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How to Become a Mail Order Bride: Tips to Lead you to Dream

There is a huge difference between an American mail order bride and a mail order American bride. You may think these are two completely identical terms, but no. An American mail order bride is an American woman who is looking for a husband abroad – elsewhere outside the USA. A mail-order American bride is a foreign bride who wants to find an American boyfriend and become an American bride to marry him.

Learn here how to become a mail order American bride and live your American dream.


Consider where you are from

American men are very willing to marry the best foreign wives. They have many reasons for this:

  1. They have been too busy to establish personal life in the US, so prefer online dating to offline
  2. Their hearts were broken by American women and they cannot date within a country anymore
  3. They are looking for a woman with traditional views who would be willing to become a housewife and a mother
  4. They are migrants and want someone from a similar background
  5. They are open-minded and want to discover another culture through dating and marriage

The most popular mail order brides among American men, based on the annual numbers of Fiancée Visas, are Filipinas, Vietnamese, Dominican, Mexican, Ukrainian, and Russian. If you are of the same nationality, you have very high chances of becoming the next mail order American bride.

However, do not give up if you are from Japan, China, India, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Venezuela, or elsewhere. Your chances are high too! But only if you follow the next recommendations.

How to become a mail order American bride?

Find reliable mail order bride sites

Mail order bride site is a platform where you will connect with thousands of single American men. When choosing such a platform, consider the following factors:

  • A mail order website should be real, have high ranks and positive reviews
  • It must be popular among American men
  • It should have an agency behind that would provide you with support, such as translation services, safety, making professional photos, etc.

You can find a marriage agency office in your country and seek their help in establishing your profile. You might need to go through psychological interviews, dating expert conversations to establish your chances and possibilities.

Or else, you can register directly on a mail order bride site, verify your account and seek support from the customer care team.

Do not put all eggs in one basket

On you can find lists of the best mail order bride websites, which focus on American men. Register on a couple of sites after reading dating site reviews and finding those that suit you the most. Make sure you are registered on the right website, for example, if you are from Thailand, you should register on Asian mail order bride sites but not others. Thus, American men interested in Asian brides particularly will find you much easier.

We highly recommend registering on several platforms. It is in your interest to be visible to American bachelors. Moreover, you never know where actually you will meet your love, so try as many options as you can.


This is not old-style life – be ready to make the first step

It may not be acceptable in your culture, but it is the reality of online dating – you may need to approach men on your own if you want to increase your chances of becoming a mail order American bride. Lots of single Americans text ladies first and show courtesy. But with online dating, the problem may arise that the man who may potentially be interested in you, may not just bump into your profile on a website.

We do not ask you to invite him on a date, always be first to text through your entire relationship, be first to express your feelings, etc. No. We only suggest you approach guys first, send them a short message so that they know you exist. And then everything is on their shoulders.

Be active

Being active means sending messages to all guys that interest you. This is especially practical, as women usually do not have to pay for sending messages to men on mail order bride sites. Use this opportunity.

Post new photos, update your profile description, actively engage in conversations with as many men as possible, get to know them before you are invited for a video call or an offline date.

Do not travel to him first

Under no circumstances be the one traveling to a man. This is for your safety. If the man is really interested in you, if he has serious intentions and if he has enough money to sustain not only himself but your future family as well, he will come to your country.

Make sure your first date is in a public place among many people. If you need an interpreter, inquire from your bride agency or mail order bride site support team if they can provide you with one.


Let him meet your parents

Of course, this is not for your first date, but sooner or later your best friends and your parents must know who you are dating from abroad.

Your close ones may help you see other sides of your American boyfriend, they may notice what you have not noticed before, they will ask him practical questions that you have not asked before.

Say «yes» to his proposal only when you are sure your marriage is feasible, and your parents and friends are not against it or at least they know he is not a bad person.

Get a Fiancée Visa and marry in the US

Did he ask you: «Will you marry me»? If yes, congratulations! You are almost a mail order American bride! What’s the next step?

Apply for the US Fiancée Visa (K-1). This visa allows foreign brides to come to the US, stay there for 90 days, and formally get married to their American boyfriend. After that, you will be eligible for adjusting your permanent resident status and even getting a job.

Your American boyfriend should help you with all the paperwork. Also, if he’s a gentleman, he should sponsor your visa.

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The bottom line

This was a full guide on how to become a mail order American bride. We hope we have explained each step to you clearly. Now you can browse the website and start your international dating journey. Wish you tons of love!

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