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Truth About European Mail Order Brides & Online Dating: Is It Worth It?

European brides are often a mystery for their foreign grooms. Unlike Western brides, the views of Americans on foreign women from Western European, South European, Scandinavian, and Slavic countries are based on stereotypes and outdated beliefs—which, unfortunately, often leads to misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations.

We'll help you unravel the mystery of European mail order wives here. No stereotypes—only real facts, statistics, and numbers. Let's start!

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European wives: International marriage statistics

As we've said, we'll talk facts here. There are lots of misconceptions foreign men have regarding European ladies—here, we'll talk about numbers.

  • European girls tend to get married later (the female mean age at first marriage varies from 27.7 years old in Poland to 34.1 years old in Sweden) and the number of weddings fell to historical lows in most Western and Southern European countries over the past decade. Even traditional Eastern European ladies from Poland tend to get married later in the 2020s!
  • When it comes to divorce and European mail order wives, it's not that simple. The most popular mail order brides from Eastern Europe are Ukrainian and Russian mail order wives who have much higher divorce rates despite that "traditional Slavic brides" stereotype.
  • At the same time, the divorce rate in marriages between American men and Eastern European women tends to be lower than the US national average and than the divorce rate in these Eastern European countries.
  • Pretty Eastern European girls don't rush to become mothers. The mean mother's age at first birth in Ukraine is 26.2 years old (27 years old for American women).
  • And it's not only about Eastern European nations—the same pattern can be seen for young ladies from Western Europe, too. The mean age at first birth for European brides is 29.4 years!

What is so special about Slavic women?

The very special Slavic beauty is known in the whole world, and for many years the local women win the hearts of many men. It is the nature that gave these mail-order brides the sophisticated features which help them to stay desirable. Russian, Ukrainian and Polish ladies are equally good-looking.

There are at least a few things that make Slavic ladies so gorgeous. Among their unusual features there are:

  • Incredible femininity
  • Fashionable looks
  • Wonderful self-care
  • Beautiful combination of appearance features
  • Playful behavior

Eastern European mail order brides are really a mix of all the good things one would prefer to see in their romantic partner, so no wonder that this region is a must-visit for everyone who wants to find best foreign wives abroad.

Why do European women become mail order brides?

Eastern European mail brides usually choose to start seeking a foreign partner because of the desire to get a better life in a better country. Also, these ladies are typically driven by the idea of giving a better life to their future children; that's why they often search for a foreign husband.

A lot of East European brides—not all of them, but many women from this region—search for foreign husbands simply because they think that American men make better partners than Eastern European men.


When it comes to Western European mail order brides, they typically don't have such goals—unlike Eastern ladies and Asian brides, they usually do it simply because they want it. Like, why not?

Yes, you can buy a wife online. Whether you've met a mail order bride in one of those international marriage agencies or on a dating site, it's totally legal to take your Western or Eastern European mail order bride to the US. In 3 years after arrival, European brides can become US citizens legally!

How much does it cost to buy a bride from Europe?

Meeting foreign brides from Europe is a bit more expensive than dating American women—it's obvious because you'll at least have to travel to Europe.

Let's be more detailed:

  • A dating site with European brides will cost you around $100-$120 per month.
  • A flight from the US to Europe will cost you around $400-$600 for a round-trip.
  • A hotel room will cost you anything from $30 to $200 per night— Ukraine and Russia are the cheapest in this regard while France is the most expensive European country.
  • You'll need to pay $10-$50 per day for food—it costs around $10 per day in Ukraine and around $50 per day in Italy/France.
  • You will have to pay around $40 per day for entertainment and restaurants in any European country (but it's still cheaper to meet local brides in Eastern Europe).

Why Eastern Europe is one of the best places to find a wife?

  1. There are tens of thousands of Eastern European women interested in building relationships (serious relationships!) with foreign men. That's why they use dating websites.
  2. Foreign girls seeking romantic relationships with a foreign man are usually extremely attractive!
  3. If you want to meet a family-oriented woman, you need to get a European wife such as Hungarian mail order bride.
  4. Thousands of local girls in this region speak English, so you won't have to worry about the language barrier. What's more, even the Eastern European women have pretty similar views to American women (Eastern society has been influenced by Western values), so you don't need to worry about the cultural barrier.

Top 5 Eastern European countries with mail order brides

Eastern Europe is one of the most popular destinations for men seeking a foreign bride, but there are more Eastern European countries than you can imagine, and their brides could not be more different. Here are 5 countries in Eastern Europe to consider if you want to meet a foreign mail order brides.

  • Ukraine. Ukrainian brides are known all over the world for their ethereal beauty, but they have enough charisma and passion that will attract you even more than their looks.
  • Belarus. Belarusian mail order brides are very pretty, highly educated, and respectful. They are perfect homemakers and want a happy family above everything else.
  • Russia. Russian brides will first captivate you with their appearance, but then you will start to appreciate their intelligence, strong family values, and mysterious demeanor.
  • Poland. Polish mail order brides look and behave like a typical girl next door. They have a variety of interests and will make you feel at ease even on your first date.
  • Czech Republic. Czech brides know the value of love and are ready to fight for it. Behind their lovely exterior, there is a resilient, loyal, and deeply caring woman.

