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Eastern Europe

Let’s read and find out what makes French mail order brides so special

Top cities:
Paris, Lyon, Marseille
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French Brides - Your Romantic Treasure

Bonjour monsieur! Are you dreaming of an elegant French bride? Then you are in the right place. Elaborate, stylish, independent, intelligent, charming, and warm-hearted, French women have been mesmerizing men for ages. Joan of Arc, Marie de Medicis, Edith Piaf, and Coco Chanel, French women did change history. These ladies’ sophisticated European beauty mixed with a sharp minds makes them extremely attractive and dangerous at the same time. Such a woman is definitely not for a weak man, but if you are lucky enough to tame this sultry beauty, you will no doubt be rewarded.

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Interesting facts about French women

French brides are out of gender inequality

Gender equality is a top priority for French girls. Women in France constitute more than a third of the country's population (35% of workers). Two hundred and twenty-two women out of a thousand are employed. In France, both women and men are equal - just like they should be, and French women often highlight this fact and they are proud of their independence. You have to note this and be ready to build a relationship with such a strong and ambitious bride.


Healthy food and good wine play a huge role in life on French wives

If you have a French mail order wife, you definitely know how to choose a good bottle of wine (which is pretty expensive in France, btw). There are SO many types of them that you can get mad (and drunk) in the nearest shop during your degustation. This is funny, but wine is a thing that French people love and consume every weekend - though it depends on a person, some of them prefer to have a glass of wine every evening.

A good bottle of wine comes perfectly with a good dinner, which can be served in a million ways, and be sure that a French woman knows them all. Or maybe a bit more. French people know how to eat less than a lot of other nationalities get used to, and they enjoy every piece of their crunchy baguette. You will learn how to live this life too if marry a French lady. 

Haute couture and the luxury sector at the lives of French women

France can boast of the fact that it is the world's first fashion industry - even though Milan can argue with that. Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Cartier, and Louboutin were born in France, and their fame and high-end products can be found in the wardrobe of almost each Parisian. Moreover, these pieces of art can be found in the wardrobes of all celebrities of different nationalities, which means all the world appreciates the French style and the way to express personality through clothes. French girls for marriage have exceptional taste, and you will see that on the very first date with your potential bride. 


The appearance of French women

French women are beautiful, elegant... and extravagant. They may dress like queens and look classy, but the majority of French girls prefer to wear casual clothes in the city chic style. They adore flat shoes and almost always choose them over high heels, so you can freely ask your bride out on for a long walk and she will enjoy that walk for hours. Women in France choose comfort over beauty - but they easily can create a casual look that will highlight their best sides and will only make them sexier.

Again, we want to emphasize - these girls have great taste in clothes, so you will definitely be impressed with their style. By the way, French women prefer not to wear makeup or wear just a bit - for example, dark-red lipstick only, which only makes them more attractive to men who get used to dating beauties attracted to heavy makeup and very bright outfits.

Нow to date French mail order brides: some tips

Be romantic

Organize candlelit dinners, bring a bouquet of her favorite flowers, make pleasant surprises for your French girl. Let her discover the places you find breathtaking, let her know you better - don't pretend to be someone else, express your true emotions, and share them with your French lady. But don't "shower" your woman with plenty of info about your past: she will not appreciate your constant talking and may consider you an egoist. 

Be attentive when it comes to dinner at a restaurant

Choose a good place to have dinner with your woman - or ask her what place she wants to visit. If you are in France, let your lady show you the best places! If you prefer to be the leader in deciding on such things, you'd better make research on public places in France: French girls adore to visit restaurants and cafes, so you should make some effort to impress them.


Compliment your French bride

Remember that no woman can get tired of the compliments said by a beloved man. Your French wife will appreciate compliments you make, as you will show her that you pay attention to how she looks and behaves (and chooses clothes, and smiles, and prepares dinner, etc.) Speak about your love for her and your admiration of everything she makes.

Let her be herself

French brides respect other people and rarely bother them with their opinion on anyone's behavior. Don't comment on your woman's way to live if it doesn't prevent you from a happy life, of course. If something in her way to live bothers you too much - just discuss it with her, but don't teach her. She will not judge you, as it is her nature. Don't be her judge, too; be her lover and supporter.

What kind of men are French women attracted to?

Being independent and self-confident, French beauties have a lot of demands regarding their potential boyfriends. So let us take a brief look at the qualities these ladies value in men.

  • intelligence and education;
  • generosity;
  • respect for women and women rights;
  • ability to think outside the box;
  • creative talents such as playing musical instruments, singing, drawing, etc.;
  • honesty.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to be a perfect man for a French woman. So leave all your fears and doubts behind, head to a dating platform, and meet your French princess today.

Final thoughts

French mail order brides are among the most desired girls in the world, but they are quite demanding and controversial personalities. You should understand that you will date a strong, extravagant, and self-confident girl, so you'd have to be the same strong, interesting, and confident man. We are sure that you will find yourself a French date, just don't hesitate to contact them and be active!

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