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The Best Country to Find a Wife: a Full Guide

You must be a single American, Canadian, or British guy, somewhere in his 30s-50s, wondering where to find a good wife. Indeed, not an easy task. Perhaps, you have been disappointed by dating within your country or maybe you just believe in borderless love.

No matter what your reason is, you want to find a special woman, a soulmate for marriage in another corner of the world. We understand this. And we are here to help you. Please, check out the 10 best countries to find a wife.

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Best country to find a wife in Eastern Europe


Eastern Europe is rich in the best countries to find a loyal wife. Ukraine, Russia, and Poland make up the list of countries where you should search for a woman if you want the one who is feminine and ambitious, both family and career-oriented, smart, and hot at the same time.

Let’s check out what makes each of these Eastern European mail order brides distinct.


Ukraine is for sure the best country to meet women. Not only because people rumor that Ukrainian women are known to be impressively beautiful, educated, and family-oriented, but because the facts prove this! Ukrainian citizens have been the most popular receivers of American fiancee visas in 2017 among Eastern European countries.


Ukrainian brides are very diverse: you can find blondes, brunettes, and brown-haired beauties among them. They are very smart and wise. If you want a wife like that, check out Ukrainian mail order bride sites.

What else makes Ukrainians the best wives? 

Of course, the beauty of local girls is not the only thing that makes Ukraine the best country to marry a woman for thousands of men worldwide. Here are three more things that matter a lot:

  • Honesty and sincerity that helps avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts in a relationship

  • Open-mindedness, ability to assimilate, and accept a husband’s values

  • Respect for family values, devotion to parents, husband, and children

Population, female

22.5 million

Best cities to meet a single Ukrainian womanKyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv
Average age of marriage25
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Ukraine in 2020


Divorce rate

3.1 per 1,000 people

Average cost of a trip to Ukraine (for Americans)


Tips to win a Ukrainian woman’s heart

Be assertive, act like an old-school gentleman

Best site to meet Ukrainian women


More facts about Ukrainian brides 

  1. Most Ukrainian women are just attracted to foreign men and have nothing to do with any financial factors. In particular, many Slavic ladies believe that foreign men are more sophisticated and less sexually ignorant than Eastern European men. 

  2. For Ukrainian women, parents, trust, mutual assistance, material well-being, sexual harmony, and marital fidelity are the top priorities. 

  3. In 60% of families in Ukraine, the family is still headed by a husband, and in 33% of families, both spouses earn money. 


Russia is the second most popular country for selecting a wife. Russian women are even more traditional than Ukrainian. Most Russian girls for marriage do not mind taking on the role of a housewife and raising children, yet also many continue working and climbing a career ladder even after giving birth to several children. Russian women always look stunning, even if they go just for groceries. This is the trait that almost all Eastern European beauties share.


What else makes Russian girls the best wives?

There are a few more reasons why many men believe Russia is the best place to find a wife. Men who married Russian girls emphasize that the main things that distinguish them from all other women are: 

  • The unconditional love for the partner, not only for the good things but for everything they are

  • Inner strength and ability to handle things, no matter what are the circumstances

  • Great cooking skills and hot dinners daily

Population, female

78.5 million

Best cities to meet a single Russianwoman

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk

Average age of marriage24.9
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Russiain 2020


Divorce rate

3.9 per 1,000 people

Average cost of a trip to Russia (for Americans)


Tips to win a Russian woman’s heart

Be direct, show your confidence, and focus on a good deep conversation more than on anything else

Best site to meet Russian women


More facts about Russian brides 

  1. Researchers note that the pushing socio-economic and demographic factors are at the heart of Russian marriage migration. Moreover, there are also subjective and psychological reasons that make Russian women migrate. As you can see, their actual motivation has nothing to do with money. 

  2. The main things Russian women try to avoid in men are alcohol addiction, inability to provide emotional support, and machismo values—that’s what they are running from. 

  3. Though Russian brides are commonly seen as money-hungry women looking for a rich man to provide for them, there’s a gender assymmetry in the local job market—around 63% of highly qualified professionals in the country are ambitious women.


Poland is another best place to find a wife in the world. Polish women combine the best features of Western and Eastern European brides. They are feminist yet feminine. Polish mail order wives are predominantly Catholic and have strong family values. It’s easy to flirt with them, and they are open to dating foreigners.


