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The best of Eastern European beauties just for you!

Top cities:
Riga, Jūrmala, Liepāja
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Latvian Brides: Let These Beauties Impress You

Sophisticated, well-mannered, educated, incredibly intelligent, gorgeous, easygoing, and patient, a Latvian woman will be a great match for a man who is looking for a perfect wife. These girls know how to make a man happy, and they are willing to dedicate them entirely to their spouses. So where can you find this, with no exaggeration, perfect woman? Here are the top five cities to look for beautiful Latvian brides:

  • Riga;
  • Daugavpils;
  • Liepāja;
  • Jelgava;
  • Jūrmala.

As you can see, there are plenty of cities to look for beautiful Latvian women, so do not hesitate and start looking for your love now.

latvian bride

Latvian women are attractive

You can’t pass a Latvian woman. You will definitely notice her among other women on a dating site as you will be charmed with her beauty. It usually is very tender and light, so you won’t be mistaken that she is a Latvian. Such ladies usually remind of the fairy-tale elves as their appearance impresses a lot.

What is so special about Latvian ladies?

They have a very special type of appearance. You will notice it by the pictures on the dating sites. Some call is a Scandinavian type, yet really it is a mix of the European and Slavic facial features that has a pretty outcome. So, here are the basic things you will find in a Latvian woman:

  • high cheekbones
  • blonde hair
  • blue, grey or green eyes
  • a slim body

Should you consider a Latvian woman a good choice for a mail-order bride?

Marrying a Latvian woman is a lucky chance. You can benefit a lot from this marriage as Latvian women are just perfect for it. These mail-order brides are attractive, interesting, feminine and simply adorable. Who wouldn’t want a wife like that?

Latvian singles dress to impress

The appearance matters a lot for Latvian women, so they carefully dress up for each occasion. A date is an occasion for them too, so they carefully pick the clothes that would present them is the best way. It’s the same with makeup, Latvian singles put it on in order to emphasize their beauty. And they manage to do it perfectly!

A Latvian woman is a real lady

A Latvian woman is usually very well-raised and well-educated, so she is feminine and has the perfect manners. You will be surprised by how pleasant it is to be around her as she talks, walks or does anything else - it’s all just so charming that you can’t help but fall for her. The manners a Latvian lady demonstrates are really worth a queen. You won’t be disappointed with a Latvian woman is you date her.

Latvian women’s attitude to career

A lot of Latvian women are in the workforce, in fact, some of them have really successful careers and even make more money than their husbands. However, if a Latvian woman has a choice between career and family, she will most likely choose the second option. This is why many of these women quit their jobs once they get married or have kids. The thing is Latvian women don’t mind being housewives and climbing the career ladder is not important for many of them.

Latvian Woman Dating - Give It a Try!

They take a long-distance relationship normally

Women from Latvia understand how things are done in international online dating. They see clearly that you have to be very patient to handle a long-distance relationship. And as long as they are aimed at a serious interaction, they accept this distance normally. You would be lucky to date a lady who knows what it all is for.

What dating sites should you use to find a Latvian bride?

Latvian brides register on the dating sites a lot, and you can find them on many sources. But to ease your search here we present the list of three main venues where there are plenty of Latvian female accounts.

Are there many Latvian ladies online?

Women from Latvia are quite active when it comes to online dating. Moreover, there is a big number of Latvian female profiles on the dating sites. There are more women than men in Latvia, so the ladies look for the foreign options for marriage and become mail-order brides quite often.

Latvian Mail-order brides


They are caring mothers

You won’t find a woman more caring and tender with her kids that a Latvian lady. She will surround her children with all the motherly love and do anything for their comfort and development. It is definitely a mother that you can dream about for your kids.

Latvian brides are very interesting and educated

You won’t be bored if you marry a Latvian mail-order bride. Local women treat education a very important thing. That’s why you can benefit from it.

  • Your wife will be very interesting to talk to.
  • She can educate your children too.
  • She is a great companion.

A woman from Latvia is very friendly and open-hearted

You will see it at the very stage of your acquaintance, and later on in a married life too. A warm-hearted and friendly woman by your side is a perfect decision for a life partner, and a Latvian bride is surely a great choice for that.

latvian women

Latvian ladies put family first

There are no things that are more important for a Latvian woman than her family. This lady will do what she can for the good of her close people, and therefore you can be sure that you and your kids will be appreciated and cared about always.

Your Latvian bride will treat you as the head of the family

It is a normal thing for women from Latvia to put their men in the lead and let them make the majority of decisions. If you support such a pattern in the married relationship, then you will like it with a Latvian mail-order bride.

To sum up

Latvian ladies are very desired as mail-order brides. There are plenty of them on the dating sites, and you can easily find a woman for yourself. Latvian women are beautiful, they have very delicate facial features and are so feminine. That’s what attracts men! But their beauty is not the only impressive thing. Latvian girls are well-educated and make good companions. It is beneficial if you are planning to create a family with a woman from Latvia, as she can teach your kids a lot and care about them much. Latvian brides are very loving, friendly and open-hearted, so don’t hesitate to try and get acquainted with them on the dating sites!

Why Are Latvian Women So Beautiful?

Fair skin, attractive facial features, amazing blonde hair — Latvian women are extremely beautiful. They look like a mix of Slavic and Nordic women and definitely got the best of both worlds. Another reason why they are so beautiful is that most of them are really into fitness, diets, etc.

Why Latvian Brides Make The Best Wives?

Because they were raised to be the best wives! Latvian society is still quite old-fashioned, which means girls in Latvia are still raised to be sweet, caring, and pleasing to others. Latvian women listen to their husbands, do everything to make their men happy, and always respect their partners.

How To Meet Latvian Women Online?

It’s very simple — you only have to find a good mail order bride platform to meet thousands or even tens of thousands of these awesome women. Read the reviews, test the best websites, choose the one you like most, and meet beautiful Latvian women without any problems!

How To Date A Latvian Bride?

You should be a real gentleman. Flowers will work great, as well as a little gift. You must look great to attract them — these women love it when a man looks stylish. And forget about dating several girls at a time — that's not how it works in Latvia.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Latvian Brides?

There are many good platforms, but there are almost no perfect ones. We highly recommend you try Date Russian Beauty — it’s an old, trustworthy Latvian mail order bride service with real girls, lots of messaging tools, and reasonable prices.

Do Latvian Women Like American Men?

Yes, they do! It’s not that Latvian men are awful, no — they are simply not good enough to impress and attract gorgeous Latvian girls. Women from this country believe that Americans are more respectful, more stable and that they make better husbands than men from Latvia.

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