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Mail Order Bride Statistics – Figures You Need To Know

date Apr 23, 2020
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Long speeches, arguments, thoughts, and logical reasoning are important, but in some cases, nothing describes the situation better than relevant, up-to-date figures. Here, you will find mail order brides statistics.

These data show how popular mail order brides are in the United States, what Americans think about building a serious relationship online, etc. More importantly, they give the answers to plenty of questions that might be interesting to people who want to find love on the web, in particular, in another country.

Basic facts about mail order bride industry

Here are some facts and figures that show the current situation in the American segment of the online dating market:

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What do Americans think about online dating platforms?

Here are the figures that show what are the attitudes and experiences of the US citizens when it comes to dating sites.

  • Over 35% claim that they use such sites for fun
  • Over 32% fall in love on such sites
  • Over 30% had a committed relationship with someone they met there
  • Over 19% are paying members
  • Over 17% believe in finding a long-lasting relationships on such platforms

Mail order bride statistics – what do figure tell about foreign brides?

Unfortunately, there is no general mail order bride statistics that would allow us to understand the background and intentions of all the girls in all the countries including Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, and so on. However, there are some pretty illustrative facts that show the situation as it is:

  1. Divorce rate in Brazil increased by 500 percent since the 1960s, but most Brazil women still believe that love is the only reason for marriage.
  2. In Mexico, there are 3 million more women than men.
  3. In Thailand, adultery is the most common reason to divorce a man.
  4. The number of men in Russia is historically lower than the number of women.
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These are not just numbers – these are the proofs that show why people cross the oceans to get married and build families, no matter if they need to build it in another country and in another culture.


Statistics can tell a lot about a society. Surprisingly, the number of families with a single father in the U.S. has grown significantly, too. 15 years ago, there were about 5 million single fathers in the country, and since that time the number has grown to 6.4 million men. Yes, this matters, too, as well as the results of various studies and researches on where most mail order brides live. Most of them show that American men and women from the most popular mail order bride countries have similar values and similar goals – no wonder that America is the champion when it comes to online dating. Besides, over 96% of Americans believe in true love, and this is the good sign itself.

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