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Top 10 Hot Russian Girls Here

You can find thousands of attractive women everywhere, in any country and in any city. But when it comes to Russia, it's not just "thousands" and it's not just "attractive", it's more like "hundreds of thousands" and "extremely beautiful" โ€” this country is really full of gorgeous young ladies with perfectly fit bodies and beautiful faces. It's all about several factors โ€” their genetics, their lifestyle, and their culture.

Sexy Russian girls do usually have very beautiful faces, amazing bodies, blue, green, or dark eyes, and healthy dark or blonde hair. Russian beauty is Slavic beauty at its best, that's what we can say about it. But the best thing about hot Russian women is that they are usually well-groomed, fashionably-dressed, and they usually do their best to look even better โ€” diets, healthy lifestyle, gym, etc, etc.

They donโ€™t think that their natural beauty is enough โ€” for example, mail order brides from Russia usually don't go out without makeup even if it takes 20-40 minutes to apply it! We understand that it's quite hard to imagine what we are talking about here, especially if you have never seen those sexy Russian babes.

That's why we are going to help you โ€” simply continue reading and you will find the top list of the hottest Instagram models from Russia! Of course, the girls you'll see here are often called the sexiest Instagram models in Russia, but actually, there are thousands of women like them in Russia, and lots of them are using mail order bride websites to find a foreigner!

Anastasia Kvitko

The first girl here is Anastasia Kvitko, a 25 year old woman from Kaliningrad. She started a modeling career at 17 years old, and she achieved great results โ€” Anastasia worked for Kanye's brand (Yeezy clothing line) and she also appeared in Pitbull's music video Ay mi Dios in 2016. Nastia was voted third sexiest Russian woman in 2016 (and she definitely deserves this title). She has a gorgeous 38-25-42 figure (95-63-105 cm), and according to Anastasia, she has never had plastic surgery (which is quite hard to believe, to be fair, but let's take her word for it). Anastasia created an Instagram page in 2014 and now, she has more than 12,000,000 followers, which makes her one of the most famous Russian girls in the world. She is often called Russian Kim (just take a look at her photos to see why she's often compared to Kim Kardashian), but Anastasia doesn't like being compared to this American celebrity. Anastasia herself even says that Kim is far behind her! She doesn't live in Russia anymore โ€” Anastasia moved to Los Angeles a few years ago.

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Viki (real name: Victoria) Odintcova is a Russian model and celebrity. She is one of the hottest Instagram models from Russia and looks exactly as you imagine a sexy Russian girl: she has perfect model parameters (90-63-91), her height is 1.73 m and her weight is 55 kg. Victoria was born in November of 1994 in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, Saint Petersburg. Now, she has more than 5,000,000 followers and is extremely popular both in Russia and in Western countries. Well, no surprise โ€” Viki Odintcova looks gorgeous, and she is certainly one of the hottest girls on Instagram. Just to make it clear: despite her photos are really hot, this 26 year old model is extremely hard to get โ€” according to Viki, she didn't even reply to Cristiano Ronaldo when CR7 slid into her DMs! Viki loves to travel and to meet new people, according to her Instagram.

Galina Dubenenko

  • Occupation: Model, travel blogger
  • Born: 1994
  • Instagram: @galina.dub

Meet another hot Russian woman from Saint Petersburg โ€” Galina Dubenenko (Galina Dub on Instagram)! She was born in 1995, and by 2020, has become one of the most popular and one of the hottest Russian models in the world! Galina has an extremely popular Instagram account with more than 1,3 million of followers. Galina has a height of 5'9" (1.79 cm) and a weight of 52 kg. Right now, the girl is single, and her net worth is about $600,000. She has a perfect tight body and an extremely beautiful face with high cheekbones, clear skin, and full lips. Right now, Galina Dub lives in Russia, but she is a really passionate traveler.

