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Take A Look At Top-10 Sexy Brazilian Women Here!

date Oct 16, 2020
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In Brazil, girls have features they have inherited from different races, and that makes them unique and differs from girls that come from other warm countries. Women there represent the beauty of various nationalities, and they have typical modern Hispanic, European, and African appearances. Not only female celebrities from Brazil, but every local woman looks like she just came out of a beauty salon. Sexy Brazilian women are endowed by nature with luxurious curly hair that practically does not need grooming and styling tools. They love accessories that look shiny and often wear gold and silver jewelry since their early teens. If they can't afford it, they just put on big bracelets made from simple materials but wear it with stylish outfits, knowing that they will definitely receive males' attention, no matter how much their clothes cost until it makes them attractive.

Many of Victoria's Secret models come from Brazil, and the list of these hot Brazilian girls includes Gisele Bundchen, Isabeli Fontana, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Adriana Lima. They all have spread and developed the popularity of their exotic culture all over the world and made guys adore their unique and authentic magnificence. The classic type of local beauty ー a tanned, racy brunette with sensual lips, languid eyes, and feminine forms. Emphasized sensuality is the hallmark of the sexy Brazilian babes. We have created a compilation of photos of top 10 Brazilian ladies that will make you rethink the example of your ideal woman!

Aline Riscado

hot brazilian girl Aline Riscado
hot brazilian woman Aline Riscado
sexy brazilian girl Aline Riscado
sexy brazilian woman Aline Riscado

Aline Riscado is one of the most famous Brazilian sexy women with 11.2 million subscribers on her Instagram page. She is a dancer and a fitness-model, born on October 12, 1978, in Rio de Janeiro. A woman is known for her participation in the Ballet Do Faustao and being on the cover of Playboy magazine. From the age of three, Aline started to visit ballet lessons, and later she entered a prestigious dancing school and participated in the local version of "Dancing with the Stars." This lady often attends Brazilian carnivals and has married a former businessman and MMA fighter, Rodrigo Riscado. As she is a Brazilian Instagram model, she regularly uploads new photos, where she is demonstrating a perfect body and receives thousands of enthusiastic comments.

Virginia Fonseca

  • Occupation: Influencer
  • Instagram: @virginia
hot brazilian girl Virginia Fonseca
hot brazilian woman Virginia Fonseca
sexy brazilian girl Virginia Fonseca
sexy brazilian woman Virginia Fonseca

A young and successful social media influencer, Virginia Fonseca, has quickly become popular online and is considered one of the hottest Brazilian girls. She was born on April 6, 1999, in America, Connecticut, but has moved to Brazil and currently lives in Londrina, Parana state. Virginia shares her lifestyle and films vlogs about her routine and also gives beauty tips. She spends much time and effort while developing her YouTube channel, but it brings her good money as she fully supports herself financially from a young age. As for the girl's goals, Virginia wants to achieve heights in her professional area, receive recognition from people, and be able to give her family confidence in their future. Currently, a Brazilian lady is in happy relationships with a singer, Ze Felipe, and says that she has never felt so much love in her life as he gives her.

Nicole Bahls

hot brazilian girl Nicole Bahls
hot brazilian woman Nicole Bahls
sexy brazilian girl Nicole Bahls
sexy brazilian woman Nicole Bahls

Nicole Bahls is a successful model, TV presenter, and has pride of place among other sexy Brazilian women. This brown-eyed lady, who is 5’9 tall, was born in Londrina on November 15, 1985. She became famous after winning the Globo Esporte (Rede Globo) beauty contest., where she was a representative of a local football club named Parana Clube. Nicole knows a lot about attracting followers and providing them with content they will definitely enjoy because she has 6 million subscribers on her Instagram account. She was on the cover of Playboy magazine and was invited to work as a reporter on a comedy television show. Nicole and a famous model Marcelo Bimbi are engaged.

Mariana Nolasco

hot brazilian girl Mariana Nolasco
hot brazilian woman Mariana Nolasco
sexy brazilian girl Mariana Nolasco
sexy brazilian woman Mariana Nolasco

One of the hottest Brazilian girls is Mariana Nolasco, a singer and guitar player, YouTube star, and Instagram influencer. She is really young, born on February 9, 1998, but her age didn’t stop her from becoming a recognized and talented celebrity. Mariana gained 4.1 million subscribers on Instagram and YouTube, where she uploads covers of famous songs and receives thousands of likes and comments from the viewers who compliment her magnificent voice. She started learning guitar when she was 13, and that hard work has borne fruit in a couple of years, and now she can boast of having collaborations with Boyce Avenue and Jota Quest. On her Instagram page, Mariana posts amazing photos of herself and videos on which she sings; also, she has a vlogging channel.

