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Eastern Europe
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Dutch mail order brides can boast of exceptional beauty and a rational view of life

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Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague
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Dutch Brides: What Makes them Seek a Foreign Husband

If you watched Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at least once in your life, you probably know who Doutzen Kroes is. This Dutch supermodel will mesmerize anyone with her elaborate beauty. Another world-famous Dutch star is Carice van Houten, best known as Melisandre in the cult TV series Game of Thrones. Lotte Verbeek is a renowned actress, dancer, and model from the Netherlands who has received many awards. Today, we are going to talk about gorgeous Dutch women and where to find them. So without further ado, let us start.

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Why Dutch ladies become mail order brides

Dutch women still do part-time work

A lot of Dutch women work part-time, even despite the fact that in the Netherlands, there are more women with higher education than men. No European country has such an impressive gender gap related to part-time work: 73.8 percent of working women are part-timers, versus 23 percent of men. It means that Dutch girls may want to focus on family, rather than on trying to achieve professional goals (and doing part-time work usually doesn't lead to any achievements, as people don't pay a lot of attention to their job - those, who work part-time usually have other things to do.) Some Dutch women become mail order brides hoping to find a partner who would support them both financially and mentally.


Dutch women suffer from gender inequality

Inequality between men and women has increased in the Netherlands over the past year. As a result, the Netherlands gender equality index has dropped significantly on the World Economic Forum (WEF): from 27th place in 2018 to 38th place in 2019.

The political influence of women in the Netherlands is still lagging behind the influence of other European brides. It is essential to note that the Netherlands has never had a female prime minister ever. As we have said earlier, many women in the Netherlands have a part-time job, and many women in this country also spend twice as much time on care tasks and unpaid work as men. The fact that women still suffer from inequality in the Netherlands, make them seek another destiny and partner who will understand them and respect them. They dream about a harmonious life and relationship, and they believe than a Western man who has the other values will be a better partner for them than a Dutch man.

Good news: A marriage with a Dutch mail order wife leads to success

According to the Central Agency for Statistics, in 2019 among 1,000 married people, only 2 couples end their relationship in a divorce. The numbers have been decreasing continuously since 2008. Hence, if you still hesitate, whether it is worth getting married to a Dutch bride and if this marriage can be happy, the answer is clear - yes. As you can see, a divorce rate is quite low; thus, if you marry a Dutch mail order bride, you can be sure that you will have a happy and harmonious relationship.

How to find a Dutch girlfriend?

If you are American, the best way to meet a sophisticated Dutch beauty for you is by means of dating sites or mail order bride services. Luckily, today we have a huge variety of platforms that offer the best countries to find a wife for all tastes. Moreover, most of these sites are rather affordable, which means that you don’t have to be a millionaire in order to seduce a woman who looks like a cover girl. As you can see, these services are perhaps the only way to find a gorgeous Dutch woman for you, so go ahead and try them, they are definitely worth a shot.

Tips that will help you to maintain a loving relationship with a Dutch bride


Tip 1: Don't flirt with other girls

No woman likes it unless she is a fan of a casual relationship. Unlike direct Spanish women, who will show you that they are actually angry and not happy with the fact you're flirting with a hot girl, Dutch brides are pretty calm and rational. They will not show you their disappointment and aversion. Your woman is likely to leave you without words and after a few minutes, you may get a text message telling you that you are now sexy, free, and single. Well, these women can be pretty sarcastic and you should prepare for it. 

Tip 2: Support your Dutch bride

Even in spite of the fact that any woman is an independent and strong personality, a lot of Dutch mail order wives along with the majority of Italian women for marriage want to see near themselves a loyal and strong man, a partner who can support them no matter what and will be by their side even when the life tests them both. You should just keep a positive view of life and try to be strong - even if you feel that you are tired of being strong. Your Dutch girl for marriage will keep the same lifestyle.


Tip 3: Be yourself with your Dutch mail order bride

A serious mistake you should avoid making is pretending to be someone you'd like to be or want to be instead of behaving as usual. It is okay to try to be more attentive, gentler, and generally "better", but don't play a completely another person. No one can become a different person - you are a beautiful and interesting person as you are. If you show yourself as someone you just pretend to be, you will have to reveal yourself sooner or later, and your bride will be surprised and puzzled, as she has fallen for another man - the one you have shown to her. Let your bride fall for you as you are, otherwise, you two may have an unhappy end of a relationship. 

Tip 4: Let your Dutch woman speak and listen

It may be challenging to hold the conversation over a long period of time during a date. for shy men, especially taking into consideration the fact that Dutch ladies aren't the most talkative women in the world. We can share a helpful tip: let the Dutch woman speak and be interested in what she's talking about. Pay her all your attention and let her tell you more about herself. Pay attention to the details and feel free to ask her questions about her - that will show her that you're listening carefully and that and you are interested in her, she will appreciate that.

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Final words

Dutch mail order brides are unique girls. These ladies can boast of an exceptional mix of beauty, loyalty, and intelligence. With such a bride, you will never feel alone or bored. Hence, if you are want to get a chance to become happier and brighter, make a few steps toward your Dutch dream.

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