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Spanish brides are well-known as passionate, ardent, and temperamental ladies

Top cities:
Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia
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Spanish Brides - Why You Should Marry Them

Passionate and extremely hot, Spanish brides will drive you crazy but you’re going to like it. Spanish women are truly incredibly beautiful, but what exactly makes them so appealing? Here are five main reasons why Spanish girls are the best:

  • Spanish ladies are honest and straightforward, they don’t like having secrets from their loved ones.
  • These women are loyal and devoted to those they love.
  • They are talented and creative.
  • Spanish girls are adventurous and always up to do something fun.
  • They are particularly warm and affectionate partners.
beautiful spanish girl in swimming suit

What distinguishes Spanish women from girls from other countries?

First of all, it is their temper. The stereotype about the wild temperament of Spanish women exists for a reason. Spanish mail order wife has that spice in her veins and genes. So, you may experience pretty loud scandals and showdowns, but they may result in the same emotional and passionate reconciliations, accompanied by hot kisses.

Some men prefer ladies with calmer temper, but it is very interesting and exciting to date a woman you know well, but know nothing about she can actually do the next moment. It doesn't mean you will date a fury or a witch; these girls are just more open than the ladies from Northern countries, for example. This charisma is like fire - it can burn you if you are careless with it, but it can warm you when it's cold and make a coy atmosphere at home.

If you are ready to be attentive to a Spanish mail order wife, support her, and understand her emotional bursts, you will get a loyal life partner who will be at your side no matter what.

Do Spanish women speak foreign languages?

Those Spanish girls who have secondary education usually speak several foreign languages. Of course, English is the most common language Spanish brides fluently speak, so if you are from the United States, Canada, or the UK, you shouldn’t have any troubles with understanding each other. Moreover, if you are a Spanish-speaking American, you can speak Spanish with your sweetheart. In addition to that, some Spanish women also speak French, Italian, or German. In general, everything depends on the girl’s education. Those girls who have college degrees usually speak at least one foreign language, while uneducated women do not speak foreign languages at all.

Woman's place in Spanish society

In the 21st century, Spanish women outnumber men at the university, although, despite their education and training, few manage to get places on the boards of directors of large companies.

Another problem that still exists is a significant wage gap. An equal salary is still a utopia in 2020. A Spanish woman who occupies the same position as a man does not get the same salary, and a woman often has to work approximately 84 more days a year to earn the same sum a man has working on the same position.

pretty spanish lady on the beach

A few facts proving that "Spanish women make great wives"

Spanish brides are different. However, we can say that there are a few things that the majority of Spanish girls share.

  • They are sensual. Women in Spain are considered one of the most sensual and sexual beauties in the world. For some men, this is an essential feature, as they adore girls who are not afraid to express their emotions and opinion. However, you should understand that dating such a spicy woman can devastate you if you are not ready to be the leader and the only head of your family. 
  • They get even more open and caring with the time. They are gentle and attentive at the beginning of the relationship and become even more affectionate and caring after some time. This is a beautiful and nice transformation: you see a pretty lady who spends a lot of time on herself and her leisure when she's single and at the very beginning of a relationship, but once she falls for a man and understands that he is the one and only, she gets more and more interested in his life and emotions.  
  • They tend to be optimistic. We cannot say if it is a national feature, but the majority of Spanish girls have a positive view of life. They do not lose hope even when life gets worse and more difficult; it seems like they have an endless supply of internal strength and optimism. This is a great feature of character, and a lot of men appreciate it. Life is a controversial thing, and we should be ready for its changes and challenges. Having such a strong supporter and partner as a Spanish wife, you will never worry about any problems, as your devoted beloved woman will always be at your side.
  • They are witty. Discussing things - everything - with a Spanish wife is among the best things ever! A traditional Spanish girl for marriage is exciting because she is so emotional when it comes to talking about something she likes or dislikes. Well, these women rarely remain indifferent to anything, so you can have plenty of bright conversations. To have an interesting personality to talk with - isn't it great?

7 myths about Spanish women

1. All Spanish brides know how to dance flamenco

Actually no. It's a traditional dance of southern Spain, and a lot of locals don't know how to dance flamenco at all. In addition, flamenco is not the only traditional Spanish dance. Other regional traditional dances include Madrid chotis, Galician muñeira, Aragonese jota, and Catalan sardana, so you should ask your lady if she can dance at all, and then try to find out if she can dance, for example, jota.

2. All Spanish girls for marriage love bullfighting

In fact, there are different opinions about bullfighting in Spain. Anti-corrida associations protest against animal cruelty and their activists try to call bullfighters to stop their performances. Moreover, bullfighting is prohibited in certain regions, notably in Catalonia and the Canaries, and a lot of Spanish girls are also against these dangerous shows.

3. They are lazy and take a nap regularly during siesta

Spanish women are active and hardworking ladies. So, yes, due to their activity and tiredness, they often take a nap if they can do it - this is, well, a tradition in Spain, and we think it is already embedded in their genes. However, some places in Spain work even during a siesta, but these places either belong to really mad with work people or places that are designed especially for foreigners.

cute spanish girl

4. Spanish women eat paella at every meal

Absolutely not. It is a very popular dish in Valencia, but each region has its own culinary specialty. The Spanish omelet (eggs, potatoes, onions) is much more popular than paella.

5. They cannot live without sangria

To tell the truth, Spanish mail order brides prefer wine or beer. Sangria is a popular drink among foreigners. The Spanish drink it only in summer.

6. They all have dark skin, brown eyes, and brown hair

Not all Spanish brides look like Penelope Cruz with her dark hair and tanned skin. They also have blond hair and green eyes, they dye their hair in different colors and nature grants them different features.

7. All Spanish brides live in Madrid or Barcelona

There are 47 million inhabitants in Spain, according to figures from the Spanish National Institute (INE), including only 4.8 million in these two cities, barely 10% of the population. The rest mail order brides live in the other cities of the country, and in particular, in Valencia, Zaragoza, Seville, and Malaga.

Closing thoughts

If you want to plunge into a passionate and vibrant relationship and have an unforgettable holiday romance - try to date Spanish women for marriage! They will grant you love, support, and care you've never known.

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