What else makes Polish girls the best wives? 

Poland is in the third place on the list of best countries to find a girlfriend in Europe, but why? What else is special about Polish girls? Here are 3 more things that make them great partners: 

  • They respect personal space, both their own and of other people

  • Polish women always plan things including budget and aren’t into spontaneous spending

  • They are very caring and supportive but also expect their partners to be caring, too

Population, female

19.59 million

Best cities to meet a single Polishwoman

Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź

Average age of marriage27
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Polandin 2020


Divorce rate

1.3 per 1,000 people

Average cost of a trip to Poland (for Americans)


Tips to win a Polish woman’s heart

Creative dates are the king, try a culinary workshop, a wine tasting, etc.

Best site to meet Polish women


More facts about Polish brides 

  1. What Polish women value in foreign partners is responsibility, giving a sense of security, and understanding. Excessive commitment to work, messiness, lack of punctuality, and jealousy, in turn, are on their denylist. 

  2. Polish women are pretty westernized, but they are still less emancipated than most western women. In particular, around 30% of Polish girls have traditional views on gender roles.

  3. Around 73% of Polish women agree that a child must be raised by a mother, and not a babysitter. 

Which woman to choose—Ukrainian, Russian, or Polish—is up to you. But we highly recommend you research more about these brides.

Best country to find a wife in Asia


Asia is the region where you can meet the best foreign brides in the world. Asian brides are humble, calm, wise, tender, and cute. If you are into exotic wives, this is the right place to start your searches.

The Philippines

Filipino brides usually get the most American K-1 visas in the world. For example, in 2017, almost 7,000 Filipino people were allowed to come to the US and marry an American citizen. Americans gladly marry Filipinas because they make perfect wives. They are caring, they can put the needs of the people they love above their own. They are very supportive and cheerful. Filipinas are also very beautiful—with long dark straight hair, dark eyes, full lips, and beautiful porcelain or sun-kissed skin.

What else makes Filipinas the best wives? 

People often say Filipinas are the best nationality to marry, mostly because Filipino women are also: 

  • Elegant, perfectly mannered, and feminine

  • Optimistic and always smiling

  • No less passionate and emotional (in a good way) than Latin girls

Population, female

56.4 million

Best cities to meet a single Filipinowoman

Manila, Quezon City, Davao City

Average age of marriage25.3
Number of K-1 visa applicants from the Philippinesin 2020


Divorce rate

Divorce is illegal

Average cost of a trip to the Philippines (for Americans)


Tips to win a Filipino woman’s heart

Dress to impress, choose a nice restaurant and focus on romance

Best site to meet Filipino women


More facts about Filipina brides 

  1. One of the main reasons why so many Filipino women prefer foreign men is the common Filipino querida “family model”, where a husband has a misstress, and they can even establish a separate household. The worst thing for some women is that it is also socially acceptable. 

  2. Filipino women aren’t submissive or completely obedient, and they aren’t looking for a benefactor who’d control them. By contrast, many women are looking for a western husband to finally start a relationship based on mutual respect and fulfill their desire for modernity (they still have a more traditional attitude towards family).

  3. Many Filipino women feel discriminated against men—males have sexual freedom, and even having a mistress makes them “machos”, while women must follow many old rules and remain “pure”. 


Although there is a serious shortage of women in China, it remains a popular destination for Western men to look for a spouse. China is the third, after the Philippines and Vietnam, to receive the most fiancée visas to the States. Why? Because Chinese wives are very interesting. They are very well-educated, yet open to creating strong and loving families. They are super neat, caring, quiet, and touchy.


You may not hear from a Chinese woman that she loves you due to her cultural restraints, but you will know it 100% from her actions.

What else makes Chinese girls the best wives? 

What country is best to find a wife? For many Americans, it’s China. But what exactly in Chinese women attracts men and, most importantly, makes marriages work? Here are the answers: 

  • Chinese girls are much more attracted to physical expressions of affection than most people think

  • Chinese women really want to please their partners but expect them to do the same, too

  • They are very loyal wives and loving (but not overbearing) mothers

Population, female

660 million

Best cities to meet a single Chinesewoman

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou

Average age of marriage24.9
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Chinain 2020


Divorce rate

3.36 per 1,000 people

Average cost of a trip to China (for Americans)


Tips to win a Chinese woman’s heart

Send cute messages as often as possible, focus on online communication no less than on real-life dates

Best site to meet Chinese women


More facts about Chinese brides 

  1. Physical intimacy, as well as relationships with foreigners, has been considered to be  western spiritual pollution for a pretty long time, but modern Chinese women are much more open-minded. Surprisingly, they are attracted to western men even more than to local guys. 

