order Wives

As a man looking for a future wife, it is quite obvious that you are ready to take on the responsibilities that come with such an obligation. You will also want your partner to share your moral values, and luckily for you, besides their beauty, Nepal women are the epitome of morally valued women across the world.

Pleasing Appearance

Nepalese girls for marriage have often been celebrated for their beauty, as is evidenced by their participation in the four major international beauty pageants for women in the last twenty years. They have sharp and elegant features accompanied by flawless skin that contrast their long black shiny hair.

They always look after their appearance as they know how significant it is on a personal or interpersonal level. Surveys show that women consume beauty products in Nepal as in China, where beauty products are consumed the most in South-Eastern Asia.

Therefore, adding to their already inherited natural beauty who could blame them for adding the final touches to look even more exquisite, just the way every man desires for their partner to look.

Emphasis on Family

Nepalese people value their families very highly. Every family member, be it on the husband’s or the wife‘s side, is treated equally and with respect. So, if you are looking to start a happy family with your Nepalese mail order wife, you will make the right choice. You can look forward to family gatherings during holidays as this is key in Nepal culture, the togetherness of family in celebrating life, and what it offers.

Food Culture

Which man wouldn’t prefer coming back home after a days’ work to a tasty full-course dinner prepared by your loving wife? In Nepal, food is the main part of their culture. In fact, if you travel to Nepal, one of the most probable questions you are likely to be asked is “Have you eaten?” It’s hard to imagine that your Nepal bride will ever let you do anything on a hungry stomach.

They are Very Ambitious and Hardworking

Making up relationships with a Nepalese woman, don’t forget about her life objectives. Ordinary Nepalese girls are hardworking and are ready to perform well to fulfill themselves.

Studies show that two-thirds of college-educated Nepalese women describe themselves as ‘very ambitious’, and over 75% of them aspire to have a corporate job. Even in Nepal’s parliament, it has a higher percentage of women working compared to other countries, including the United States of America.

Chances that you land yourself a beautiful, hardworking Nepal bride are high in this time and age.

nepalese mail order wife in pink dress

Fun Loving and Outgoing

Nepalese women enjoy living a fun life and also prefer it when their partners feel the same way. Life is serious and it may also require some time off to relieve oneself from the stress that it may bring. One would ideally want to spend time with their loved one to get away from the hardships and Nepalese women feel the same way as they have a wider perspective of life than just having a stable 9 - 5 job.

If you are a man who wants a life that doesn’t always involve too much pressure on work and even family issues, consider sharing your time with one of the many beautiful Nepalese girls.

More Accepting

Almost every man has a past relationship that he would love to leave behind and move on to something better. Women do too, especially when it comes to Nepalese women. If you feel a chance to find love again might be too good to be true, then your prayers are answered. Mail-order brides from Nepal are some of the most understanding and accepting people you will ever come across; they know and understand well that life has its ups and downs, and mistakes happen. Feel free and confident in approaching a Nepalese woman no matter your past transgressions. The likelihood is that she will accept you as you are.


Nepalese people are well-known across the world for their politeness and good manners, and this is no exception to their women. From their greetings, you can immediately detect how good their character is. They carry themselves with dignity and poise as it is rooted in them due to their culture. Be it that you are out in public or indoors with your partner, you can be most assured that no embarrassing scenarios may occur.

Dress Code

Nowadays, dressing, especially in women, may be considered by some to be slowly morally degrading in some areas of the world but not in Nepal. This country’s modern clothing springs from traditional designs and customs meaning their clothing is not only elegant but also symbolizes culture. New age fabrics and styles are usually merged with prints, weaves, or motives among others to create modern Nepal clothing.

How and Where to Meet a Nepalese Bride

If you are ever wondering where you will meet your soul mate, of course traveling to Nepal is the surest way of fulfilling your dream, but this could be somehow costly. This is not to say that these brides come cheap but you can bypass the hustles of traveling and having to endure the jetlag. The internet has made dating easier.