European wives scams

Those interested in European mail order brides must be careful—unfortunately, there are still some scammers on Eastern European dating sites. Here, you'll find the top 5 European mail order brides scams.


Send me money, please

It's probably the most common type of scam. You sign up on a website and start chatting with Eastern European wives online, then European brides ask you to send them money because (insert any tearful story). It's clear that her mother is alive and well, her laptop works well, and she has no problems with late payments—it's just a sad story to make you want to help your future foreign wife or girlfriend.

Bank information

Some scammers don't ask you to send them money—instead, they try to pry your credit card/bank account information. If you fall into this trap, they'll steal your money via your online banking app, it's simple as that.

Personal information

A scammer asks you a lot of questions about your life and then either blackmails you or tries to steal money from your bank account using the answers they got from you. Just don't tell the ladies on the dating sites more than they need to hear, and you'll be safe.

Pro daters

It's a diplomatic way of saying "gold-diggers", actually. They don't need your heart, only your wallet—the only difference from the first type of scammers is that the "pro" daters usually use their real photos (and sometimes even real names).

Membership scam

There are lots of scam dating platforms that can steal your money after entering your payment information. Did they promise a free trial? Well, you obviously didn't read the fine print—the trial period lasts for 10 minutes. Did they forget to tell you how much a minute of a live chat costs? Well, the auto-renewal is on, so you'll be charged automatically. To avoid being scammed, choose only the best dating platforms.

Eastern European Woman Dating - Give It a Try

Which dating sites should you use?

To date attractive Slavic girls online, you have to use the decent platforms which provide only high-quality services and lead to the real results. According to the analysis, there is a shortlist of services that can help you find a wife from countries of the region.

Long-distance relationships can be a challenge

You can’t say that dating someone who comes from the different part of the world is easy. It is a true challenge sometimes, and online communication is not enough if you develop true feelings. However, Slavic women will make it worth doing as their charm usually leads to a happy step forward in your relationship - a marriage.

The number of Slavic ladies on the dating sites is big

It is a common thing for women of Eastern Europe to look for a husband online. They gladly welcome foreigners and are interested in international relationships. Therefore, you can find many Slavic women in the dating venues, for any taste. It is no problem to get acquainted with a few at least.

Eastern European dating: how to date Slavic girls online?

Online dating has many advantages. Firstly, you can start your communication and online dating with Euro brides from anywhere in the world. Secondly, on the online dating platform, you will get access to a huge number of profiles of Slavic girls who are also looking for a partner abroad.


To make your online dates and chats an unforgettable romantic experience, it is important to follow the basic rules of dating: be polite and well-mannered, find common interests and topics with your partner, show her your interest and sympathy, make compliments, and do not forget about gifts and surprises even when dating online.

How to meet European women online?

Want to meet Eastern European women? Here's a short guide on meeting European brides for marriage online:

  • Upload your best pictures and write a catchy description to attract more Eastern European brides.
  • Try to send interesting messages to Eastern European girls, not generic ice-breakers.
  • Be respectful and show that you care about your Eastern European lady.
  • Send your European mail order bride a gift—it doesn't necessarily have to be something expensive; it's the gift itself that matters, not its price.
  • Don't expect to get Eastern European girls easy. You'll need to conquer them; that's how it works.
  • Don't wait for too long—ask a foreign girl on a date as soon as possible.

What can men expect from European women relationships?

Lots of men date European women because they make the best mail order brides. That's true—but what does it really mean? Continue reading to learn more about what to expect from European brides.

A family is the biggest value

For such brides family means a lot. They are usually raised by the tradition-oriented parents and grow up with an idea of becoming a good life partner, which is also a very common trait among brides from India. Such women do a lot for their husbands and children and make great mothers and caregivers.

An Eastern European wife is sensitive

Emotions matter for Slavic women. They are tender and sensitive and pay a lot of their attention to the feelings in the relationship. It can be even more significant than the financial issue in the family, so remember that and try to be understanding with your Slavic mail-order bride.

She cooks delicious

As a person concentrated on her closest people’s well-being, brides will do it all to comfort you. With her delicious food too! Russian and Ukrainian women are great at cooking, and you will be positively surprised at her mastery!

Your Eastern European wife will never make you feel upset.

Slavic ladies are great partners, that’ why you won’t regret dating or marrying one. She will never:

  • make you disappointed
  • make you bored
  • start a large and loud scandal with you

In Eastern Europe, women are usually quite reserved in their emotional expressions, unlike the majority of Mexican ladies for marriage, so you will have a very comfortable alliance in the sensual meaning.

A marriage with an Eastern European mail-order bride makes sense

Having read all this information, you can already see that marrying a Slavic bride is worth it. Local women are great candidates for creating families, as they have everything a decent wife should.

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To sum up

Women of Eastern Europe are very interesting for the Western men as potential brides. A lot of them are registered on various mail-order brides dating platform in the search for their perfect man.

Slavic ladies are beautiful and attractive, they also make great partners and caregivers. These women can cook and run the house well, but also they can accompany you at different events and never make you bored. Sounds like a great party for a marriage, doesn’t it?

How Much Is An Eastern European Bride?

You can not buy a woman — but you can pay for a mail order bride website, dates, and wedding. The access to the website will cost about $30 per month, the date in Eastern Europe will cost you about $40-100, and the wedding can cost up to $15,000.

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