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Take A Look At Top 10 Hot Latvian Chicks Here!

date Jul 3, 2020
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Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are known as Baltic countries. Women who live in Baltic countries are extremely beautiful — thus, Latvian women are both Scandinavian and Slavic, which means they have literally taken the best from Slavic and Nordic people. What's more, Latvian women haven't lost their own Baltic identity — it may be quite hard to understand this idea, but here's the fact: an average Latvian woman looks like a mix of Russian, Polish, Finnish, and Dutch women. It means that Latvian girls do usually have blonde or dark blonde hair, beautiful faces with both Russian and Polish facial features, colored eyes, and skinny or fit bodies (Latvia is a country with low obesity rates). What's more, almost 1,000,000 Russians live in this country, which means at least 30% of beautiful Latvian women are actually Russian (and you've surely heard of Russian beauty standards).

What distinguishes them from Russian/Ukrainian women is that sexy Latvian women are usually not as conservative, not as religious, and not as family-oriented as their counterparts from Slavic countries. The absolute majority of modern Latvia brides are progressive, intelligent, and well-educated. But, well, let's face it: you've come here to take a look at some hot Latvian women, not to waste time reading about their beauty. Here, you will find the list of the top-10 sexiest girls from Latvia — each of them is unique, but all of them are extremely beautiful. So, don't hesitate and check their photos out right now!

Vera Alohno

Vera Alohno is the first hot Latvian girl on our list. She is a model and a singer who is very popular both in Latvia and in other European countries — she is actually the only Latvian model who was invited by Cristiano Ronaldo to watch his team's match! Vera has perfect model measurements (87-63-89), she is quite petite (her height is 174 cm), and she has really a perfect body. Vera works for men's and women's magazines, she works as a music video girl, and of course, she promotes different makeup and clothing brands on her Instagram profile with 182,000 followers. Right now, this Latvian hottie lives in the capital of this country, Riga.

hot latvian girl Vera Alohno
hot latvian woman Vera Alohno
sexy latvian girl Vera Alohno
sexy latvian woman Vera Alohno

Madara Bulderberga

  • Occupation: Model
  • Instagram: @madyby

Meet Madara Bulderberga — another young model from Riga, Latvia. This woman is not the most popular Latvian Instagram model (she only has 1,754 followers on her Insta profile), but it doesn't mean that she is not worth looking at! Madara has classic Baltic facial features, dark blonde hair, and of course, she has a perfect skinny body! She works as a photo model for fashion and men's magazines, and is also a gym addict, according to her photos. Sometimes Madara posts very hot pictures of herself, but in general, her Instagram feed tends to be a little more conservative.

hot latvian girl Madara Bulderberga
hot latvian woman Madara Bulderberga
sexy latvian girl Madara Bulderberga
sexy latvian woman Madara Bulderberga

Madara Malmane

It looks like Madara is a very popular name in Latvia, doesn't it? Meet our next start, Madara Malmane — she is a 31-years-old Latvian model who has worked for all the most popular fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Jalouse, and L'Officiel. Madara was born in 1989 in Riga, and in 2020, she still lives in the capital of Latvia. She has a very beautiful Nordic face with what they call a “strong” look, her body is amazing, and her blonde hair is worth a mention as well. Madara Malmane is a very beautiful photo model who continues to work with fashion magazines. Her Instagram profile has 2,063 followers and her feed is definitely worth a follow!

hot latvian girl Madara Malmane
hot latvian woman Madara Malmane
sexy latvian girl Madara Malmane
sexy latvian woman Madara Malmane

Julia Lescova

Julia Lescova is another photo model who works with fashion magazines (such as Esquire) and clothing brands (such as Guess). She was born on July 4, 1988 in one of the biggest Latvian cities, Daugavpils. Her modeling career began when Julia was only 15, and she landed her first cover for a magazine in just a year after that. When Julia was 18, she got the "Best Model Of The World" award, and after that, she worked with FHM, UMM, L'Officiel, and other popular magazines. In 2020, Julia Lescova lives in Los Angeles, California. Her Instagram profile has 320,000 followers which makes her one of the most popular Latvia models!

hot latvian girl Julia Lescova
hot latvian woman Julia Lescova
sexy latvian girl Julia Lescova
sexy latvian woman Julia Lescova

