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Russian Girls Dating — All You Wanted To Know About Them

date Jan 27, 2021
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Wondering about the differences between American and Russian women dating? Searching for more data about these beauties and want to understand the patterns and the etiquette of dating in this country? Here, you’ll find all the most important facts, statistics, and other info about Russian girls dating!

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Russian women dating: how many females have married American men in 2019?

Even though Russia is often considered one of the most popular "bride" countries, in reality, only 815 Russian citizens have entered the United States on a K-1 visa (it's a so-called "fiancée” visa — only foreigners who want to marry a US citizen are eligible for it). That's less than Ukraine, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and even Great Britain — so it looks like that stereotype about tens of thousands of Russian bombshells who dream to marry an American citizen is not 100% true.

Why do American men like Russian ladies?

It depends. There is no one answer that would fit all here — some men like Russian women dating because of their physical appearance, some Americans believe that Russian ladies make better wives than Americans, others think Russian girls are more feminine and traditional, etc. Some even think that it’s easy to get a 10/10 Russian babe just because of their US citizenship (they are 100% wrong, of course) — as you see, there are lots of possible answers to this question. In general, it’s about beauty, family values, traditional gender roles, and femininity.

Top facts about Russian girls dating culture

First, Russian females love it when a man is courteous. They still love chivalry (well, most of them) and they still think that it's a man who should pay for dinner. Russian women dating etiquette is a bit old-fashioned, but there’s nothing bad about that if you know how to play this game.

Another thing you should know is that Russians are less into hookup culture and open relationships culture than Americans, they are typically more serious about dating. They are also more traditional when it comes to relationships and dating — like, it's always a man who takes the lead and "wins the lady".

Median age of first marriage with a girl from Russia

The average age at first marriage in this country is 24.9 for women. It's not that late (in the US, it's 28), but the situation with Russian women dating is slowly changing. It's like anywhere else in the world — women now have more opportunities and tend to delay marriage more and more.

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How many of Russian women have kids when they move to the US?

As we've already said, 815 Russian citizens entered the United States on a K-1 visa in 2019. There were also 147 children of the K-1 visa holders who have entered the US that year on a K-2 visa (when we say "children'' we mean unmarried, under 21 y.o. kids of the K-1 holders). Taking into account the average mother childbearing age in Russia (28.7 years old) and the average age of a K-1 visa applicant (26-30 years old), we can make a guess that most Russian K-1 holders with kids have infants/small children, not teen/adult children.

Russian dating services: statistics

Online dating is extremely popular here — Russia is the world's leader in dating apps downloads. 0.39% of all apps Russians download are dating apps while it's only 0.25% in the US and 0.18% in Mexico. However, Russians don't use Tinder as much as Americans and British — Tinder's net revenue in Russia is less than in Ireland (29 times less populated country). More than 60% of women who use dating services are interested in long-term relationships, and the number of women who are searching for international dating is growing constantly.

What do American men expect from Russian ladies dating?

For some, it’s about gender role expectations (passive, accepting, etc.), traditional family values, and about finding a perfect stay-at-home wife. For some, it’s about that proverbial “femininity”. For the others, it’s all about the beauty of Russian girls dating. While the views of Russian females on gender and family roles are changing slowly, the “beauty” stereotype is 100% real. It's not just about their natural beauty, it's also about their willingness to become better — thus, according to some studies, women in Russia invest a lot of effort in themselves to increase their chances of finding a decent man.

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Age difference between Russian wives and their American husbands

If a Russian woman marries an American citizen before her arrival in the US, the expected age difference is 9 years, which is quite a large age gap. If a couple gets married after the arrival of a Russian woman to the United States, the age gap is typically lower (6.5 years).

Don'ts in dating Russian girl

Alright, you probably know what you should do while Russian women dating. But what about the stuff you shouldn’t do?

  • Don't expect sex on the first date. First, you will most likely not get it, especially if she has serious intentions. Second, being too pushy is considered creepy in Russian girls dating culture, and that's definitely not what you need.
  • Don't be late. Russian beauties are not as punctual as Germans, but many of them think that being late on a date means not valuing their time.
  • Don't buy a very expensive bouquet or present — it’s not the code, and you won't have the effect you expect.

Average length of a relationship with Russian woman before marriage

As we've said before, women from Russia typically get married in their 24-25 years. According to the polls, most ladies who are younger than 25 years old are in long-term relationships (79% of those between 18-24, 90% of those between 25-34, and 98% of those between 35-44). The average relationship duration of most Russians between 25 and 34 is 8 years, and the relationship length is another factor that shows the tendency of Russian girls dating to provide long-term relationships.


Russian beauties are known for being great long-term partners and wives, but they are definitely a good choice even if you prefer casual dating. Russian dating is something you just need to try if you want to try international relationships — and thanks to the foreign dating services, you can do it without even leaving your home!

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