  2. Parental authority is still very strong in China. Moreover, a lot of Chinese women mentioned that their parents put pressure on them to find a husband and start a family as soon as possible. 

  3. Modern Chinese women care both about self-development, career and family values—the female labor participation rate in China is 61%. 


How to find the perfect wife? Go to Thailand. Or better to Thai mail order bride sites. Thai women are extraterrestrially beautiful. They have small cute faces, honey-hued or fair skin, petite figures, and beautifully dark and shiny eyes. Like most Asian women, Thai brides are family-oriented and are very popular with Western men.


What else makes Thai girls the best wives? 

It’s no secret Thailand is also considered the easiest country to find a wife. It may seem a bad sign, but most such binational marriages work, and here’s why: 

  • A Thai woman always takes care of her family, but not because she has to; it’s because she wants to

  • They are respectful and expecting respect from a husband

  • Most Thai girls do want to have kids and will do anything to raise them to be good people

Population, female

35.7 million

Best cities to meet a single Thaiwoman

Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Nakhon Ratchasima

Average age of marriage21
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Thailandin 2020


Divorce rate

128 thousand divorces in 2021

Average cost of a trip to Thailand (for Americans)


Tips to win a Thai woman’s heart

Be a gentleman, show that physical intimacy isn’t more important than emotional connection

Best site to meet Thai women


More facts about Thai brides 

  • The main reason why Thai women are looking for foreign husband is that they want to escape a bad family-life scenario. The divorce rate in Thailand is high, and the most common reasons for divorce are adultery, domestic violence, and abuse. 

  • Thai women are great mothers, and many of them face the problem of an unmet ferility because of bad economic conditions that, of course, don’t encourage them to have more children. 

  • The research has shown that most views of Thai brides were nothing but stereotypes—in particular, most of them are employed, non-confrontational, and in most cases, their new American families accept them warmly, and so do Thai families who meet an American boyfriend. 


Vietnamese women are very traditional. Perhaps, this is the reason why they make great wives. They strongly believe in imposed gender roles and are ready to fulfill them by being mothers and supporting their husbands. On top of that, Vietnamese ladies for marriage are educated and very beautiful. Perhaps, these are the reasons why they make the second most popular foreign wives among Americans.


So, Filipino, Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese? Your choice, however, we do admit, it’s not an easy one, but you can do it.

What else makes Vietnamese girls the best wives? 

Some men say Vietnamese girls are the best wives in the world. When asked about the reasons, most men who’ve already found their love in Vientam mention the following: 

  • They are incredibly sociable and easily make friends with their husband’s friends and family

  • Vietnamese women are proactive in everything they do

  • A woman from Vietnam will always be devoted to her family, both her parents and her husband and kids

Population, female

50.3 million

Best cities to meet a single Vietnamese woman

Thành Pho Ho Chí Minh, Hanoi, Can Tho

Average age of marriage22.8
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Vietname in 2020


Divorce rate

22 thousand divorces in 2020

Average cost of a trip to Vietnam (for Americans)


Tips to win a Vietnamese woman’s heart

Show genuine interest in her personality, family, and culture

Best site to meet Vietnamese women


More facts about Vietnamese brides 

  1. Intermarriage is more than just common for Vietnamese women. In 2015, in all provinces of Vietnam, there were women who married foreign men, and Americans were some of the most popular husbands. 

  2. According to the same research, Vietnamese women show a high level of satisfaction with their marriages and, more importantly, assimilate into a new society easily. That’s explained by the fact that Thai girls are sociable, tolerant, and open-minded. 

  3. Studies prove that Vietnamese women are definitely not “backward”, “ignorant” or “fully dependent” on men—they are strong and more confident than most people think they are. 

Best country to find a wife in Latin America


Latina aren’t easy girls. They are spicy, passionate, and sultry. If you fall in love with a Latina bride, you will never fall out of it. So if you want to never be bored, search for a wife in Latin America.


