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What are they like - Italian mail order brides? Let's figure it out together

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Rome, Milan, Naples
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Italian Brides: The Best Decision to Be Happy

When you think of Italian women, perhaps the first name that comes to your mind is Monica Bellucci. This Italian beauty is indeed everything a man can possibly dream of. But of course, Monica isn’t the only Italian woman who has this superpower to hypnotize men with her beauty.


In fact, there are thousands of gorgeous Italian girls who are dreaming of meeting someone like you on dating sites. But before you start dating one of these passionate women, you have to figure out their national character and personality first. So what makes Italian brides stand out among the others?

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Facts about Italian women for marriage

Italian brides often live with their parents

The stereotypes rarely exist without reason, and the stereotype about a very close relationship between Italian girls and their family members is true. This does not mean that Italian girls for marriage are childish or rely on their parents till their 50s; they just consider their family very important and like most of Eastern European brides they actually do respect the opinion of their parents about their friends and, well, boyfriends. You will have to deal with that; but, honestly, we believe you will like that, as a traditional Italian family is hospitable, joyful, and funny. Don't worry: your bride will move to you if you want to live separately from her family.


Italian brides adore fashion...

And they are ready to spend quite a lot of money on trendy clothes. Of course, it depends, but we are here to talk about a traditional Italian woman, right?

So, they love fashion and know everything about fashion trends. They value quality over quantity, so you are unlikely to find an Italian woman with a ton of newly bought dresses. Instead, they choose the best brands that produce clothes of the best materials and fabric - and these clothes are usually pretty expensive. Don't worry about your bank account, though: these women earn enough to cover their expenses, and they are too proud to ask their men for money on such things.

Italian mail order wives love to be women

It means, they just like to be themselves - emotional, changeable, inspired by life and art and inspiring by themselves. They love to dress up, to add makeup to their outlooks, wear bright accessories, laugh with their female friends, and easily flirt with their male friends. They are the daughters of nature, and maybe it is this fact that makes them so attractive and sexy. Like some Irish girls for marriage, they are not afraid to cry when they feel they need some melancholy, they are not afraid to be direct when they are angry. If you love girls who behave like nature, you should try dating Italian mail order brides.

Italian dating culture and courtship

Even though many Italian women are feminists, they still want their boyfriends to woo them. So you are expected to send your Italian girlfriend flowers for no reason, give her little gifts, and make romantic surprises for her. Italian woman is very likely to ask you if you want to split a receipt in a restaurant, but she still expects you to pay for your dinner and will be flattered if you insist on paying. In addition to that, Italian women do not follow the third date rule and you’ll have to wait for a while before you can be intimate with your Italian girlfriend. However, in general, Italian dating culture is not much different from American, Canadian, or British ones.


Нow to date Italian mail order brides?

Make your Italian bride happy

It is not about constantly saying compliments but about making an Italian bride feel comfortable. Find out places she often visits or ask her to go somewhere she has never been - the first variant will help her to feel comfortable even on the first dates, and the second variant may come in handy if your bride is adventurous or adores surprises. We cannot recommend doing something particular to make your woman feel appreciated or happy, as everything depends on things your woman loves, so we can only say that you should be attentive to her and remember everything she says: it will make her happy, too.

Don't be arrogant or overly humble

Reveal the real you to your woman. It doesn't mean that you should be overly direct, bossy, or too dominant (if you have these features, of course). An honest but polite man looks attractive to any woman, and an Italian bride is no exception. Be yourself and respect your woman's right to be herself - this is the path to a happy relationship.

Make Italian women laugh

But don't transform your date in your stand-up. 


It is great if you have a good sense of humor! You can easily help people relax and you can charm anyone within a few minutes. Italian women adore having a good evening and laughing at their favorite series as much as German ladies for marriage do, but it is even better if they can pass that evening with their beloved man. Interestingly, you may find your bride to be even wittier than you are, so be ready to laugh a lot too!

Be kind and polite

A lot of women dream about a strong man who will treat them with respect, care, love, and gentleness. No matter who you are at work - try to be gentler and more kind with and to your woman. Italian ladies may seem very passionate and self-confident, but they still are girls who need a caring supporter and defender. Someone who will love them and will help them to do household chores, work, raise children, and just be happy. They are able to make a man happy. Can you make an Italian bride happy too?

Don't cheat. An Italian girl will catch you

This is a mystery, but Italian women are the witches who can read minds. If you love all the women and are not ready for a serious relationship or marriage with just one of them, you should just forget about dating an Italian mail order bride. It's not that you cannot find a lady for a casual relationship; we want to say that you are unlikely to cheat on an Italian woman without consequence. 

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To sum up

Italian mail order brides are for sure one of the best brides ever. But you should be extra lucky to meet a single Italian woman, as they are too gorgeous to stay alone! However, you can find plenty of girls on dating websites, and we highly recommend you visit these websites to search for a perfect match. There are plenty of Italian women who want to date foreign men, and you can talk to a lot of them simultaneously and save a fortune, as using a dating platform will cost you approximately 50-150 USD per month.

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