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Meet the most beautiful roses of Bulgaria!

Top cities:
Sofia, Varna, Burgas
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Bulgarian Brides: Beautiful and Family-Oriented

Bulgaria is a country famous in Europe for its roses, and in the whole world - for its beautiful women. There are many singles who become mail-order brides to marry a foreigner. These ladies are different from the Slavic brides, but still very charming and pretty. The exotic beauty of Bulgarian mail-order brides attracts men from all over the world and makes these women desirable.

pretty bulgarian woman in lingerie

Bulgarian women are beautiful

You can’t argue about it, it’s a fact. Ladies from Bulgaria are attractive indeed. They have so beautiful hair, a nice skin, that is usually tanned, and dark eyes. In fact, they somehow remind you the Latina women, but the fact that they are from Eastern Europe, actually, makes them very unusual.

What is so special about Bulgarian ladies?

There is a couple of things that not every man knows about the Bulgarian ladies, being not very familiar with the special features of their appearance. So, here is this short list.

  • Bulgarian women are usually tall.
  • They are fit but curvy.

Bulgarian brides carefully look after their bodies and do a lot to stay beautiful.

Should you consider Bulgarian woman a good choice for a mail-order bride?

If you want your wife to be beautiful, and your friends to be jealous of the pretty woman that you got, you can marry a Bulgarian bride with no doubts! The ladies here are extremely nice and unusual, and you would be lucky to have such a woman by your side. Besides, these ladies have a lot more than just their beauty, so they make really good wives.

Bulgarian women are exotic

We have already compared their appearances to the Latina women as it is the first thing that actually springs to your mind when you see a Bulgarian lady. The long dark hair, the curvy body, and the tanned skin make her look stunning. Maybe it’s the tender, but hot Bulgarian sun that raises the women here in such a beauty. Whatever the secret, local singles are wonderful.

Women of Bulgaria are very feminine

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who dresses and behaves like a woman. You will be delighted with the feminine manners of a Bulgarian woman. She will make you feel as like you are talking to a real queen. Femininity is a big part of a woman’s beauty, and Bulgarian brides know it well.

sexy bulgarian girl at home

Bulgarian Woman Dating - Give It a Try!

Bulgarian women are okay with long-distance relationships

Women from Bulgaria who register on the dating sites and become mail-order brides know what they do it for. They understand all the difficulties of dating on the distance and the obstacles that may occur during them dating a foreigner. Yet Bulgarian brides are ready to handle it in sake of love.

Which dating sites should you use to meet a woman from Bulgaria?

To find a Bulgaria mail-order bride, you have to know where you can do it. There are many dating sites where there are the ladies from Bulgaria, but we have created a list of three main websites where it is possible and easy to meet a Bulgarian mail-order bride.

There are plenty of Bulgarian ladies online

If you worry that Bulgarian brides are not as popular as the Russian ones and there won’t be many of them online, then don’t. Bulgarian singles actively register on the dating sites and like to communicate with foreign men, so you definitely won’t suffer from the lack of attention from them.

Top tips when dating a Bulgarian woman online

If you have always dreamed of marrying a Bulgarian woman and have already started your search on dating platforms, it is crucial to know how to impress and conquer the heart of your Bulgarian girl online. When communicating online, it is essential to show as much interest and sympathy as possible in your match. For example, you can view her profile, find similarities and common topics to interest your partner. Also, compliments and surprises are a great way to attract your Bulgarian lady of heart. And fortunately, most sites offer their users a premium service, namely sending virtual or real gifts to your Bulgarian beauty; from the catalog, you can choose any gift and make a pleasant surprise for her.

How to meet Bulgarian brides online?