Jelena Salikova

Jelena Salikova was born on July 31, 1990 in Riga. She is a 29 years old photo model who works with lots of magazines. Her Instagram profile has 63,800 followers and such a high number of followers makes Jelena one of the most famous models from Baltic countries. In 2020, Jelena lives in New York — she works with fashion magazines and collaborates with designers, as well as with popular American and European fashion brands. Among her collaborations, there are such magazines as Harper's Bazaar, Lilit, L'Officiel, and Vogue. Jelena is a gorgeous top model who knows how to look great and does her best to stay in a good shape (and she has mastered this art, to be fair).

hot latvian girl Jelena Salikova
hot latvian woman Jelena Salikova
sexy latvian girl Jelena Salikova
sexy latvian woman Jelena Salikova

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Diana Kubasova

  • Occupation: Model, Youtube blogger
  • Born: August 20, 1989
  • Instagram: @dianakubasova

Beauty queen, Youtube blogger — we just couldn't miss Diana Kubasova when we were creating this list. Diana is one of the most beautiful girls from Latvia, and she is certainly among the most popular photo models from this country (she has 56,500 followers on Instagram). Diana was born on August 20, 1989 in Riga, and began her modeling career when she was a teenager. In 2010, she was the first runner-up at an international bikini contest, and since that, her modeling career went into high gear. Diana Kubasova was named the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2013; she won Miss Europe in 2017, and Miss Multiverse in 2018. Diana worked with dozens of brands like Adidas, Galvanni, Maison Margiela, and she also got on the covers of tens of popular fashion magazines in the 2010s. Now, she still works with makeup and fashion brands and owns an online cosmetics store.

hot latvian girl Diana Kubasova
hot latvian woman Diana Kubasova
sexy latvian girl Diana Kubasova
sexy latvian woman Diana Kubasova


Jevgenija is another young woman from Latvia who is at the beginning of her modeling career. She has less than 1,000 followers on her Instagram (959 as of this writing), and she doesn't promote anything on her feed. She is truly a hidden gem of Latvian modeling — and that's why we highly recommend to take a look at her profile and to follow her now before she becomes a celebrity! Jevgenija is Russian (Russians are a minority in Latvia), she has an amazing model face with both Slavic and Baltic facial features, her body is just perfect, and her sense of style is from the outer space!

hot latvian girl Jevgenija
hot latvian woman Jevgenija
sexy latvian girl Jevgenija
sexy latvian woman Jevgenija

Juta Valdmane

  • Occupation: Model
  • Born: August 21, 1989
  • Instagram: @jutavaldmane

Juta Valdmane is probably the best example of a hot Latvian chick. Blonde hair, perfect body, long, fit legs, and lots of very hot photos on her Instagram feed — these are only the main reasons one just can't ignore her Instagram profile. Juta was born on August 21, 1989 in Riga and she has an extremely successful modeling career — she has worked for dozens of magazines and promoted tens of makeup and fashion brands. Juta has more than 71,600 followers on her Instagram and this is not surprising at all: she regularly posts very hot pictures and amazing photos of her travels!

hot latvian girl Juta Valdmane
hot latvian woman Juta Valdmane
sexy latvian girl Juta Valdmane
sexy latvian woman Juta Valdmane

Oksana Jesipenko

Perfect model parameters (84-62-91), very beautiful face, brown eyes, and a gorgeous body — Oksana Jesipenko is another extremely popular Latvian model who currently lives in Riga. Oksana's Instagram profile has 17,200 followers, she often uploads amazing photos of herself, and she also promotes premium fashion and makeup brands. Oksana is represented by a lot of premium model management companies — she is really a very popular photo model, and her Instagram profile is certainly worth following. By the way, Oksana is a perfect example of a mix of Nordic and Slavic beauty — she definitely has some Ukrainian roots!

hot latvian girl Oksana Jesipenko
hot latvian woman Oksana Jesipenko
sexy latvian girl Oksana Jesipenko
sexy latvian woman Oksana Jesipenko

Olya Asmikovich

Olya Asmikovich is a 32-years-old model and singer from Riga. She was born in 1988 in Riga and began her band singing career at the end of the 2000s, but later, in 2014, she went solo. After that, she created a fashion blog on Instagram (it's called The Fashion Habit) and became a model — and it looks like her modeling career is not gonna end in the nearest future. Olga is a lovely 32-year-old woman who can be described as "the best of both worlds" — so we believe that you should at least take a look at her gorgeous photos!

hot latvian girl Olya Asmikovich
hot latvian woman Olya Asmikovich
sexy latvian girl Olya Asmikovich
sexy latvian woman Olya Asmikovich
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