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How to buy a wife online?

Can you really buy a wife? Is it possible to browse a web page, pick the hottest girl, then click โ€˜Buy for $5.000โ€™ and enjoy living your life with someone who looks like a top model? In other words, is it possible to purchase a mail order bride?

Of course, we can give a short answer to this question, but we want you to understand how this business really works. We do not ask you to believe the words we say โ€“ we ask you to believe the facts, figures, legislation, and common sense.

So, if you want to know if there is a place where you can get a discount on foreign mail order brides, keep reading.


Can you buy a wife online?

It's worth noting that you can't just visit the site, pick any foreign wife and buy her. You cannot actually buy a woman you've met online. It is absurd and illegal! But the concept itself of buying a wife for sale and mail order brides, in general, is absolutely legal. That is, you are not paying for a woman, but the services provided by the dating websites.

Buying an online mail order wife means all expenses. They include the use of a dating site, premium online dating services and various communication options, the organization of virtual dates, and even a planned trip to the home country of your mail order bride.

Have you always dreamed of buying a wife online? Then, at first, you need to find the right online dating platform, register, create an attractive profile, and search for your true soulmate from abroad with the help of various features.

Where to buy a wife online?

The easiest way is definitely on the Internet!

You can find many international dating agencies and mail order bride platforms to order a wife from any country in the world. Mail order bride sites can be of two main types:

  1. International dating agencies or websites
  2. Mono-national mail order brides sites

The first option is suitable for Western men, who are not sure about a specific country or just don't have nationality preference. But if you have a type and want to buy a foreign bride from Eastern Europe, it is essential to choose a specialized, mono-national dating website for that.

For example, Latin America and Asian countries are the most popular places to find mail order brides nowadays. These dating sites give each user access to a huge number of profiles of single Eastern European brides, Asian women such as Indian mail order wives, or brides from other countries.ย They are looking for a suitable partner overseas, which greatly increases your chances of finding the exact lady of your dreams, even online.


How to purchase a wife?

There is no answer for how to buy a woman. See, mail order brides are not โ€œselling themselves,โ€ so you can buy a wife only in a figurative way. But the whole process has become much more interesting these days. To buy a wife online, you need to:

  • Explore your options and choose one of the reliable dating sites to join
  • Visit the site, check out its services, security, and general reputation
  • Make sure that the dating website has mail order brides you are looking for
  • Join the site and create an attention-grabbing profile
  • Enjoy the mail order bride services

It's not hard to buy a wife nowadays. But don't expect it to be a one-day thing. Relationships take effort, regardless of whether they start offline or in real life.

Also, if going online seems too intimidating, you can always stick to more traditional ways of getting a wife and travel to a country of your choice in the hope to meet someone special. But you need to be ready to go on at least a 2-week vacation and be ready to cover traveling expenses. Note that there is no guarantee that you'll meet someone special, and the language barrier can be annoying too.

Who are mail order wives?

To get rid of any confusion about the concept of mail order brides, it's important to understand who these women are.

Traditionally, a mail order bride is a single, divorced, or widowed woman from a foreign country, who is looking for long-distance relationships and potentially a foreign husband.

Most of the foreign women using mail order bride services are ready to move abroad and start a family with a loving man.

In contrast to common stereotypes and bad portrayals in the media, mail order brides are not gold-diggers. These women don't date online to find a sugar daddy or get a Green Card to run away from poverty in their countries. You can buy a wife from different countries: some of them are not economically prosperous, yet others are doing just fine.

Benefits of using mail order wives service

Over 30% of Americans fell in love online, and almost the same number of couples had a serious relationship with someone they met on the web. This is why the idea of meeting a wife, not in real life but online, grows on many people. But with a variety of dating sites, it might not be clear what benefits a mail order bride site brings.

Let's explore the main advantages of this type of dating service to get a full picture of the world of mail order brides services!

  • International and region-specific specialization.
  • Such sites have foreign women who are mainly interested in serious relationships.
  • The US Citizenship and Immigration Services report that marriages arranged through the so-called services have a much lower divorce rate. 80 % of such marriages have lasted over many years.
  • Top mail order brides sites are very easy to use and make searching for suitable foreign girls a walk in the park.
  • Reasonable costs make mail order dating sites good for almost any budget.
  • Mail order girls are into foreign men.

Besides, online brides sites make dating fun and exciting, with a variety of interesting features and services. Variety helps not to feel the distance that much and at the same time is a great way to spice up the communication with your foreign girlfriend.

