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Filipino Girls Dating - Find The Most Interesting Info

Heard about perfectly submissive and obedient Filipino bombshells? About the high level of religiousness and the low level of gender equality in this country? Or have you heard that the Filipinos love having relationships with Americans? The truth is somewhere in the middle — and here, we'll tell you some REAL facts about Filipino women dating, not stereotypes and fake info. Let's start!


Filipino women dating: how many girls have married American men in 2019?

The Philippines is the country with the most K-1 visa holders, and it's not like it's slightly ahead of the country that ranks second (Vietnam). In fact, Filipinos got more fiancee visas in 2017 than the other countries from the top-5! In 2019, the numbers became even more impressive — Filipinos got 7,134 K-1 visas which is more than the number of K-1 visas issued to the citizens of all European countries combined!

Why do American men like Filipino women?

Because of several things: beauty (tanned skin, dark hair, beautiful bodies, etc.), character features (passion, femininity, patience, kindness), and humor (lots of men who date Pinay brides say they are very fun and easy-going). Some American men like Filipino girls dating because these girls have more traditional gender role beliefs and views on family roles. The latter is only partially true — the society is still quite traditional in this country and lots of ladies have a bit old-fashioned views. At the same time, many modern Filipinos are not that conservative and not that willing to spend all their time cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the house.

Top facts about Filipino girls dating culture

So, what should you know about the Filipino women dating culture? We’ll tell you here!

  • Filipino beauties are very, very loyal. Thus, according to the statistical reports, only 2% of Filipino females are engaged in extramarital affairs. The level of disapproval against cheating is extremely high in this country because of the combination of several factors e.g. religion, social pressure, and history.
  • Dating Filipino girl is typically a bit old-fashioned — they love courtesy, they love when men pick them up at home and hold the doors, they love presents, flowers, and all that.
  • They are pretty conservative when it comes to PDA — you can hold hands, but kissing in public is a different story.

Median age of first marriage

The median age at first marriage in the Philippines is 25.3 years old for women. However, many of them (more than 16%) still get married by age 18 — child marriage is a huge problem that still exists in some regions of the Philippines such as Mindanao (it's allowed by the Muslim Law on Personal Status and this region has more than 5,600,000 of Muslims).


How many of Filipino females have kids when they move to the US?

According to the statistics, 1,453 K-2 visas were issued to citizens of the Philippines in 2019. This means that more than 1,400 children of citizens of the Philippines who married American citizens have entered the US on a K-2 visa. Thus, after simple calculations, it can be concluded that about 20% of Filipino ladies who entered the United States on a K-1 visa have children. This is a pretty impressive figure, which speaks of the loyalty of Americans to Filipino children.

Filipino dating services: statistics

Filipino women dating online is very popular! More than 50% of Filipinos prefer to meet new people either online or both online and offline, and most of them prefer Tinder (53%) and such services as Skout and Match. Almost 1/3 of Filipinos say that personality is the most important factor to consider in potential matches, while 18% say it's all about cuteness. However, not all of them are searching for a relationship — almost 60% of Filipinos say they have no clear objectives when it comes to dating online.

What do American men expect from dating a Filipino lady?

Some Americans expect from Filipino girls dating to find a kind and caring woman. The others are captivated by that "obedient and shy" stereotype, and these are the kind of thoughts that can lead to the wrong result.

The thing is, like Indian mail order wives, females from the Philippines are not that submissive actually, and this country performs surprisingly well when it comes to gender equality. If you want to find a stereotypical "obedient Asian girlfriend/wife", you can do it — there are lots of them in poor and rural areas of this country. But do you really want to have a partner who sees marriage as an easy way out of poverty? We bet you don’t. The good news is: there are lots of educated modern Filipinos who still have slightly old-fashioned views on family, and you’ll easily find them on Filipino women dating services.


Age difference between Filipino bombshells and their American husbands

After Filipino women dating, if a woman gets married before or on her arrival in the US, the expected age gap between her and her husband is 10.79 years. If the couple gets married after the arrival of a Filipino woman in the US, the expected age gap is 6 years.

Don'ts in dating Filipino beauties

Want to know what NOT to do in Filipino girls dating? Continue reading to find out!

  • Don't be jealous. These women have lots of friends and they are very nice, but jealousy is 100% useless — as we've already said, they are extremely loyal to their partners.
  • Don't disrespect her family or religion — this will destroy your relationship.
  • Never cheat. Of course, this rule applies to all women, but when it comes to the Philippines, it’s a huge red flag. Filipino men have a bad reputation for being cheaters, and it's one of the reasons why Filipino females are attracted to Americans. Don’t disappoint them!

Average length of a relationship before marriage

This country has always been one of the most religious countries in Asia, and this affects the number and length of premarital relationships. There's no clear statistics about it, but here's the fact: only 30% of women between 15-24 years old had non-marital first sex in the Philippines (the risk of having non-marital first sex is higher among women who have left parental home and/or school at an early age). Taking into account this fact and the average age of Filipinos at first marriage (25.3), we can assume that these ladies don’t typically have many relationships before marriage.

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They are very religious, beautiful, loyal, they think that family is the most important thing in the world, they speak English, and they love dating and marrying American men. Filipino women dating is just great — and we can bet you will not be disappointed with them, especially if you love Asian women.

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