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What Is The Best Country To Find A Wife? A Full Guide

date Jul 7, 2020
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You must be a single American, Canadian or British guy, somewhere in his 30s-50s, wondering where to find a good wife. Indeed, not an easy task. Perhaps, you have been disappointed by dating within your country or maybe you just believe in borderless love. No matter what your reason is, you want to find a special woman, your soulmate for marriage in another corner of the world. We understand this. And we are here to help you. Please, check out 10 best countries to find a wife.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is rich in the best countries to find a loyal wife. Ukraine, Russia, and Poland make up the list of countries where you should search for a woman if you want the one who is feminine and ambitious, both family and career-oriented, smart, and hot at the same time. Let’s check out what makes each of these countries distinct.


Ukraine is for sure the best country to meet women. Not only because people rumor that Ukrainian women are known to be the most beautiful, educated, and family-oriented, but because the facts prove this! Ukrainian citizens have been the most popular receivers of the American fiancee visas in 2017 among Eastern European countries. Ukrainian women are very diverse, among them, you can find blondes, brunettes, and brown-haired beauties. They are very smart and wise. If you want a wife like that, check out Ukrainian mail order bride sites.

beautiful ukrainian bride


Russia is the second most popular country for selecting a wife. Russian women are even more traditional than Ukrainian. More Russian girls do not mind taking on the role of a house-wife and grow children, yet also many continue working and climbing a career ladder even after giving birth to several children. Russian women always look stunning, even if they go just for groceries. This is the trait that all Eastern European beauties share.


Poland is another best place to find a wife in the world. Polish women combine the best features of Western and Eastern European brides. They are feminist, yet feminine. Polish women are predominantly Catholic and have strong family values. It’s easy to flirt with them and they are open to dating foreigners.

Which woman to choose – Ukrainian, Russian, or Polish – is up to you. But we highly recommend you to research more about these brides.


Asia is the region where you can meet the best foreign brides in the world. Asian brides are humble, calm, wise, tender, and cute. If you are into exotic wives, this is the right place to start your searches.

The Philippines

Filipino brides usually get the most American K-1 visas in the world. For example, in 2017 almost 7,000 Filipino people were allowed to come to the US and marry an American citizen. Americans gladly marry Filipinas because they make perfect wives. They are caring, they can put the needs of people they love above their own. They are very supportive and cheerful. Filipinas are also very beautiful – with long dark straight hair, narrow dark eyes, full lips, and beautiful porcelain or sun-kissed skin.

beautiful filipino bride


Although there is a serious shortage of women in China, it remains a popular destination for Western men to look for a spouse. China is the third after the Philippines and Vietnam to receive the most fiancee visas to the States. Why? Because Chinese women are very interesting. They are very well-educated, yet open to creating strong and loving families. They are super neat, caring, quiet, and touchy. You may not hear from a Chinese woman that she loves you due to her cultural restraints, but you will know it 100% from her actions.


How to find the perfect wife? Go to Thailand. Or better to Thai mail order bride sites. Thai women are extraterrestrially beautiful. They have small cute faces, honey-hued or fair skin, petite figures, and beautifully dark and shiny eyes. Like most Asian women, Thai brides are family-oriented and are very popular among Western men.


Vietnamese women are very traditional. Perhaps, this is the reason why they make great wives. They strongly believe in imposed gender roles, are ready to fulfill them by being mothers and support to their husbands. On top of that, Vietnamese ladies are educated and very beautiful. Perhaps, these are the reasons why they make the second most popular foreign wives among Americans.

So, Filipino, Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese? Your choice, however, we do admit, it’s not an easy one but you can do it.

Latin America

Latinas aren’t easy girls. They are spicy, passionate, and sultry. If you fall in love with a Latina, you will never fall out of it. So if you want to never be bored, search for a wife in Latin America.


Colombians got almost 1,000 fiancee visas in 2017 to the US, which makes them the third most popular Latin nation for marriage in the States. What is the secret of Colombian women? They are very affectionate and flirtatious, men all over the world dream of dating someone like Shakira or Karol G. Colombia is, therefore, one of the best countries for dating. Colombianas are easy to approach and difficult to give up on. It’s challenging to be with them, as they are like fire, but it’s more difficult to restrain oneself from dating them. Despite being passionate and flirtatious, Colombian girls gladly get married and take on the role of spouses, keep that in mind.


Mexican women are worth your attention at least because their country is the second most popular Latin dating and marriage country among Americans. These women are very loving, supportive, and joyful. Mexicanas love having fun, dancing, yet when it comes to marriage they are very serious. If you want to get a Mexican woman, impress her parents. Like most Latin parents, they don’t easily give away their daughters. But you have high chances if you’re serious.

beautiful mexican bride


The last country we want to tell you about is Brazil. As you may know, Brazilian women are super hot. They are curvaceous, voluptuous, bootylicious, and all other words you may remember when thinking about sexy figures. However, we have to tell you that Brazilian women are more diverse than you may think. They have fair, sun-kissed, and dark skin. Curly and wavy, blonde and dark brown hair. They can be slim and plus-size. But what unites them is the never-dying attention from men and the sexy Portuguese accent. Once you marry a

Brazilian woman, you will forget all other women that were in your life before. These ladies are so hot they will spin your head around. Don’t think that they are easy, though. Many Brazilian girls have quite traditional views and dream of starting a family.

Colombian, Mexican, and Brazilian women are among the most popular brides on earth. To find a woman like that, check out Latin mail order bride sites.


So what is the best country to meet a wife? Honestly, we don’t know. It will be your decision about who to choose and why. But we have given you 10 options to take into account. Now you are ready for the love-driven journey.

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