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Take A Look At Top-10 Hot Colombian Women Here!

date Oct 16, 2020
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There are many hot Colombian girls who amaze foreigners with their beauty and charm. We won’t mistake by mentioning that Shakira and Sofia Vergara are undoubtedly two of the most gorgeous and famous ladies who were born in Colombia. Local women are not very tall, have even tan, and curved bodies. They have long and dark hair, which they prefer to straighten. Sexy Colombian girls love wearing accessories that gorgeously sparkle when they go outside. They know their strengths and weaknesses, so a usual outfit of a Colombian woman includes skinny jeans, a tight and bright top, and incredibly high heels.

Sexy Colombian women are feminine and try wearing clothes that will help them draw males’ attention. It’s almost impossible to meet a local girl who would be wearing an oversized t-shirt or shapeless jeans with a bun on the head. These ladies “dress to impress” and love combining different styles to create unusual and attractive outfits. Local ladies have eligible genetics, and they don’t have to worry about looking unfit because a couple of workouts per week makes them look like goddesses with incredibly attractive curves. Hot Colombian chicks attract men not only with a great appearance and stylish outfits but also with tenderness and ability to love and care. If you want to see these gorgeous Colombian girls looking for marriage yourself, check the photos of the top 10 most beautiful Colombian women who have attracted our attention.

Yineth Moreno

hot colombian girl Yineth Moreno
hot colombian woman Yineth Moreno
sexy colombian woman Yineth Moreno
sexy colombian girl Yineth Moreno

Yineth Moreno is a young Colombian model, who has 212 thousand subscribers on her Instagram page. She is an owner of the company that produces waist trainers and successfully runs this business, often taking photos in her product to attract more customers. This hot Colombian girl has numerous pictures where she demonstrates her fantastic figure and writes motivational texts under her posts. She has many fan accounts, where other people admire Yineth’s beauty and support her ideas. This lady definitely knows how to catch other people’s attention and put efforts into developing her account and making it engaging and visually attractive.

Ariana James

  • Occupation: Model
  • Instagram: @ariana
hot colombian girl Ariana James
hot colombian woman Ariana James
sexy clombian woman Ariana James
sexy colombian woman Ariana James

Speaking of hot Colombian women, we have to mention Ariana, a bikini and fitness model with 2.4 million subscribers on Instagram. A lady’s real name is Ariana James, and she was born on September 10, 1990, in Venezuela, but moved to Colombia because she wanted to start a modeling career. In her account, Ariana often posts photos of herself in a bikini because she wants to show people that despite any conditions, one can achieve goals if following a strict schedule and not giving up after small failures. This sexy Colombian girl has six workouts per week and doesn’t miss any pieces of training, no matter how she feels. Thanks to such determination, Ariana started seeing the results of her work after a short period, when others started complimenting her fit body. Currently, she is a Nutrition Brand Ambassador. Her pictures on Instagram receive numerous likes and comments from the followers, meaning that she has achieved huge success on this social media platform.

Paola Usme

hot colombian girl Paola Usme
hot colombian woman Paola Usme
sexy colombian girl Paola Usme
sexy colombian woman Paola Usme

When people see Paola Usme, they think that she looks like a doll because of her blonde hair, big eyes, and hourglass figure. And that’s not without a reason because she calls herself “Barbie,” but is curvier than that fictional character. Paola is a fitness model, who starred in the reality show and is a representative of many popular brands. Like other hot Colombian women, a lady has a strict training schedule and works hard on maintaining her sporty body. She also has a YouTube channel, where she shares videos from her workouts and inspires others to follow her example. A lady has a second Instagram account, where she posts moments from her life, and it has a more relaxed feed than on her main page.

Laura Sanchez H

hot colombian girl Laura Sanchez H
hot colombian woman Laura Sanchez H
sexy colombian woman Laura Sanchez H
sexy colombian girl Laura Sanchez H

Laura Sanchez H is one of the most popular and hot Colombian girls with 1 million followers on Instagram. She was born on June 1, 1990, and is 5.5 feet in height. This lady has charming green-blue eyes and brown hair, and when she uploads any photos to her account, a lady looks unbelievably attractive. Laura is an example of a person who has developed self-discipline because she never misses skincare and workout routine. She enjoys riding a bike and ice skating because these activities not only improve her body but also have a positive impact on her mental state. What is important, this sexy Colombian girl knows English and loves eating delicious food, but she understands that to remain in good physical shape, she needs to work hard and motivates her followers to workout with her.

