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A top dating venue for meeting Ukrainian singles

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UkrainianCharm Site Review

UkrainianCharm specializes in communication with women from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, but you also have access to girls from all over the world!

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UkrainianCharm has been on the market of online dating for last few years, and during these years it has developed a huge base of satisfied customers. It has united thousands of couples around the world, connecting them online.

First impression

The very first thing that you notice when using this website is its design. It is simple, elegant, and made by professionals. The style is minimalistic, so nothing prevents you from looking for the love. You will not get lost in the navigation as all buttons are descriptive and easy to find.

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How to start using UkrainianCharm?

First of all, it is essential to note that registration is straightforward and brief. You need to enter your age, name, email, and complete a small questionnaire. Information from the survey will be used to improve the quality of search and matchmaking results. You will be asked about your preferences, interests, and in general what kind of woman you want to find.

So remember, you will be only asked to enter:

  1. Your gender
  2. Name
  3. Date of birth
  4. Email address
  5. Password

Do not forget to attach a high-quality photo so ladies could see you!

What to do to start looking for Ukrainian ladies?

It is essential for you to understand that to start searching for a woman, you need to know what kind of woman you want. Temper, character, age, nationality, eye color, religion, education, marital status, and many other factors play a vital role in the searching process. So you need to sit and think about the ideal woman for you.

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When you get the perfect image of a perfect lady that may become either friend or even wife, it is time to use filters. UkrainianCharm allows you to use a great sorting and filtering feature that narrows down the number of matches. You will see only the most suitable and appropriate dates that match your preferences and needs. At the very top of the page, you will see an option called “Extended search.” There you will find all filters.

Fill out criteria that you think your lady should have. Be as descriptive as possible – you need to narrow down your search so it will be effective.

What communication tools are offered at UkrainianCharm?

You can speak and chat with your potential girlfriends through a great number of communication devices:

Live chats. Every single lady that you find can be approached through a live chat. Simply press the corresponding button near her profile, and you will be redirected to a private chat room with your date. Customers start with this simple yet effective tool. Live chats allow you to use emojis and send virtual gifts that can definitely help you communicate.

Video attachments. One of the major ways to get to know a lady better. You can see and hear a person, which is why you can share a lot of interesting moments. Having the opportunity to speak with your lady in real time and appreciate her beauty is a perfect way to improve your bond.

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Mobile application – a unique feature of UkrainianCharm

One of the things that make UkrainianCharm so popular is a mobile application. Hundreds of customers use phones and tablets to communicate with beautiful Ukrainian ladies whenever they want. Furthermore, both the web and mobile version of the website has a Tinder-like feature that allows you like profiles. If your date likes your profile, you can chat with each other. The application is very simple and designed similar to the web version, so you will find everything convenient.

What features can you use for free?

UkrainianCharm allows you to register and look through thousands of profiles without paying a cent. You can see all the features that are offered. Notably, you can read about girls in their profiles for free, which is a unique feature of this website. Most of the time, dating platforms charge customers to open a woman’s profile.

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Furthermore, new members are given free credits to test the system out. You can spend them to see how live chats work, what things you can buy, and other features. It is very convenient not to spend a lot of money just to see what the website is.

Fee-based features

As it has been mentioned above, UkrainianCharm has a credit-based system. To use communication tools and other functions of the website you need to spend credits. To make your experience enjoyable, UkrainianCharm offers you a wide selection of different packages, so you can decide how much money you want to spend.


For the moment, we have these prices:

20 credits
50 credits
125 credits

You can start with the minimal package and then buy more. As you may see, the more you buy, the less price per credit is, so it is more profitable to buy large packages!

Customer Support

In case you have a problem with the connection, communication, payment, or other technical issues, you can reach the support team. The section ‘Contact us’ at the bottom of every page is working 24/7.

Is Ukrainian Charm free?

The platform is paid. Yet, luckily, you will be able to sign up without spending money - UkrainianCharm’s administration understands that people do not want to buy something they know nothing about. Any new member can look at the list of the services, the site’s structure, and the activity of members having nothing on your account, and it is pretty honest for users.

How to create a profile on Ukrainian Charm?

UC site will not ask for a lot of time to sign up - only a few minutes are needed to fill in a simple registration form that contains text boxes. You should enter there your name and age, as well as gender and email. You will get a new and clean account after getting a confirmation letter and following the instructions in it.

How do Ukrainian Charm credits work?

Credits represent the virtual currency you should buy to pay for the site’s services. It is like buying tickets to the best ride in the park, but there are a lot of rides, and you can choose what you want to try. But, you should know that communication is a paid service too, so you will spend money anyway if you want to search for your destiny on Ukrainian Charm.

Is Ukrainian Charm safe?

UkrainianCharm uses one of the most popular and solid safety measures for payments - 128-bit SSL encryption that will protect your nerves, money, and card data. Additionally, moderators will make everything to clean the database from dead profiles, fraudsters, and fake accounts that people make just to browse the profiles and confuse members who want to find love.

How can I delete my Ukrainian Charm profile?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete your profile by yourself. You can contact moderators, of course, and ask them to wipe your profile out of the site, but they will do it anyway in future if you leave your account and delete all your information from there.

How many members does Ukrainian Charm have?

There are more than 40,000 members, and this database is rapidly growing (more than a thousand new members per day), as the site gets more and more popular. You can find girls from all the Slavic countries, but the majority of women on Ukr Charm site are from Ukraine. More than 90% of members have photos in their profiles, and it is quite a pleasant addition to high activity and reply rates.

Can I use Ukrainian Charm anonymously?

If you mean using an invisible browsing mode, you cannot use the site anonymously. All you can do is not upload the photos to your account and not provide some additional data about you - it will make you “invisible,” as people without photo and real name are anonymous.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

People can verify their identity on UkrainianCharm, and such people get a special green mark on their profiles. If you see “Verified” on the profile of a woman you like, you can be sure that she is real and communicate with her without worries. However, remember that even real people may lie and blackmail you, so do not send any personal data before you have proofs that she likes you and needs you in her life.

Is messaging free?

Sending emails and communication in all types of chats (instant and video one) are paid features. You should use credits to purchase the number of messages you can send and sometimes even read: some members send emails that demand payment to read them, and it is only your choice whether or not to spend money on that. People who send such emails usually try to understand how serious are the intentions of a man/woman, but you can ignore such people if you want to.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

After the registration and confirming your email, you will be able to fill the personal page, make contacts, and browse the profiles. Be active, and you will meet your perfect partner! If you do not have a lot of time to active search, enjoy the lists of potential candidates offered by matchmaking algorithm.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

Technically, you will be protected by SSL-encryption and work of moderators who are active 24/7 and who try to clean the database from dead and fake profiles. However, you still can meet quite unpleasant people who want your money and spoil your day. Do not send them your salary, card data or any other personal info, and you will be protected from any scam.

Final verdict

UkrainianCharm is a reputable dating platform with over several years of experience. Thousands of satisfied customers from around the world is evidence of how successful this website is. Here, you can find hundreds of gorgeous singles from different countries.

Still, the majority of customers are looking for Ukrainian women because they are beautiful, skillful, loyal, humble, and great partners. A wide database offers you a superb opportunity to look through thousands of profiles and choose the most suitable woman for you!