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Romanian Brides: Fashionable And Fun-Loving Beauties

If you have ever dated someone from beyond your borders, then you might have an idea of how unforgettable such an experience can be. It’s something so special that words cannot even provide a full description.

So are you planning to date a Romanian bride? You are not alone. There is so much online buzz surrounding European women, particularly those from Russia, Ukraine, and Romania. Obviously, their exotic beauty is one of the main reasons why Romanian brides are held in such high regard.

romania bride

Romanian mail order brides, in particular, attract so much attention because of their admirable family and religious values. No wonder western men have them on their dating lens’ crosshairs. To help you go out quipped, this article describes some of the peculiarities of Romanian women and why they make them the best choice for someone who is looking for serious, long-lasting relationships.

Peculiarities of Romanian Mail Order Brides

Like other countries, Romanian girls behave in a way that makes them unique. Here are a few recognizable characteristics of Romania brides:


Romania is at the center of eastern and south Eastern Europe. Like all busy intersections, this country too receives plenty of activities that have made its natives not only more welcoming but fun to be around.

During holidays and other public events, Romanian women for marriage flock into the medieval palaces, movie theaters, and music halls. So if you are a fun-loving person, a native Romanian mail order bride can complete you in ways western girls couldn’t.

They Are Fluent in English

It’s typical to bump into so many eastern European girls with broken English. There are some who can’t speak at all. This makes online dating less fun and more costly courtesy of interpreters. It would be superb news to know that many Romanian wives speak fluent English.

Most of them have college and university degrees and therefore highly intelligent. This is a person that you can rely on to take good care of your businesses and assets in case you are away. There are also those with only high school certificates in case your interest is in those with lower academic credentials.

Besides English and Romanian, women from this place also speak a bit of Hungarian, Croatian, Romani, Turkish, German, Slovak, Serbian and Russian languages. Remember, dating someone who knows English will make everything so much easier.

beautiful wife from Romania

Notably religious

Romania is full of Christians with almost 80% coming from the Orthodox Church. In fact, the country is among the most religious in Eastern Europe. Those in the countryside are even more committed to religion than those in urban places.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time dating them; no. Those in major towns are a bit lax even though they still have the same strict observance for serious offenses like incest-which is abhorred worldwide.

All in all, Romanian mail order wives love foreign men so much. They can accommodate any gentleman no matter what religion he comes from. The two of you can work out some compromise later on about which religion to stick to.

They are fashionable

Romanian brides love the good life and therefore always up to date with the hottest trends. They dress to kill. Be it Gucci bags, Prada Shoes, Chanel handbags, and high-end celebrity products-anything stylish you can think of. Mind you, they don’t do this out of insecurity or need to please-ah ah. They are just into themselves a lot.

You like facts right? Okay then. Let’s not sugarcoat anything. The best way to get the attention of Romania mail order brides is by going fairly big on your credit card. The more you spend on their lavish lifestyle, the more she will feel safe and secure around you. As with most ladies, things change with time, so don’t be worried about non-ceasing heavy expenditures.

They are diligent workers

Obviously, there are some Romanian women for marriage who are lazy and expect a man to do all the heavy lifting. Nevertheless, the current breed thinks in a modern way. They prefer to have jobs of their own and have money that doesn’t come from their sweethearts.

Their work ethics are something of a wonder. They’ve been inherently equipped with an admirable sense of discipline to get them through anything. So if you have or run a family business, a hardworking Romanian wife will be of invaluable help.

Serious food lovers

Everyone loves food but Romanians take it a tad too far. In most places, you welcome visitors with a drink but they do so with food. They will pile every kind of delicacy they can get on the table for you to munch.

Besides being generous with food, they are also good cooks but this can vary from one individual to another.

romanian girl for marriage

Crazily sexy

Romania is a stable economy like the US. There are plenty of urban centers with high-class lifestyles. Almost all women in these regions have explored their femininity and are pretty good in bed. Whether you want to do it the missionary way or shift to those scandalous poses, they’ll get you covered.

As we said before, Romanian women are very hot with a wide array of diversity that includes blondes, brunettes, hazel, green and light blue eyes. You can never run out of options.

Romanian wives are family-focused

The number one reason you are interested in dating Romania girls for marriage is to get a wife. Guess what, you are in luck. Romania is a heavily family-focused society with strict adherence to family values that include love, loyalty, trust, and respect. This should come as a no-brainer given how religious they are.

However, a family is as strong as the pillars it stands on. You are probably wondering what we are driving at, right? Here it is; no matter how well-behaved and family-oriented Romanian women are, things will not work well if you are a problematic person. So before you make some serious decisions, do some self-assessment first.

romanian girl for marriage

Respectful and supportive

Men value being respected and from the look of things, they are not getting enough of that from western women. This is mostly due to widespread feminism in some parts of the UK and the US.

Multiple Romania mail order brides, on the other hand, still believe in a man being the head of the family. They are also supportive. Ask for any help or advice and they will be there for you in rain and sunshine. While they can be amazingly submissive, you should never misuse or coerce them into doing something they are not comfortable with after marrying a Romanian woman.

Widely Known Romanian Women

When everything is bundled up, it’s hard to know which one stands out. So how about we narrow this article down by listing some of the most famous Romanian women? Alright. We know you are up for the idea so let’s roll.

  • Alexandra Stan - a singer and songwriter widely known for her hit song “Mr. Saxobeat.” Stan is stunningly beautiful.
  • Elena Alexandra - also known as Inna, is a top name in the Romanian music and film industry. She is a true beauty to behold.
  • Catrinel Menghia - A Lasi native from Romania with so much social media influence. Her beautiful face has popped up in many magazines and fashion events. She is currently the brand ambassador of Lisa Charmel, a lingerie company.
  • Antonia Lacobescu - another top model, singer, and entrepreneur with a smoking hot face. This girl has appeared in so many beauty magazine issues than we can count.
  • Madalina Ghenea - she is also dubbed the Monica Belucci of Romania because of her desirable looks. As one of the most desired women in Romania, she represents some of the country’s top industries and starts in local TV shows.


Before the internet took over communications, it would have felt like a pipe dream to wish to date Romanian brides. It’s no longer the case. Thanks to online dating services, now you have a chance to talk to thousands of Romania girls for marriage as you look to single out your ideal life partner.

Most of the girls you’ll talk to behave very differently from western girls. Romanian mail order wives are well-mannered, family-focused, hardworking and insanely hot. Furthermore, a lot of them are into the idea of marrying foreign lovers because they want to have a life outside Romania.

But there is something small we have to address; Dating women via the net can be frustrating-especially when dealing with Romanian women. Their worldwide popularity has led to mushrooming of scam sites that purport to offer the finest Romanian girls.

This means you need to be vigilant and try as much as you can to avoid free-to-use websites. The best way to cut through the noise is by choosing a reliable online dating service. Such platforms keep a pool of women with verified identities to minimize the possibility of scams.

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