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Top-10 Hot Bulgarian Women

Soft light or pale skin, dark hair, dark eyes, very hot bodies, a great sense of style โ€” hot Bulgarian girls always look great, and that's the main reason why they are so popular among Western men. Actually, sexy Bulgarian women are not like other Eastern European girls (like those who live in Poland and Ukraine). Unlike these countries, Bulgaria is situated in the South-Eastern part of Europe, it's history is very complicated, and itโ€™s a melting pot with Slavic, Ottoman, Greek, and even Persian influences. Of course, all these factors influence the appearance of modern Bulgarian women โ€” they have something from Slavic beauty and Persian beauty, and at the same time, they look a little like Turkish girls.

Well, itโ€™s quite hard to describe such thing as beauty, so you should take a look at Bulgarian mail order brides with your own eyes โ€” we have collected 10 amazing Bulgarian babes here, and they are definitely worth looking at! You will find singers, entrepreneurs, Instagram models, and photo models here โ€” they all are different, they have different facial features, eye and hair colors, but they all have one thing in common: they all are very, very hot. Letโ€™s start!

Hristina Hristova

  • Occupation: Model, singer
  • Born: July 19, 1999
  • Instagram: @hrisistar

Tita (Hristina Hristova) is a 21-year-old singer who lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was born on July 19, 1999, in Tutrakan, a small town in northeastern Bulgaria. In 2014, she joined the Bulgarian version of The X Factor show, and in two years, she began her modeling career (Hristina worked for a popular Bulgarian modeling agency at that time). Since then, she was an actor, a model, and of course, presented new singles (she had at least 7 singles since 2016). Right now, Hristina is still a singer, and she also works as an ambassador for a popular Bulgarian shoe brand. Her Instagram profile has 473,000 followers, and this makes miss Hristova one of the most popular young women from Bulgaria!

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  • Occupation: Model, travel blogger
  • Instagram: @lorein_

Meet Lorein (her real name is Desi Kate) โ€” an extremely beautiful Bulgarian model with more than 115,000 followers on her Instagram profile. According to her bio, Desi is a multi-talented girl โ€” she is not only a model, but also a culturologist and an artist! Desi is very hot โ€” she has perfect model measurements (and she works out every single day), she loves to post sexy lingerie photos, and she also loves yoga. Desi Kate is a travel enthusiast โ€” during the last year, she visited Mexico, the United States (Miami), the Bahamas, and Indonesia (Bali island). She also works as a model for sportswear companies and for popular Bulgarian makeup brands. Desi is a perfect example of a mix of Bulgarian and Spanish beauty (she definitely has Hispanic roots).

Teodora Todorova

Our next star, Teodora Todorova, is just great. She is a young Bulgarian model who lives in Sofia (capital of Bulgaria) and who is also a student at the Medical University of Sofia (she has chosen a dental medicine course). Right now, Teodora has 94,000 followers, which is actually not as many as most girls from this list have, but she is still worth looking at. The thing is, Teodora is not actually a "traditional"ย  model โ€” she posts a lot of professional photos of herself, but she doesn't do catwalks at all. She prefers lingerie photos and photos in which she wears PJs or gym clothes (tanks, bras, leggings, etc). Also, the lady often promotes different products on her Instagram page. Teodora calls herself a "fitness addict" and we are totally agree โ€” she has a perfectly fit body!

Nora Vladova

Nora Vladova, a young Instagram model from Sofia, is another hot Bulgarian girl we just couldn't miss. She has 17,900 followers on her Instagram, which isn't much, yet this lady still deserves to be on this list due to her incredible sexiness. Nora is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian models you can find on Instagram โ€” she is young, she has a very beautiful face, and a perfect body (and she doesn't hide it, which is just great for her followers). Nora collaborates with makeup brands and with popular and fitness clothing companies. She is definitely not the biggest influencer out there, but she is certainly worth taking a look at!

Teodora Andreeva

Andrea is a famous Bulgarian singer (her real name is Teodora Andreeva). She was born on January 23, 1987, so she is now 33 years old... And Andrea looks perfect in her 30s! Andrea is very popular in Bulgaria โ€” she has more than 344,000 followers on her Instagram feed (and she often posts extra hot photos on her Instagram, we believe that this fact makes her even more popular). In 2020, Andrea lives in Sofia and she still makes music โ€” her last music video got 255,000 views on Youtube!

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Nikoleta Bojinova

One of the best features of hot Bulgarian women is that in their 30s, they look better than most younger women from other countries. Our new star, Nikoleta Bojinova, is 32 years old (born Nov 30 1987, in Plovdiv) โ€” and she has a gorgeous body. Nikoleta is one of the most popular Bulgaria models. She began her modeling career in 2006, and in the same year, she was crowned the Bulgarian Playmate of the Year (it's an award by Playboy, probably the most popular men's magazine in the world). Right now, Nikoleta lives in Sofia and raises a daughter. She married a famous Bulgarian soccer player (Valeri Bojinov, played for Juventus and Manchester City) in 2011. But Nikoleta hasn't finished her modeling story yet โ€” even in 2020 she works as a model for magazines and for fashion brands.


  • Occupation: Model, travel blogger
  • Instagram: @yvonnerd

Meet our next star โ€” her Instagram nickname is @yvonnerd (she prefers to not reveal the real name). Yvonnerd is another young and beautiful Instagram model who was born in Bulgaria. In 2020, this girl lives in the United States (Los Angeles, California) and works as a model and travel blogger โ€” during the last year, she visited Maldives, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Hawaii. This gorgeous blonde also does modeling for different American makeup and clothing brands and, according to her Instagram, she also works with magazines. Even though there isn't too much info on this girl, well, Yvonnerd's Instagram profile with 20,700 followers is definitely worth looking through!

Andjelina Atanasova

Andjelina Atanasova is a Bulgarian model and singer. She has more than 102,000 followers on her Instagram and she is very popular in Bulgaria โ€” thus, her last music video got more than 1,000,000 views on Youtube! Andjelina was born on March 12, 1996, in Bulgaria, and now she lives in the capital of this country, Sofia. If you wanted to see what sexy Bulgarian girls look like, take a glance at the photos of Andjelina โ€” this babe has an hourglass figure with all the curves in all the right places, she is 100% fit, and she has a beautiful model face.

Monika Valerieva

Meet another beautiful Bulgaria model โ€” Monika Valerieva! This 30-years-old sexy Bulgarian was born on March 20, 1990 in Dupnica, a small town in Western Bulgaria. She became a Playboy magazine model in 2011 when she was only 21, and it's not the only magazine she worked for โ€” Monika has also taken part in photoshoots for Maxim and other men's magazines. She has 118,000 followers on her Instagram profile, and she regularly pleases her followers with very hot photos. In 2020, Monika promotes different makeup products on her Instagram and owns a company specialized in the retail of mink and silk eyelashes.

Bilyana Lazarova

  • Occupation: Model, singer
  • Born: 2000
  • Instagram: @b_lyanish

Bilyana Lazarova is a 19 years old singer and model from Bulgaria, and even though she is quite young, she definitely has something to show! Bilyana got the Grand Prix at the Prince&Princess International 2017 model contest (Miss International Teen Princess), and since that time, her modeling career began to take off. She became a singer after that, and her singing career is also very successful. Bilyana's songs are sensual, her music videos are provocative and sexy, and she usually gets more than 500,000 views on her videos. In 2020, Bilyana has more than 133,000 followers on Instagram, she works as a model and travels the world.

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