Tuti Vargas

hot colombian woman Tuti Vargas
hot colombian woman Tuti Vargas
sexy colombian woman Tuti Vargas
sexy colombian girl Tuti Vargas

A 30-years old Instagram influencer and a YouTube star, Tuti Vargas is considered a hot Colombian girl who has managed to attract followers not with revealing photos, but with useful tips and lifestyle-themed posts. She starred in “MasterChef Celebrities Colombia” and gained many followers after the show. Tuti, whose real name is Daniela Vargas Moya, was born on October 30, 1989, in Bogota. A woman likes making changes in her appearance, like dying her hair darker after being blonde for a long time. This lady actively updates her account with new photos and engaging posts, as well as focuses on developing her YouTube channel. There, she has videos with makeup advice, stories from her life, and guidance on having blogs on social media. Tuti strives to help her female followers to start loving themselves for who they are and shares her own experience regarding this complicated step.

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Lina Arroyave

hot colombian girl Lina Arroyave
hot colombian woman  Lina Arroyave
sexy colombian girl Lina Arroyave
sexy colombian woman Lina Arroyave

A Colombian model who has featured in “Protagonista 2017”, Lina Arroyave, is a famous influencer who has 872 thousand followers on her Instagram page. A lady was born on March 19, 1993, and has a little son. Lina used to be a psychologist, but has decided to change her life and became a model because it was her passion at a younger age. She has successful advertising campaigns and aims to fight stereotypes about modeling. This hot Colombian girl inspires ladies who want to become models by sharing tips about doing sports, developing themselves, promoting their skills, and becoming demanded professionals.

Jessica Romero

hot colombian woman Jessica Romero
hot colombian girl Jessica Romero
sexy colombian woman Jessica Romero
sexy colombian girl Jessica Romero

Jessica Romero is a Colombian Instagram influencer with active followers, the total number of whom reaches 342 thousand users. She is only 23 years old, but that has not prevented her from becoming one of the most popular Instagrammers from Colombia and being in the list of hot Colombian women. A girl has a perfect body that makes other people admire her beauty and ask Jessica about the secrets that help her look so stunning. Her long and dark hair, big almond-shaped eyes, and full lips, complemented by light makeup, make a lady look divinely magnificent. On the pictures on Jessica’s page, she poses in different outfits that perfectly suit her and the dancing videos will make anyone smile because she moves like a professional dancer.

Paola Triana

hot colombian girl Paola Triana
hot colombian woman Paola Triana
sexy colombian girl Paola Triana
sexy colombian woman Paola Triana

A model, famous Instagram influencer, and a sexy Colombian girl, Paola Triana, is a successful lady who is beautiful both inside and out. This brown-eyed lady was born on January 12, 1993, and has achieved great heights in her modeling career at a relatively young age. Her portfolio includes works for such popular magazines like Paparazzi, Maxim Mexico, and Revista Boga, on the cover of which she has appeared. Paola has also taken part in a lingerie campaign for the Reymon Underwear brand and was an ambassador for Bodytech. Apart from that, she is a professional in the areas of nutrition and cosmetology as she has earned degrees in these fields. In her account on Instagram, there are many admiring comments about her perfect body and fantastic appearance.

Vanessa Simonelli

hot colombian girl Vanessa Simonelli
hot colombian woman Vanessa Simonelli
sexy colombian woman Vanessa Simonelli
sexy colombian girk Vanessa Simonelli

Vanessa Simonelli is one of the well-known sexy Colombian girls who has 204 thousand followers on her Instagram account. She was born in Venezuela on March 11, 1984, and currently lives in Colombia. This lady is smart and intelligent, as well as amazingly fit and sexy. Vanessa has a degree in tax management, and she spends time at work and has such hobbies as modeling, acting, doing sports, and sharing awareness about sexual education. To stay in shape, she dedicates 2-3 hours every day to workouts and then allows herself to enjoy her favorite Italian cuisine meals. She has many photoshoots and often visits different parties to support her influencer’s status. Vanessa has a business in Bogota and strives to become an example of a woman who can independently achieve her dreams, and be strong and caring at the same time. A lady encourages girls to be real, not perfect.

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