Colombians got almost 1,000 fiancée visas in 2017 to the US, which makes them the third most popular Latin nation for marriage in the States. What is the secret of brides from Colombia? They are very affectionate and flirtatious, and men all over the world dream of dating someone like Shakira or Karol G. Colombia is, therefore, one of the best countries for dating. 


Colombians are easy to approach and difficult to give up on. It’s challenging to be with them, as they are like fire, but it’s more difficult to restrain oneself from dating them. Despite being passionate and flirtatious, Colombian girls gladly get married and take on the role of spouses, keep that in mind.

What else makes Colombian girls the best wives? 

What country has the best wives? For thousands of men worldwide, especially men in the US, it’s Colombia. Though passion, inner fire, and emotions matter, there are a few more things they value in Colombian women: 

  • The independence that make them equal partners able to handle problems without fully relying on their husbands

  • Hedonism and benevolence

  • Motherhood as one of the main values and goals in life

Population, female

25.5 million

Best cities to meet a single Colombian woman

Bogota, Medellin, Cali

Average age of marriage22.7
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Colombia in 2020


Divorce rate


Average cost of a trip to Colombia (for Americans)


Tips to win a Colombian woman’s heart

Try different kinds of activities, come up with creative gift ideas, don’t let her get bored

Best site to meet Colombian women


More facts about Colombian brides 

  1. Hedonism, kindness and optimism are personality traits of most Colombian women, while agreeableness, religiousity, and authoritarianism are the core social values. 

  2. It’s really hard for Colombian women to marry outside of their own social class in their homeland, it narrows the search of a partner, and many women fail to find someone who meets their expectations. 

  3. Colombian women are great moms, and they usually want to have more children than women in the United States and European countries—the number of children per woman in Colombia is 3.


Mexican women are worth your attention, at least because their country is the second most popular Latin dating and marriage country among Americans. These women are very loving, supportive, and joyful. Mexicans love having fun, dancing, yet when it comes to marriage, they are very serious. If you want to get a Mexican wife, impress her parents. Like most Latin parents, they don’t easily give away their daughters. But you have high chances if you’re serious.


What else makes Mexican girls the best wives? 

Mexico is rightly considered one of the best countries to find a loyal wife, but what else do men value in Mexican women? Here are top 3 other reasons to choose a Mexican girl for marriage: 

  • They have a great sense of humor and always remain optimistic

  • Family, preferably a large family is the most important thing in life for them

  • They have a lot of character and spirit

Population, female

64.5 million

Best cities to meet a single Mexican woman

Ecatepec, Mexico, Tijuana

Average age of marriage26
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Mexico in 2020


Divorce rate


Average cost of a trip to Mexico (for Americans)


Tips to win a Mexican woman’s heart

No special rules, just don’t act like one of the guys who believes in lots of stereotypes about Mexican girls

Best site to meet Mexican women


More facts about Mexican brides 

  • According to psychological studies, the most common type of personality in Mexico is the Active Control type which means that these women are confident, smart, and aren’t afraid to handle things themselves. 

  • In the early 70s, most Mexican women said that family and personal honor are the main aims of life, and this remains their top priority even now. 

  • Most Mexican women believe that a healthy family is built on mutual trust and loyalty—and they not only value these things in their partner but remain loyal themselves. 

  • Contrary to popular belief, Mexican women are not fond of machismo—that’s what they want to escape by marrying a foreing man. 


The last country we want to tell you about is Brazil. As you may know, Brazilian women are super hot. They are curvaceous, voluptuous, bootylicious, and all other words you may remember when thinking about sexy figures. However, we must tell you that Brazilian women are more diverse than you think.


They have fair, sun-kissed, and dark skin. Curly and wavy, blonde and dark brown hair. They can be slim and plus-size. But what unites them is the never-dying attention from men and the sexy Portuguese accent. Once you marry a Brazilian bride, you will forget all the other women that were in your life before. These ladies are too hot to stay calm near them. Don’t think that they are easy though. Many Brazilian girls have quite traditional views and dream of starting a family.

What else makes Brazilian girls the best wives? 