Anella Miller

  • Occupation: Model, fitness trainer
  • Born: 18 August, 1986
  • Instagram: @anellamiller

Anella Miller (real name Anna Chernova) is a 33 year old Russian model and fitness/Instagram celebrity (which is quite easy to tell from a quick glance at her Instagram profile with more than 2,500,000 followers). Anella is a perfect example of a hot Russian chic who loves fitness โ€” thanks to her hard training and diet, she looks better in her 30s than lots of girls in their 20s! Anella's parameters are 84-60-95 (32-24-36), her height is 1.75 cm, she has dark blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. She is another great example of what a Russian beauty looks like!

Ekaterina Zueva

  • Occupation: Model
  • Born: 1991
  • Instagram: @zuueva

Looking for even more sexy Russian models on Instagram? Then meet Ekaterina Zueva, a famous Russian model who has almost 2,500,000 followers and who is really gorgeous! This amazing woman was born in 1991 in Moscow, and she has appeared in lots of popular magazines, such as Playboy and 708 Magazine. Ekaterina has a lot of hot yoga photos and dozens of lovely lingerie selfies on her Instagram โ€” well, her body looks fantastic and these photos do really please the eyes of men. Oh, and have you seen the 2015 Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Ekaterina had a small role in this movie, too!

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Dasha Mart

  • Occupation: Model
  • Born: โ€”
  • Instagram: @dashamart

Czech-born Belarusian woman with beautiful long hair and a body that deserves to be worshipped โ€” we probably couldn't find a better example of Slavic and Russian beauty than Dasha Mart! Dasha is an ambassador of the Philipp Plein, a German luxury clothing brand with dozens of boutiques all over the world. She is an extremely popular blogger with almost 2,000,000 followers and she has a very successful model career โ€” Dasha Mart was on the cover of Playboy Mexico magazine in January 2020. Incredible body, stunning face, amazing hair, a great sense of style โ€” this woman is certainly a great example of what we mean when we say that Russian (or Belarusian, like in this case) women are really gorgeous! She moved to California in 1998 and still lives in the Golden State in 2020.

Katerina_Kristall (real name is Katerina Rubinovich) is a 28 year old Russian model from Moscow. Her height is 167 cm and her weight is only 42 kg โ€” well, this girl definitely looks like a top model. She is a doctor (ID physician) and started her modeling career only in 2015, but during these five years, Katerina has become one of the most popular Russian erotic photography models (she has more than 1,000,000 followers on Instagram). This lady even posed for Playboy and Maxim before โ€” and now, she is mainly focused on making steamy hot photos for her Instagram feed!

  • Occupation: Model
  • Born: 16 December, 1989
  • Instagram: @enokaeva

Fantastically beautiful face with high cheekbones, great voluminous blonde hair, green eyes, and a perfect body โ€” that's how an ideal Russian woman looks like, and that's what you'll see when you open Ekaterina Enokaeva's Instagram. Ekaterina is a 30 year old Russian model, producer, and photographer who lives in Moscow. She has collaborated with a lot of different brands and companies, and she also actively collaborates with a Russian lingerie brand called PetraLingerie (thanks to this collaboration, we can see hundreds of steamy lingerie selfies made by Ekaterina). Now, miss Enokaeva lives and Moscow, and it looks like she is totally happy with her online popularity!

Helga Lovekaty, a tall brunette with a touch of Middle Eastern beauty, is another example of a hot Russian girl who knows everything about looking perfect. Her real name is Olga Korobitsyna, she is 28 years old, and she was born in Khabarovsk (southeastern Russia). Later, Helga moved to Saint Petersburg (there are tens of thousands of gorgeous women there, just so you know), and she still lives in this beautiful city. Helga, or Olga, works with an elite Russian modeling agency and claims that she has never had plastic surgery. Now, Helga has 4,000,000 followers (!), which makes her one of the most popular and one of the sexiest Instagram models from Russia.

  • Occupation: Model
  • Born: 30 November, 1989
  • Instagram: @lilyermak

LilYermak (real name: Lilia Ermak) is a 30 year old Russian model who has more than 1,500,000 followers. She has a perfect skin tone, a gorgeous fit body, and amazing curves, of course. Lilia is a professional model and one of the sexiest Russian girls, and, according to her Instagram profile, she prefers bikini pictures. Now, she lives between Russia and the US (Florida), travels to other countries, works as a lingerie model, and continues pleasing her followers with sexy photos.

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