Ingrid Ohara

hot brazilian girl Ingrid Ohara
hot brazilian woman Ingrid Ohara
sexy brazilian woman Ingrid Ohara
sexy brazilian girl Ingrid Ohara

Born on November 25, 1996, Ingrid Ohara has already achieved outstanding success, being one of the most famous and influential personalities in Brazil. Some of her videos have reached the mark of 10 million views, and 6.6 subscribers on YouTube, where she regularly uploads comedy vlogs, social experiments, and situational comedy videos. On her Instagram page, with 4.2 million followers, Ingrid has numerous photos and videos, and she also shares moments from her trips in stories. A girl has many pictures with her boyfriend and says that she is genuinely in love with him as a guy supports her in all undertakings. This Brazilian Instagram model is an ambassador of a famous beverage and has many advertisements and collaborations with popular brands.

Victoria Silva

  • Occupation: Influencer, model
  • Instagram: @viccsilva
hot brazilian girl Victoria Silva
hot brazilian woman Victoria Silva
sexy brazilian girl Victoria Silva
sexy brazilian womanl Victoria Silva

An avid traveler, content creator, digital influencer, and a model, Victoria Silva has an active profile on Instagram with 352 thousand subscribers. This girl amazes people with her incredibly fit body and natural beauty, as well as professional photos and visually attractive feed. She writes engaging posts, sharing her experiences on different topics, and inspires others to develop their taste in fashion and explore the world. Her glamorous outfits and exotic facial features allocate her among other sexy Brazil girls, making well-known brands notice her and offer cooperation. Victoria is young and free-spirited, aiming to encourage her followers to appreciate every moment in their lives and love themselves for who they are.

Lara Moinhos

hot brazilian girl Lara Moinhos
hot brazilian woman Lara Moinhos
sexy brazilian girl Lara Moinhos
sexy brazilian woman Lara Moinhos

Lara Moinhos is a famous Instagram influencer from Brazil who has 26.8 thousand subscribers on her page. There, she posts pictures from travels, ideas for stylish outfits, and photos from professional photoshoots in different locations. Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, meaning that this lady is dedicated to her goals and is a true leader, who is also very creative and adventurous. Lara is an architect and a person who wants to raise awareness about ecological problems, so an influencer's status helps her achieve the target. A woman is not only one of the hottest Brazilian girls, but also a person who has visited more than 50 countries and shares her impressions about each of them on her page.

Fernanda Hernandes

hot brazilian girl Fernanda Hernandes
hot brazilian woman Fernanda Hernandes
sexy brazilian girl Fernanda Hernandes
sexy brazilian woman Fernanda Hernandes

A fitness model, Leonardo's dancer, social media influencer, and Winner UFC Ring Girl 2014, Fernanda Hernandes, has 378 thousand followers on her Instagram and attracts more and more followers with each post. This young lady receives as much attention as other popular sexy Brazilian women because she often uploads photos in lingerie and swimwear, making many users wonder how she manages to be in such a good shape. Fernanda has many photoshoots, the results of which she gladly shares with her followers. And these photos are breathtaking because she rocks any outfit she is wearing. A girl adores animals, especially dogs, and believes in fairy tales as she loves visiting Disneyland and sharing her pure emotions with the subscribers.

Iara Ferreira

hot brazilian girl Iara Ferreira
hot brazilian woman Iara Ferreira
sexy brazilian girl Iara Ferreira
sexy brazilian woman Iara Ferreira

Iara Ferreira has appeared on the list of hot Brazilian women long ago because such attractiveness as hers can't be hidden from other people. She is a model who has successfully promoted her Instagram account and became an influencer with 592 thousand followers. Iara was born on September 2, 1993, and received a psychoanalyst's degree in college. A lady isn't afraid to boast her enviable and sporty figure and has many pictures where she is wearing revealing outfits or tight clothes. In this way, she motivates others to start doing workouts and achieve their "body goals." Moreover, Iara is a former beauty queen and one of Brazil's wealthiest models, who is also an actress.

Paula Pache

hot brazilian girl Paula Pache
hot brazilian woman Paula Pache
sexy brazilian woman Paula Pache
sexy brazilian girl Paula Pache

Paula Pache is a popular model from Rio de Janeiro with 718 thousand followers on Instagram and numerous cases of collaboration with world-known brands. She is an example of a lady, who used to be unattractive, according to some beauty standards, but who became incredibly stunning thanks to regular hard work and faith in herself. Paula has even shared a photo of her "glow up" to motivate her subscribers who are struggling with the same problem and show them that everything is possible if a person takes steps towards becoming better. A sexy Brazilian babe has a dream body and often shares her workout routine and pictures in clothes that draw attention to her curvy figure.

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