Your link to the love of your life is your internet-enabled device, either a tablet computer or cellular device. The bottom line is internet accessibility. With it, you can sign up in one of the many Nepalese online dating sites and start your journey there. Sounds strange, but the testimonies of happily married couples who met online effortlessly sweep away the doubt.

There might be a small fee to pay, but it is guaranteed no price is too high to pay for these babes. Once you select your preferred site and you are cleared to chat with Nepalese girls, put your best foot forward and summon the art of seduction in you. Most people have reported having found a lady within a fortnight. You may not be lucky enough to land on the one for the first time; therefore, patience should always be in play as good things don’t come easy at least according to the Nepalese. When you find the one, do not hesitate to sweep her off her feet and make her yours.

Prominent Nepalese Mail Order Brides

To prove that these women are not as native as they are perceived to be by many misinformed people fond of stereotyping, this section has compiled a list of established Nepalese women who have earned a global recognition due to excellence in their respective fields of specialization. These women have pushed the boundaries and scaled to imaginary heights, otherwise not thought of achievable by typical Nepalese women.

Anuradha Koirala

This CNN Heroes of the Year award winner was recognized for her efforts towards combatting the menace of sex trafficking that was slowly polluting the moral fabric of Nepalese people. Her activist nature saw to it that her movement under the stewardship of her company Maiti Nepal put an end to the illegal business that was robing little girls of their future. She was later honored with an appointment as governor in Nepal.

Pushpa Basnet

This woman is one of the daring Nepalese women. She ventured into a male-dominated sport and pushed the limits of her endurance by climbing the tallest mountain on the planet to the pinnacle and setting foot back at the base. This is what ordeal professionals take years to prepare for. Meanwhile, she did it with minimal training and nothing else but determination and self-confidence. She made it into the Guinness world book of record as the first Nepalese woman to ever pinnacle Mount Everest.

Sushila Karki

If you thought Nepalese women are not witty, you must be mistaken here. Sushila Karki is one who mastered the laws of her and well enough to compel the government to appoint her the first Chief Justice of Nepal. She was a distinguished and respected law scholar not only in Nepal but also all around Asia. After her term, she later received multiple appointments courtesy of her experience-rich resume.

cute nepali brunette on the beach

How to Treat Your Nepalese Lady

Nepalese girls love to be treasured and adored by their partners; this trait is common among both the men and women of the land. When dating one of these ladies or men, it is critical to know how to treat them to bring out the best out of them. Something surprising is that they never want you to bring down the moon from them, but take care of them via the following ways.

Give Her Undivided Attention

This is typical for women, but it is more pronounced among the Nepalese women as they love to be the center of attention when around their better halves. The worst thing you can ever attempt to is to give your Nepalese girl the cold shoulder as they do not take these gestures kindly. How hard could it be to give your beautiful woman your attention? Most guys would do it for free.

Love her Unconditionally

A mail-order bride from Nepal often has a rough childhood due to the taboos and myths that surround certain involuntary biological occurrences in their lives, such as menstruation. Additionally, the rural side of the country is more male chauvinist oriented; hence women’s rights have been suppressed.

These women find it a relief to be liberated from such when they are married by international men. The least she expects from you is making her relieve these experiences if she at all went through such. The best gift you can accord her is eternal love and appreciation, something that is rarely given in their cultural setup.

Parting Shot

Regarding the above traits, Nepalese ladies are ideal women to look for as they possess many qualities that a man would like in a woman who they would want to spend their life with. These women are caring, loving, compassionate, loyal, submissive, and above all, they are receptive to international, interracial, and inter-religion marriages.

Most of the Nepalese women usually aspire to live in better and more developed countries with resources at their disposal, which makes the western men a suitable companion. With this said, find yourself a good online dating site and buy a Nepalese wife who will take care of you and your family.