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What Is The Cost Of Mail Order Brides?

date Apr 23, 2020
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People often hear such terms as ‘mail order brides cost,’ ‘average cost of a mail order bride’ and think that their existence proves that these girls are for sale. However, it is not exactly true. Mail order bride price is not what it sounds. How is that possible? Let us see.

How much does a mail order bride cost?

Firstly, let us clarify what the cost of mail order bride exactly means. Many people think that there are catalogs where you can see photos of girls, some background information, and, of course, mail order brides prices list. It is not true.

These women are looking for a serious relationship on dating sites, just like millions of people around the globe. The only difference between them and other singles is that they show that they are ready to move to a husband’s country, and yes, they do so and they do so in a way that preserves freedom of choice.

beautiful mail order bride in white swimsuit

So what does the cost of mail order bride mean? Do we really need this term to denote something? Yes, we do, because this is the only word combination that refers to the total amount a man spends on getting a bride. What does this “total amount” include?

  1. All dating services if there is the long-term membership (messaging, search/sort/match systems, other communication services, support, etc.) or cost of the services you use (if there are credits and “the more you use it the more you pay” system.)
  2. Tickets to a bride’s country
  3. Expenses in her country (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
  4. Dowry (if it is one of a few Asian countries, in which paying it is a must.)
  5. Wedding expenses (if you want a ceremony.)

As you can see, a lot - literally a lot - depends on you. What site will you choose? Are you ready to pay for ultra-premium, high-end website or prefer to find the platform with average prices and good value for money? Do you want to live in a fancy hotel and eat in 5-star restaurants? Do you want to invite hundreds of guests to your wedding? Make your decisions and the total amount of money you spend will be what people call “mail order bride cost.”

Are the prices in different regions also different?

Mexican mail order brides prices, Brazilian mail order brides prices, Mexican mail order brides prices - what is the difference between them? Does the price depend on the region or even on the country? Are some of the above-mentioned brides “cheaper” than the other ones? Well, it is complicated. Here are some of the facts you need to take into account:

  1. Most of the sites work with certain regions, therefore, Latin mail order prices, or, at least the price of membership on niche Latin platforms will depend only on the positioning of the platform (free, cheap, average, high-end), and not on the region.
  2. In the final stages, when you want to meet each other, the price depends on the location of a woman. Prices in different cities and towns, and, of course, in different countries, vary.
  3. There are no more expensive or cheap brides – there are more expensive or cheap dating services.
mail order bride in red lingerie

Final thoughts

How much does it cost to buy a wife? As you can see, there is no right answer to this question. According to statistics, revenue in online dating business amounts to 973 million dollars this year, and it is expected to grow, so no wonder that some people think that such profits are the result of building material relationships with women. Of course, mail order bride price range is different, but it depends on the quality and number of services, as well as on the billing policy of a certain company, and nothing but these factors.

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