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Russian mail order brides are more than you can dream of!

Top cities:
Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk
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Russian Brides: Girls Who Can Change Your Life

Russian is a country known in the whole world for its women incredible beauty. More and more Western men come to marry Russian mail order brides every year. It is said that these ladies make very good brides, but there is something more you should know about Russian beauties, their appearances, and personalities. Facts only.

woman from Russia

Women from Russia are so pretty

You should know the typical picture of a Russian beauty:

  • light skin
  • blue, grey or green eyes
  • a charming smile
  • a slim body
  • blonde hair

These features are quite common for Russian singles. And although the country is huge, which gives us a great variety of ladies’ appearances, all of those women are incredibly pretty, and we can’t deny that.

What is so special about Russian ladies?

It is hard to say why they all are so attractive, but that is a special and weird thing about Russian brides. You will never find a regular girl in Russia. All of them are charming and get your attention immediately.

Should you consider a Russian girls as a good choice for a mail order bride?

Definitely yes. Such a woman by your side will constantly make you happy not only by running your house perfectly, but also cheering you up all the time with her wonderful appearance and graceful manners.

They are feminine

For women, it is a trend in Russia to be feminine. They like dressing up and care about what they look like. It is important for them to wear heels and dresses only, which looks very feminine indeed. That makes local women satisfied, and maybe that is easier to charm men with?

They are usually great in makeup

Although the natural beauty of Russian ladies is enough, they know how to decorate themselves even more and look pretties. These girls like and know how to put on makeup to emphasize their good features. Also, these ladies like to dress up even for the regular events, which makes them unforgettable.

Russian Woman Dating - Give It a Try

Which sites should you use?

Picking the best mail order brides dating site you have to be careful. Be sure to read the reviews and choose the platform that suits you most. We have a short list of the top websites where you are very likely to meet your Russian beauty.

A long-distance relationship is not a piece of cake

Having a relationship with someone who lives across the ocean can be hard, however don’t hesitate to do start as they are very devoted. It wouldn’t be too hard for them to wait for you and communicate online for some time. Russian brides like foreign men and are ready to make some sacrifices in the name of love.

What is the number of Russian girls on the dating sites?

For Russian girls, it is a regular thing to be registered on a dating venue. A lot of local women decide to search for their love overseas. That’s why you can come across so many Russian female profiles on the mail order bride websites. You will have plenty of women to choose from.

Russian mail order brides

russian bride with leaves

They are family-oriented

Russian women are usually raised in the families with traditional values, which means that they put the family in the first place. They will do a lot to comfort their close people and make them happy. A family is more important than a career, to their mind.

They are very loving and caring

Women from Russia are very warm-hearted, and they will express it in many things:

  • pay a lot of attention to you
  • ask more than talk about themselves
  • make you better
  • support you in your decisions.

They think that such an approach is necessary for a romantic relationship.

They are so educated and smart

It is considered a bad thing in Russian if you don’t have a degree, hence a lot of ladies have it. They study hard and after that make great companions, as you are not just cool with your Russian bride, you are interested in what she says, and that’s truly precious.

lady in winter

A Russian wife cooks perfectly

Russian women are wonderful cooks so they will make you just as happy as your stomach will be thanks to the international cuisine them can cook in your kitchen.

A woman from Russia will treat you as a king

It is also a part of the Russian mentality that women put their men in charge and treat them with great respect. A regular thing in Russian plays an important role in the international relationships and harmonize them much.

Meeting Russian bride’s parents: 5 tips you should know

When you finally get the invitation to meet the parents of your Russian mail order bride, you know things are serious. Russian women will never bring a man home if they don’t see a future together. Here is what you can do to charm your future Russian in-laws from the first sight.

  • Be quite formal. Russian people are very formal with new people they meet, and even though they will quickly warm up to you, at first you need to follow the Russian etiquette.
  • Show genuine interest in the family. During your first visit to your Russian bride’s family, make it obvious that you are interested in learning more about their family and history.
  • Pay special respect to the elders. Grandparents are some of the most valuable people in the life of a Russian mail order bride, and she will be delighted if you meet them as well.
  • Mention your financial situation. The parents of your Russian bride want to know their daughter will not live in poverty, so talking about your job or house is a nice idea.
  • Bring gifts from your home country. Your potential Russian in-laws will be delighted to get some gifts from your own country, not something you bought on the way to their home.

To sum up

Women from Russia make perfect wives. They don’t only cook well, they also are very beautiful creatures and interesting companions. These ladies are smart, attractive, have family values and don’t mind a long-distance. What else do you want from a woman?

Why Are Russian Women So Beautiful?

It's all about two things: ethnic diversity and "presentation skills". Most Russian women are mixed-race women, and according to the studies, such people are more attractive. As for their presentation skills, Russian ladies know everything about makeup and style and put a lot of effort into looking great 24/7.

How Much Is a Russian Bride?

When it comes to the online stage of your relationship, everything is quite cheap — most mail order bride websites cost about $30-$60 per month. Offline dating is much more expensive — so don’t expect to spend less than $10,000-$15,000 (including wedding).

Are Russian Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes. Right now, it’s impossible for a foreign woman to get a K-1 visa because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but when the situation is over, everything will go back to normal. There is no travel ban for Russian citizens. Your Russian bride will get her visa without any problems.

How To Get A Russian Bride?

It’s very much like online dating — you sign up for a mail bride website, find a woman, chat with her, and then arrange a real date. The only difference is that you will have to pay for access to the dating platform and for the translation services.

How To Impress A Russian Woman?

It is not that easy, but it’s possible! All you have to do is to show some respect and act like a real foreign gentleman — Russian girls do love chivalrous acts! It would also be nice to learn a few phrases in Russian if you want to impress her.

What Is The Best Site To Meet Russian Brides?

Russian Beauty Date is surely the best option for every man who wants to date a girl from Russia (and to find a bride from this country). Russian Beauty Date is full of Russian ladies who are searching for a foreign man, it offers a lot of cool features, and it’s not too expensive.

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