If you ask a few people the same question ‘Where to get a wife?’ at least a few will mention Brazil. They’re undoubtedly charming and beautiful, but what makes them the best spouses? Here are the top 3 reasons: 

  • There’re smart, witty, and have a great sense of humor

  • There’s nothing that can be more important than love, family, and love in family

  • Brazilian women are the strongest—no matter what happens, they keep going

Population, female

106.5 million

Best cities to meet a single Brazilian woman

Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia

Average age of marriage30
Number of K-1 visa applicants from Brazil in 2020


Divorce rate


Average cost of a trip to Brazil (for Americans)


Tips to win a Brazilian woman’s heart

Don’t be too slow, hugs and kisses are appreciated, their absence will show you aren’t interested

Best site to meet Brazilian women


More facts about Brazilian brides 

  1. Undoubtedly, family is the most important thing for most Brazilian women. However, they also value particular things—for them, family is about mutual support, assistance, and sense of security for all members. 

  2. Brazilian girls consider romantic love as the basis for the choice of marriage—no other factors are equally important.

  3. Women in Brazil don’t think there’s something wrong with online dating—according to statistics, Brazil is actually the second country in the world with the largest number of dating apps downloads

3 best sites to meet girls for dating 

In this guide, we reviewed the best countries to find a wife. However, how to find a good wife effectively? 

The answer is simple: do it online! No matter what the best place to find a wife is, a positive outcome is just as important. The easiest way to find a wife is by using dating sites. For instance, you can choose to register on trusted dating platforms that include EasternHoneys, BravoDate, or La-Date.



This dating platform  is the best place to get a soulmate. If you are looking for an Asian girl, you're in luck! See, it features informative profiles and a handy mobile version of the website. Thousands of Asian girls use this platform and communicate with other members through chat and mails. Many of them search for the man of their dreams—and a Western man at that!



If you have been looking for a Slavic beauty, BravoDate is the ideal website for you. It features a user-friendly website interface, perfectly working instant chat and quick gift delivery, as well as verified accounts. Many girls from Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus hang out on this platform. They would love to marry a man from Canada, the USA, or the UK!



La-Date is a website you should check out when looking for a hot Latin American lady. Here, you can find only ladies who want to create a family with a guy from America, the UK, or Canada and contact them through short messages or long mails. The registration is free, which makes it simple to try the website without spending money at all or without spending significant sums. 

Determining which country has the best wives is tricky. Thus, register on these wonderful dating platforms to find out for yourself. Don't you want to change your life right now?

What country is the easiest to find a wife?

You might wonder what country is best to find a wife in. Few men would want to face unnecessary obstacles on their way to a charming lady's heart! Yet, there are certain challenges that you should try to avoid. All the strongest families are founded on norms of morality and hard work and not the future spouse's attitude. 

The easiest country to find a wife is the one where you feel at home. Suppose you understand the mentality of Latin American beauties. Are you as passionate and hot as they are? If so, you better look for a wife among Latin American girls. 

The easiest country to find your wife is the one where the ladies will make your heart beat faster. No matter if they make you feel excited due to their looks or personality. However, if a simple registration process is of higher importance to you, the best countries to find a girlfriend are Mexico, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Cuba.

Which country has the most successful marriages between foreigners?

If you are looking for the best countries to find love, you should keep one thing in mind. The success of marriage depends on the female's attitude towards family life.

For instance, Slavic or Eastern European ladies are more loyal when compared to Western ones. To them, relationships are a never-ending process. 

Speaking about women in the Philippines, you should mind that they respect men a lot and treat them as leaders in the family. However, women from Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia are different. Such girls are very passionate and tend to start fights. Generally, there is nothing wrong with Latin American girls. But it is for you to decide which relationship path to take. Regardless of what country has the best wives, the dating process will be a joy.


How to find a foreign wife?

Basically, there are two main methods to find a bride for marriage — offline and online. If you try the first way, you might have to spend a lot of time and money. Thus, why not try the second option? A mail order bride agency or dating service will aid you in finding the perfect place where to get a wife. They make the process easier by using the preferences you specify in your profile, making the second option a better choice.

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Which country has the most loyal wife?
Are mail order brides legal?
Which country is best for marriage?


So, what is the best country to meet a wife? Honestly, we cannot answer. It will be your decision about what to choose and why. But we have given you 10 options to take into account, and now you are ready for the love-driven journey!

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