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Is It Possible To Buy A Wife?

date Apr 23, 2020
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Are there wives for sale? Is it possible to browse a web page, pick the hottest girl, then click ‘Buy for $5.000’ and enjoy living your life with someone who looks like a top model? In other words, is it possible to purchase a bride? Of course, we can give a short answer to this question, but we want you to understand how this business really works. We do not ask you to believe the words we say – we ask you to believe the facts, figures, legislation, and common sense. So, if you want to know if there is a place where you can get a discount on Latin women sale, keep reading.

How to purchase a wife: why do people think it is possible?

The only reason why people think that there are Mexican women for sale, as well as Brazilian women for sale and Russian girls who include themselves in the special catalogs is that there was the time when the ladies “selling themselves” actually existed. A few centuries and even a few decades ago a man who had money (enough money to attract a woman who wanted to live a stable life) could contact women who were called mail order brides, start to negotiate, reach an agreement and build a family.

mail order bride

The times changed, and the meaning of the term ‘mail order bride’ changed too. Today, a guy who is going to buy a bride online is likely to be disappointed – today, a foreign bride is a woman who joins a dating site and is looking for love there, among the male members of the same community.

Latin girls for sale or for love – How do dating sites work?

Selling yourself is really taking place on the web, but not the way most people think. As researchers aptly note, each person carries a certain value on the market, which we can consider to be a weighted average of characteristics like beauty, intelligence, social status, wealth, and fertility. So, women create profiles, post information about their personality and hope that a foreign man of their dreams will contact them one day. By the way, we must also note that not all of them prefer to wait passively – most of them do not mind taking the first step and send the first message.

Generally speaking, there are a few basic communication tools and features on such sites:

  1. Searching & matching – systems that pair users by comparing their profile descriptors to the descriptors of others.
  2. Messaging – online personals systems that invariably provide a private channel through which members communicate without revealing their names or regular email addresses.
  3. Email, phone, or face-to-face interaction – these are used after a man and a woman find out whether they want to proceed to contact and get closer by using these communication services.
latin bride

This shows that people are actually communicating with each other. That is what men pay for. Today, they are not buying brides – they are paying for the possibility to choose a woman and build a relationship with her.

Final thoughts

How to buy a mail order bride? People ask this question much more often than any other question about foreign wives. However, there is no right answer to it, just because this is an incorrect question. The men who were going to buy a bride should not be disappointed – the algorithm, the system that most dating platforms use today improve the chances of meeting someone who will really make you happy. Guys who think that a submissive and a hot girl is enough to be happy are wrong – you can be happy only with a person who really suits you. Purchasing someone makes it impossible to build a healthy relationship.

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