Bulgaria is one of the most popular destinations for finding a foreign bride. And today, you can find, chat, and even organize a romantic date with beautiful Bulgarian brides online. First, it is vital to choose online dating sites specializing in this region and read as many reviews as possible to choose the best site just for you. Once registered, you will select search filters to make your searches even more effective. To improve your Bulgarian girls dating, you can also use various features, such as audio and video chats, sending virtual or real gifts to your date, and even organizing a romantic date in the home country of your date.

beautiful bulgarian woman in bra

Bulgarian Mail-Order brides

Bulgarian women are great mothers

If you want all the best for your kids, marry a Bulgarian. This lady will give them a lot of love and care and surround with such a comfort that you won’t wish for anything more.

Ladies from Bulgaria take the relationship seriously

A Bulgarian woman always takes the relationship seriously. So, if she registers on a dating website, it means that:

  • she is looking for a life partner;
  • she will be faithful;
  • she would like your dating to end up with a wedding;
  • she is ready to move abroad with you.

Bulgarian singles are very family-oriented

The main priority of Bulgarian women is their family, and you will see it during your communication. Local ladies start dreaming about their family from quite a young age and like their relationship to be serious. It’s more important for them than traveling or career.

A Bulgarian wife is very loyal to her man

Once a Bulgarian lady has chosen her man, she is very unlikely to let him go. Moreover, women of Bulgaria are usually very loving and dedicated to their husbands, so if you marry such a mail-order bride, be acknowledged of her loyalty and try to complete her.

beautiful bulgarian bride in bedroom

Bulgaria women are sincere in their feelings

There is no chance a woman from Bulgaria will lie to you about what she feels. These ladies are usually very honest and prefer not to waste their time on the people they don’t like. Hence, if you are dating a Bulgarian girl and she says that she likes you, it’s totally true, and you can 100% believe her.

Dos and don’ts when you are dating a Bulgarian bride

Building a relationship with a Bulgarian mail order bride is an exciting and satisfying time in your life, but in order for the relationship to be successful, make sure to remember these dos and don’ts:

  • DO show your interest in her cultural background, language, and the Bulgarian way of living, as well as your knowledge of those things.
  • DON’T make any assumptions based on the fact that she lives in Eastern Europe — Bulgarian mail order brides hate being relegated to a stereotype.
  • DO use your dates as an opportunity to show her the things she’s never experienced or seen before.
  • DON’T try to win her over with the help of expensive but generic gifts that are not tailored to her personality.
  • DO get your Bulgarian bride to invite you home, meet her family, and socialize with her closest circle of friends.
  • DON’T just assume that if she invited you home once, you won’t need to take her out on dates any longer.


Bulgarian ladies are very exotic and unusual. They have a very nice appearance and can charm anyone with their looks. They also are very feminine and care about their clothes and makeup.

Bulgarian ladies are not only pretty. They also are great mothers and caregivers. If you marry a woman from this country, you will surely be happy and delighted.

Why Are Bulgarian Women So Beautiful?

Bulgarian women are beautiful because they are Slavic girls. It is not a secret that Slavic women are stunningly gorgeous. Bulgaria is a place where people from different countries and continents mixed up, creating a unique combination of genes. Moreover, Bulgarian dates know how to take care of themselves.

Are Bulgarian Mail Order Brides Legal?

Bulgarian mail order brides are legal to find, communicate with, and marry. There are thousands of real and legitimate brides waiting for you. The whole online dating business is 100% legitimate in the country, which is why you do not need to worry about doing something illegal or immoral.

How To Get A Bulgarian Bride?

To get a Bulgarian mail order bride, you need to use a dating site. Communication with girls from this country is simple – most of them know English well enough to have a decent and meaningful conversation. They are also quite friendly and easy-going.

How To Date A Bulgarian Bride?

If you want to impress a Bulgarian mail order bride, you can learn something about her country or hometown. Sharing your knowledge about Bulgaria can be a great way to show that you are interested in your date and to impress her with your dedication.

Do Bulgarian Women Like American Men?

Bulgarian women like American men and are eager to build a family with them. You will find dozens of dating sites with hundreds and thousands of beautiful and young mail order brides from Bulgaria waiting for you to contact them!

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