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Top-10 Hot Chinese Girls

Hot Chinese girls have a reputation among their male admirers. As a result, people always expect them to be pretty, petite, and to have impressive sexual features. The good news is that these sexy Chinese women always deliver on all these expectations. Even if you choose at random, you’re likely to end up with a sexy Chinese girl with a body that will blow your mind.

Men love Chinese girls so much because they always look good, whether they just rolled out of bed or they’ve had a stressful day. Most people don’t even notice the time of day because they are too busy staring at their breasts.

Speaking of attractive breasts, Chinese babes are endowed with impressive cup sizes. It’s very common to find a busty Chinese model on the cover of local fashion magazines in China.

Chinese girls' breasts are so impressive that some people wonder if these hot Chinese girls had plastic surgery to look that good. But they didn’t and it’s a good thing too. If these sexy Chinese women get any kind of beauty improvements, they’ll be simply too beautiful for anyone to see.

Another thing that really attracts men to these ladies is their hair. Many women don't realize it, but the hair is one of the first things that men notice about Chinese ladies. Some men don't even know that they have this unconscious trait. Chinese hotties are blessed with straight black hair, and men can't seem to get enough of them. It’s not thick, but not too scanty either.

Now that we've described just how attractive these Chinese mail order wives can be, were going to show you ten unbelievably beautiful Chinese models for your admiration.

Nuomizi Minibabe8

She goes by Nuomizi Minibabe8, but that’s really all her fans need to know. Because when you’re looking for hot Chinese ladies that can make you reconsider your standard of beauty, Minibabe8 is definitely on top of the list.

She has a petite figure and a face that makes her look like a doll. Her overwhelming good looks combined with her innocent face make her very difficult to resist. This busty Chinese babe has only 1,000 followers on Instagram but the followership is growing steadily.

Most of her admirers prefer to connect with her by linking up on Wechat or buying any one of her numerous photo books.

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Huang Shangyan Rubis

Huang Shangyan Rubis is a simple but sexy Chinese girl. She does only a few things, but she does them so well that you’d think she was Wonderwoman. She’s a model with 340,000 followers on Instagram. Furthermore, she has a knack for posing in the most breathtaking places, wearing the most seductive dresses.

Also, Huang is one of the hot Chinese women who love cats. Her pet is called Gooloo, and it is almost as adorable as Huang herself! The cat is so cute, in fact, that it has its own Instagram account with many followers.

Finally, Huang has featured in several photobooks by famous photographers. The books are still available for purchase, and that goes to show you just how much people love this busty Chinese babe.


  • Occupation: Model, CEO of the SLOLI brand
  • Born: 1991
  • Instagram: @Chennuanyang

Chennuanyang is a pretty Chinese model with a petite body. She is one of a handful of sexy Chinese women with six-packs abs and a highly fit physique. Her real name is Chen Nuan Yang and she inspires Chinese babes everywhere to look their best.

Even though she’s 29 years old, this beauty doesn’t seem to be slowing down because she’s just as trim as any 19-year-old. Chen has 360,000 followers on Instagram.

She also belongs to the class of small but sexy Chinese girls with a successful track record. Chen is the CEO of her own retail brand. The store is called SLOLI, and it sells beautiful and sexy wears for ladies.


You’re going to have a hard time putting this stunning Chinese lady in any kind of box. Career-wise, Jessica is a model and DJ, which is a combination that most hot Chinese girls can’t handle. While she entertains listeners with her incredible good looks, she also charms them with her lovely music.

She also motivates other hot Chinese ladies by sharing personal details like her favorite fashion items and DJ equipment on Amazon. Thejessicaxsun has 163,000 followers on Instagram.

Some of her most alluring features include slender long legs, black beautiful hair, and seductive breasts. It’s no wonder some fans refer to her as a busty Chinese goddess.

Tong Lee Yann

  • Occupation: Model, owner of a store
  • Born: 1992
  • Instagram: @Gatitayan777

Born in 1992, some people might say that this is one of many hot Chinese girls that’s more successful than you would expect. She is one of the first people to offer sex toys for sale in China. Her full name is Tong Lee Yann, but she goes by Gatita Yan on all her social and business pages.

Gatita has 1.6 Million followers on Instagram and another 345,000 on Facebook. These people are both customers and admiring fans. And with a body like Gatita’s, who can blame them? She’s simply one of the hot Chinese women that you can’t look away from.

Her e-commerce store sells toys for both men and women, as well as other tools for sexual pleasure.

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Nicole Chen

  • Occupation: Model, travel blogger
  • Born: 1991
  • Instagram: @Nicolechenyn

Even though Nicole Chen is Chinese, she lives in so many different places that it’s hard to say. She loves to travel and share pictures and tales with her 100,000 followers on Instagram. She also loves to display her curvy body in sexy and seductive dresses.

Nicole’s traveling lifestyle reflects strongly on her personality, as she’s very fluent in English. She’s also her own boss: she is into modeling, as well as talent hunting for a firm called SPEC 101.

This sexy Chinese lady is 29 years old and proud. She often brags about how she can stay happy and beautiful without a relationship. But we know lots of guys are trying to get her.


  • Occupation: Model, blogger
  • Instagram: @Maceywan

Here is one of the hot Chinese women who have decided to conquer the world. We don’t know her age, but we know she’s part Chinese. Maceywan is a hot Chinese girl who lives her life to the fullest. According to her Instagram page, she currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Maceywan loves cooking, eating, and music. Considering that she’s set up social accounts for all three of her hobbies, we’d say she doesn’t just love these things; she’s crazy about them.

She shares her curated Spotify playlist with her 38,000 Instagram followers. Her accounts on her hobbies also have collective 1,500 followers on Instagram. Seeing that she’s one of the incredibly sexy Chinese girls, we’d say her followers have more than just the hobbies to look forward to.

Teresa Feng Ziyun

If you’re looking for sexy Chinese women, you won’t find much sexier than Teresa Feng Ziyun. She is a busty Chinese model with looks to kill and a body to match. Her most prominent features include dreamy eyes and lovely large breasts.

Teresa is a highly sought after model that has already created a steamy photobook. Considering that she’ll be sharing steamy, uncensored pictures in the book, we can already tell that it’s underpriced!

She has 373,000 followers on Instagram and is available for modeling, bookings, and promotions. The camera loves her and whoever sees her pictures will too.


Litomonkeyxx’s username tells you everything you need to know about her. She has a look that many sexy Chinese women would describe as cute and adorable. But don’t let her fine face fool you because this is one of the hot Chinese girls with beautiful bodies.

Like many hot Chinese women, she has a lot of followers online: 119,000 on Instagram and 80,000 on Weibo. Clearly, people have recognized just how unique Litomonkeyxx is among all the sexy Chinese girls.

Litomonkeyxx is available for modeling gigs in Los Angeles, California where she currently resides. Besides sharing cute pictures of herself on Instagram and Weibo, she also shares her wise views about life with her followers.


Luvianlee is a very lovable petite Chinese model. Some people might even call her a busty Chinese model with the face of an angel. Her Instagram page is full of pictures and videos of her being cute and adorable.

With over 75,000 followers, you can tell that she’s doing something right. Whether it’s looking pretty for the camera or turning up the heat in cute dresses, this is one of the sexy Chinese girls with a beauty that can melt any man’s heart.

Besides snapping breathtaking pictures, Luvianlee also loves to travel to new places and ride horses.

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