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Vietnamese Brides: Meet Your Perfect Asian Beauty

Vietnamese women are among Asian mail order brides, and they register on the dating sites just like other ladies. However, there are not so many people who are looking for women from Vietnam on purpose. In fact, it shouldn’t be so as Vietnamese girls have many positive traits and can attract and keep many men if they want to. Here we describe the main points of their appearances and personalities to ease your choice of an Asian wife.

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Vietnamese girls are very beautiful

Just like other Asian girls, they win many beauty contests, which proves that their special beauty is treated well all over the world. Also, these women have very harmonious appearances and tender features, which makes them look like live dolls. It is a phenomenon of Vietnamese attractiveness: the absolute majority of local women are incredibly pretty.


Their exotic appearance makes them stand out

As we have already mentioned it, people tend to pick Vietnamese girls as the most beautiful girls in the world.  And although they face hard competition with Japanese ladies for marriage, for example, they still remain unusual and appealing to many men. There are many gentlemen in the Western world who dream about a wife from Vietnam.

Should you consider a Vietnamese woman a good choice for a mail order bride?

Apart from the fairy-tale beauty of these ladies, which can actually be enough for a good happy married life, Vietnamese ladies have much more benefits that make them really decent candidates for mail order brides. They are faithful and hard-working, and that makes them perfect brides.

Viet girls like to dress up

Vietnamese brides care about what they look like, and that requires some effort. They would pay special attention to their outfits and other things, for example

  • an appropriate makeup to some occasion
  • suitable accessories
  • the general image they make with their appearance and outfit

Being beautiful and collecting compliments is what Vietnamese women do a lot.


They are fun-loving

It is another charming personality trait that is common for many Vietnamese ladies. They like fun and laugh a lot. And who wouldn't want a fun-loving woman around! It makes her eyes shine, and the smile drives men crazy. You would definitely want a woman who stays cheerful most of the time and shares the positive mood.

Why are Vietnamese brides interested in foreign men?

There are over 48 million men living in Vietnam, so it can easily seem like Vietnamese girls don’t have a shortage of eligible local bachelors. However, more and more women in Vietnam decide to try their luck with foreign men, and here are the three main reasons for it.

  • Feeling loved and respected. Sadly, many Vietnamese men are not yet sold on the idea of equality and treat their women with far less respect and adoration than they deserve. And that's also a reason for brides from India. Vietnamese brides don’t want to settle for bad treatment and believe they can build a more respectful and loving relationship with a foreigner.
  • Safety and stability. Life in Vietnam can be very uneven for different categories of people, and if you are not born into a wealthy family, you may not have as many opportunities as them. This is another thing Vietnamese brides are not willing to accept, which is why they consider marriage to a foreigner to be a way to escape it.
  • Starting with a clean slate. Many Vietnamese mail order brides haven’t had the easiest lives in their childhood and teens. They want to leave it all behind and start a new, happy relationship with a foreign man who isn’t too focused on their past.

Vietnamese Women Dating - Want to Try?

What are the best sites to date Vietnamese mail order brides?

To meet a real mail order bride and start dating her online, you need to pick the best website. After careful research, we have made up a list of the top mail order bride dating venues that give you a high chance of meeting your Vietnamese destiny.

An international dating platform for Asian lady lovers with high-quality communication tools.

How do they treat foreign men?

Vietnamese singles don’t mind meeting foreigners to start long-term relationships. Although they may be shy at first, later it all disappears and only fun and flirt are left. You can be sure that a mail order bride from Vietnam wants to communicate if you meet her online - those ladies know what they register there for. And you will have a really good time during this conversation.


What is the number of registered profiles on dating sites?

Vietnam can’t boast of the huge amount of women; however, there is plenty of Vietnamese mail order bride online. And the best thing about these women is that they are active online and support communication, so you can text them and count on a response.

Vietnamese brides for American men: how to meet them?

Love knows no boundaries and barriers; if you have decided for sure that Vietnam is the best place to find a wife and you always dreamed of meeting beautiful Vietnamese single ladies, you can find them both online and offline. The first way is to organize a trip yourself and start looking for a Vietnamese girlfriend in her home country. But this method is quite expensive and time-consuming. Today, online dating is gaining popularity due to its efficiency and ease. The main advantage of online dating is that each user gets access to many profiles of Vietnamese girls who are also looking for their perfect partner abroad. Also, this method is more cost effective and is very handy; you can comfortably start looking for your perfect match from Vietnam even while sitting at home.

Vietnamese women: marriage and dating online

The Internet allows everyone to find their perfect match from anywhere in the world. In particular, international dating sites and mail order bride services are some of the most effective methods for buying a wife from Vietnam. The price of Vietnamese women for sale includes all the costs of using a dating or mail order bride site, using premium features and communication options, organizing a romantic date, a trip to the home country of your date, as well as the cost of a visa and marriage. On average, selling wife in Vietnam costs between $5,000 and $15,000; this price directly depends on your personal preferences, the services and functions you choose, and the pricing rates of the dating site.

Vietnam mail order Brides


They are very loyal as wives

Dreaming about a wife who would be faithful and stay with you for the rest of your life? Pick a Vietnamese. These ladies know how important the choice of a life partner is, and so when they do it, they don’t look back.

Women from Vietnam consider marriage a very serious thing

In Vietnam, it is hard to find a woman who wouldn’t treat marriage seriously. Here ladies know where a relationship that they start should lead, and most of them just like Israeli brides are aimed at creating a family.

Vietnamese women are smart and well-educated

It is kind of fashionable in Vietnam to be educated. Generally, it is prestigious in the whole Asia, and Vietnam is not an exception. Women here do it all to be clever, so your bride probably will:

  • know English more or less
  • have a degree or two
  • be able to talk on any topic
  • be a smart adviser to you

A Vietnamese mail order bride is likely to have a strong personality

Life in Vietnam can be tough sometimes, and so many singles have seen the hard days. Hence they learn to overcome the obstacles and stay strong. It is a brilliant trait of character, and you would appreciate having such a wife.

A Vietnamese woman has a strong sense of family

Nobody respects the family more than a Vietnamese woman. She will always listen to what her parents say and try to do all the best for her own family. For a life companion that is a true gift.

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To sum up

Vietnamese women are smart, interesting, fun-loving and heavenly beautiful. They have and enjoy family values and are ready to sacrifice a lot in sake of their close people. If you are planning to date and marry an Asian, a Vietnamese mail order bride can appear to be a very good choice that will make your friends jealous and surely make you happy.

How To Get A Vietnamese Bride?

To get a Vietnamese mail order bride, you need to sign up on a dating site, create a detailed profile, and look for a woman using the site’s searching tools. Once you find your ideal partner for life, you need to contact your date and start communicating with her.

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