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Asian Girls Dating: Top Facts & Statistical Data

If you want to know more about Asian women dating, it’s the right place for you — we at know everything about these women! Right now, we’ll tell you the most important facts about Asian culture, the most useful statistics, and top facts about Asian girls dating!


Asian girls dating: how many females have married American men in 2019?

Asia is huge — 48 countries, 4,5bn of people, you've got the idea. That's why it's quite hard to tell the exact numbers... But here, we'll try. Let's talk about the most popular countries first.

Thus, more than 1,300 Chinese women got the K-1 visa in 2019 — this visa is only for the engaged partners of US citizens. When it comes to India, the numbers are lower (789), about 1,000 Korean and Japanese women entered the US on a K-1 visa, and as for Thailand, it's 855 women. The leaders are Vietnam (1,782) and the Philippines (more than 7,000). In general, more than 15,300 Asians entered the United States on a K-1 visa in 2019.

Why do American men like Asian women?

Because Asian women are great, obviously! Every man has his own reasons, of course, but in general, Americans are impressed by the beauty of Asian girls, by their femininity, and by their character. As for the latter, it’s quite complex — many Americans believe that Asian girls are very shy or obedient, but that’s not 100% true. Women who live in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) are closer to American women in terms of gender roles and family. Women from Southeastern Asia, like brides from India, are closer to traditional wives and will more likely stay at home with children.

Top facts about Asian dating culture

Of course, the Asian women dating culture here differs from the American one. Let’s talk about three major differences:

  • First, forget about the public display of affection. It’s ok to demonstrate your love publicly in the United States, but Asian countries aren’t like that. We're talking about both Eastern and Southeastern Asian countries — in most of them, people are more conservative and don’t see PDA as something appropriate.
  • Sometimes, Asian parents put too much pressure on their daughters for marriage and kids. That's why Asian girls dating is more about finding a husband and a father of their future kids than just having fun and feeling good together.
  • It's always you who pays for the date in Asia (if we're not talking about Westernized countries e.g. Korea or Japan).

Asian women dating: median age of first marriage

As always, the more economically advanced the country is, the higher the median age of first marriage. Thus, women from South Korea get married in their 30s, women from Japan and Taiwan are not that far away (29.3 and 29.7 respectively), and women from such countries as Singapore, Lebanon, and Kuwait get married at 28-29 years old. Such poorer countries as Cambodia, India, and Indonesia are not a surprise — women in these countries get married in 21, 22.2, and 22.3 years respectively. China, Malaysia, and the Philippines are somewhere in between — women from these countries get married at 25 years old.


How many of Asian ladies already have kids when they move to the US?

As we've said before, more than 15,000 Asian women enter the US on a K-1 visa which means they married an American citizen. As for the kids, it's simple — the children of women who got a K-1 fiance visa can enter the US on a K-2 visa, so it’s not that difficult to find the exact numbers. According to the statistics, 2,295 children had entered the US in 2019 with their mothers (K-1 holders). Most of them came from the Philippines (1,453), Vietnam (386), and Thailand (124).

Asian girls dating services: statistics

There are two cool facts here. The first is: not all Asian girls use Tinder. Yes, most of them do (it's the most popular dating app in India, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia), but Thai, Malaysian, and Indonesian girls prefer Badoo, Japanese mail order brides like YYC more (local Japanese dating app), and in China, they prefer Momo app.

The second interesting thing is: for Asian women dating Asians haven't used apps when such services as Kiss and Match were created, but now, they are catching up. This region has the highest number of online daters — 42% of internet users in Asia use dating apps or websites (29% of Americans, 27% of Europeans).

What do American men expect from Asian women dating?

It depends on the region. Those who are searching for girls from East Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan) want these girls to be modern, feminine, well-educated, and probably hard-working because that’s what these women really are. Men who want to find a wife from a Southeast Asian country (Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.) are often looking for a girl who will have traditional family values and respect traditional gender roles; for a woman who will be a perfect wife and even a stay-at-home mother for their children.


Age difference between Asian singles and their American husbands

When we're talking about East Asia, wives are typically 4-6 years younger than their American husbands (except for Chinese women who are typically 5-8 years younger than their partners from the US). As for South East Asia, the situation is different — the age difference is more significant (6-10 years) when we're talking about Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Don'ts in Asian girls dating

Want to know what NOT to do when it comes to Asian women dating? Read this list then!

  1. Don't be too confident and don't try to be macho. These women like strong men, but most of them don't really go for "bad boys".
  2. Don't rush and don't expect sex on the first date. Being too pushy will turn off a woman who has serious intentions.
  3. Always learn the language. First, it will make communication much easier, and second, it's a great way to get some brownie points and to impress an Asian girl.

Average length of a relationship with Asian women datingbefore marriage

Women from developed Asian countries wait longer before getting married (they typically marry in their 30s), while women from Indonesia and Cambodia usually don't have long relationships before getting engaged. As for the number of relationships, it’s simple — this number is quite low in Asia (from 2.9 in Taiwan to 4.73 in Japan). Maybe that’s because Asian countries have quite strict views on premarital sex (especially Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, where 97%, 87%, and 71% percent of people think that it's unacceptable).

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Asian girls are just great — they are both modern and traditional, beautiful and very well-educated, hard-working, and very feminine. Choose Asian women dating website here, start chatting with them, and find thousands of extremely beautiful ladies who dream of finding a Western man!

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