How do mail order dating sites work?

Selling yourself is really taking place on the web, but not the way most people think. As researchers aptly note, each person carries a certain value on the market, which we can consider to be a weighted average of characteristics like beauty, intelligence, social status, wealth, and fertility. So, women create profiles, post information about their personality, and hope that a foreign man of their dreams will contact them one day.

By the way, we must also note that not all of them prefer to wait passively. For example, Asian mail order brides do not mind taking the first step and sending the first message, while Mexican mail order brides prefer the men to approach them first.

Generally speaking, there are a few basic communication tools and features on such sites:

  • Searching & matching โ€“ systems that pair users by comparing their profile descriptors to the descriptors of others.
  • Messaging โ€“ online personal systems that invariably provide a private channel through which members communicate without revealing their names or regular email addresses.
  • Email, phone, or face-to-face interaction โ€“ these are used after a man and a woman find out whether they want to proceed to contact and get closer by using these communication services.

This shows that people are actually communicating with each other. That is what men pay for. Today, they are not buying foreign brides โ€“ they are paying for the possibility to choose a woman and build a relationship with her.

Dating sites to purchase a wife

Where can you buy a wife? Online is the best way to go. But to start a relationship with one of the international brides, you need to make sure that the dating service has your type of bride online. Take your time and explore your options to join a platform that would be the most effective and suitable for you.


UkraineBride4you is a member of a Qpid Network and is a dating platform that specializes in women from Eastern Europe. If you are dreaming of finding a hot Russian beauty or Ukrainian mail order woman. UkraineBride4you is a semi-paid website that works on a credit basis.



  • Easy-to-use mail order service
  • Best mail order brides from the Slavic region
  • Variety of free services
  • Paid communication is reasonably priced
  • The site is robust and well-developed


  • No dedicated UkraineBride4you application, but there's a mobile-responsive interface
  • Free communication is limited


CuteAsianWoman is a mono-national mail order site that specializes in single women from the Asian region. If you were wondering where can I buy a wife from China, Thailand, or South Korea โ€” CuteAsianWomen is made for that. The site has an active membership and a variety of services to have a comfortable long-distance romance with an Asian mail order girlfriend.



  • Great selection of Oriental overseas brides
  • Many women are active and approach foreign men first
  • You can visit the site, become a member and test out most of the services for free
  • 24/7 real-life member support
  • Variety of payment ways and credit-packages


  • Communication services are predominantly paid
  • You can't see women's profiles if you are not a member

How much is it to buy a wife online?

When you want to buy a wife online, it's natural to wonder how much you need. Many suppose that it's very expensive. But in reality, connecting to foreign brides can be affordable. The cost of the mail order bride depends on:

  1. Country or region you choose
  2. Particular mail order site
  3. Services you'll want to use
  4. Your traveling style
  5. Legal expense if you decide to get married

Some of the expenses, like the cost of traveling, may vary, as some are cheaper both for transportation and cost per living, while other countries can get pricey. Let's make the estimate of mail order brides real price using Japanese brides as an example:

  • Dating expenses: The costs differ, but on CuteAsianWoman, the price per credit starts at $2.99 per 20 credits for all new users.
  • Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA-Akita, Japan) โ€” ~$2K
  • Accommodation โ€” around $126 for 1 per day
  • Meals โ€” around $41 for 1 per day
  • Transportation โ€” around $20 for 1 per day
  • Entertainmentโ€” around $20 for 1 per day

So, in total, to purchase a wife is around $4,920 on average plus the cost of the online service. Also, you should not forget that traveling expenses are not solely for singles who choose to date IRL, but even online daters sooner or later will want to go and meet a beautiful foreign girlfriend.

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Is buying wives online legit?

Yes! Wives for sale and buying a wife are legit and legal if you are using a specialized service with a good reputation. Just visit the site, register, and dive into your long-distance romance with a hot girl from Korea, Mexico, Russia, or other countries.

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Are mail order wives a real thing?
What makes mail order wives so popular?
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Do mail-order bride services guarantee that I would get a wife?

Final thoughts

How to buy a bride? People ask this question much more often than any other question about foreign wives. However, there is no right answer to it, just because this is an incorrect question. The men who were going to buy a wife online should not be disappointed โ€“ the algorithm, the system that most dating platforms use today, improves the chances of meeting someone who will really make you happy.

Guys who think that a submissive and a hot girl is enough to be happy are wrong โ€“ you can be happy only with a person who really suits you. Purchasing someone makes it impossible to build a healthy relationship.

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