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Colombian Women Dating — Everything You Need to Know

Beautiful, passionate, caring, feminine, jealous, moody — that's what most people think of Colombian beauties. If you want to know more about these gorgeous girls, to understand the Colombian women dating culture, and to find a lot of cool facts, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find everything you need!


Colombian women dating: how many of them have married American men in 2019?

According to the statistics provided by the US government, more than 1,000 Colombian citizens entered the United States on a K-1 visa in 2019. We can't say that 100% of them are women, of course — but according to the statistics, 78% of K-1 applicants are female, so at least 780 of these Colombians are females who have married a US citizen. Colombia, along with Brazil, is the country with most K-1 visa holders in South America. It’s no surprise here — Brazilian andColombian girls dating is the best among Latin countries.

Why do American men like Colombian ladies?

Because these bombshells are just great! Yes, some Americans who date Colombian brides say that these beauties are sometimes too jealous, emotional, dramatic, and all that. But the advantages and the strong sides of Colombian beauties outweigh the disadvantages. The thing is, many females from Colombia are REALLY feminine, hot, caring, and loyal — and that’s what makes them so popular and desirable. Another cool thing many Americans love about Colombian females is that these girls are very family-centered and that most of them have quite traditional views on gender roles, standards, and ideals.

Top facts about Colombian dating culture

In Colombian women dating culture, it's totally ok for girls to be jealous, emotional (overemotional sometimes), and loud. It's not a sign of insecurity, weakness, or anything like that. It’s just how it works — people from South America are more emotional than Europeans and Asians in general, that’s all.

Colombian girl's dating culture (as well as the dating culture of any other Latin American country) is also known for unpunctuality. These beauties simply don't think that being late is something wrong!

Another interesting fact about dating a Colombian girl is that they don’t usually go Dutch in this country — it’s always the man who leads the date and pays for dinner.

Median age of first marriage

The median age at first marriage in this country is 24.4 years old for females. It's one of the lowest median ages at first marriage in South America — only Ecuadorian beauties get married earlier. But even though the age of marriage has been increasing since the 1990s, many Colombian ladies are first married by age 18 (at least 23% of the females between 20 and 24 years old).


How many beauties of Columbia have kids when they move to the US?

There is an interesting fact here: while there are only 149 K-2 visas issued in 2019 to the children of Brazilians who married American citizens, the number of K-2 visas issued to Colombian citizens is much higher (265). Taking into account the similar numbers of K-1 holders in these two countries, we can see that the children-to-wives ratio is 1 to 7 when we're talking about Brazilian females and 1 to 4 when it comes to Colombia. Of course, this data is quite crude because it's impossible to find detailed statistics on this issue, but we can generally assume that girls from Colombia are more likely to already have children when they get married to American men than other Latin ladies, like Mexican wives.

Colombian dating services: statistics

The most popular dating app in this country is Badoo, not Tinder — this might mean that Colombian beauties are not interested in one-night stands or that they are looking for something more than a hook-up because of Tinder's reputation as a casual sex app. However, when it comes to international relationships, it's all about niche Latin and Colombian women dating services, not about Tinder — 19% of K-1 visa applicants from Colombia met their American husbands on such websites and only 3% of them met their husbands on Tinder.

Find top Colombian dating sites if you want to meet a partner from Latin America.

What do American men expect from Colombian beauties?

Most Americans expect such things as beauty, passion, femininity, etc. Many American men think that Latinos are extremely hot and passionate, feminine, more “womanly” than modern American ladies and that they make great wives because of their traditional values. These expectations, whether being based on stereotypes or previous experience, are typically met — because Colombian women are really that good! What many American men don’t expect is that these bombshells are too jealous (this often leads to false accusations of cheating) and too sensitive. But, well, that's just what they are.

Colombian singles: info about age difference

The predicted age gap is about 6-7 years when we're talking about Colombian girls dating who get married before their arrival, and 3 years if these girls marry their American husbands after their arrival in the US. It's not that these singles get married to older Americans because they want to move to the US — no, they do it just because they are totally ok with the age difference. Thus, in Colombia, the average spousal age gap at first marriage is about 4.5 years!


Don'ts in Colombian girls dating

Here’s a list of the things that can destroy your relationship with a Colombian girl and spoil your first date with any Latina:

  1. Don't call her mami, don't ask her to call you papi. Yeah, it's a kind of fetish for some men, but most Latina (not only Colombians) just hate it!
  2. Don't rush into having sex. Yes, Colombian women dating can be very hot and very passionate, but it doesn't mean they are easy. In fact, they usually don't aim for the first date, especially if they have serious intentions.
  3. No stereotypes. No one likes being stereotyped, and Colombian bombshells don't like it either — so don't blame her Latin temper, don't ask her to speak in Spanish, and do NOT introduce her as your “Colombian” gf.

Info on premarital relationships with Latin ladies

There is no clear statistics on the length and number of relationships before marriage, but here’s what we can tell you: when it comes to premarital sexual relations, there are two points of view among girls from Columbia. Older females think sex is only for legally married couples, while younger females (especially the ones with a high income) don't think that premarital sexual relations are immoral. As a result, lots of younger Colombian ladies (31% of adults!) cohabitate with their partners without getting married.

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Colombia is in all the top lists of the countries with the world's most beautiful ladies, and it’s not an exaggeration — these girls are really THAT hot! They are also very passionate, feminine, loyal, and they make great long-term partners. There are thousands of these beauties on Latin dating services, all these services have free registration, so why not try Colombian girls dating right now?

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